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The Killing (2011–2014)
A hidden gem
20 June 2011
I am writing this after the first season finale, and I came to this without expecting much and what a shocking pleasant surprise it was and absolute gem of a thriller.

I rarely give a rating of 10, there would always be some part that would be missing and something goes wrong in any department, nothing ever went wrong with this.

The whole first season is one murder case, so you can expect some slow pace, and slow pace doesn't always mean a drag, and "The Killing" is the best example for that, the pace is deliberately set to slow, to let all emotions, settings to sink in, the show gives you very subtle clues and you would swear that know who killed "Rosie Larsen" and think it is your idea, which is most often first proved right then wrong :) The acting, direction, screenplay, music a absolute top notch, a lessen that other crime thrillers (CSI, Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior et. al.) should take a note of this epic of a thriller.

If you haven't watch it yet you are missing an epic.
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James Bond with a Vengeance
31 October 2008
Just came back from watching Quantum of Solace. And I got to say its one of my fav. bond movies.

If you are expecting just another James Bond movie then you'll be disappointed but if you want a good action movie, Quantum of Solace is for you, I guess this is one of the best movies this year.

To be very honest, I was getting bored of James Bond blowing up a building, brushing his suit and walking away, and I love this bond, make the movie more realistic and believable and hats off to Daniel Craig for the acting, no other bond might have done justice to this movie except Craig.

The seriousness of the movie have had some bad reviews but I guess the story, action and acting does justice to the plot, wonderful direction and editing makes this movie a must watch for any movie lover.

Serious contender for Oscar, and this would be the first for any bond movie, enough said.
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Finish Line (2008 TV Movie)
Awful, Awful Awful in all genres and all categories
22 June 2008
Boy oh boy, oh boy... I do mean it when I say these kind of movies are rarely made, because no one can make a movie as awful as this.

After watching about 85mins, I am still wonder what the genre of the movie is, to be very honest they tried to make this movie to be romantic, crime, funny, racing and to be perfectly honest with you missed every mark.

I am finding it very hard to rate this because there is nothing to it.

Acting/Casting: 1/10 After watching this awful movie it is not hard to understand why Sam Page been around for years didn't get a decent break, Taylor Cole was pretty sexy but the acting was again terrible. Giving the 1 point for Scott Baio did a fair job (well awfully fair).

Story/Screenplay: 1/10 There is nothing to it really a wanna be race driver gets caught up in smuggling business, I am only giving that 1 point for the effort. The genre of the movie is crime but I think you get more crime in superman cartoons.

Direction/Dialog: 1/10, Dialogs are direction is so awful that I don't know why I am going it 1 point.

Leaves a lot to be desired.
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Doomsday (2008)
Most stupid movie of 2008
17 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If you want gore with no logic, non-sense and terrible acting then this movie is for you.

The acting is poor, the cast is poor, there is no plot, dialogues are from a 3rd grade movie. I was laughing with disgrace when the words like idealistic, survival of the fittest were used. There are so many holes to the plot that I am still wondering if there was a plot at all.

It is so boring and terrible that its great, probably the longest movie (hey, it was boring alright) I have seen this year.

Do watch this if you want a trip back the memory lane to 80's and don't watch it if you got any sense (Obviously I didn't.)
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