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Incredible indeed, 31 March 2013

Is a remarkable movie this one, I must congratulate his director, the writer of the book and script for their knowledge to transfer to the audience all the feelings immerse in this film, the horror and despair of a war, the suffering, the nightmares, the uncertainty and struggle of a life without future in a devastated land. Of course part of the goal achieve belongs to the actors who made a very good job, but we cannot forget that images were the principal objectives to make the connection with the audience, and to make us feel what Atiq Rahimi wanted, obviously extracted from his experienced when he was a child. "Terre et Cendres" (Soil and ashes) is a must see for those who look for special movies, I mean those movies plenty of meanings, clues,and messages, those films that leave you a message, and make you think. My vote 10/10

Jericho (1991)
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Excellent indeed, 9 November 2010

I saw this movie in the 90s and a few days ago I found it in DVD. I had a very very good time watching it again and for sure is a must. Three of the actors died years ago (Cosme Cortazar - Alexander Milic - Luis Pardi)God be with them, is a great lost. The movie, the music, the direction etc. was superb. Hope you all can see it. I gave 10 /10. The location where this movie was filmed was in Estado Monagas - at the east of Venezuela. And the indians you see in the movie are real, they are the "Kariñas" who lived in that area for centurys. The photography is great, and the scenes where Father Santiago is taken by force and drug inside of a cave were filmed in "Cueva del Guacharo" also located in Estado Monagas at the entry of the cave called "Salón de Humboldt". Is a pity the budget was so little, if not we will enjoy the missing scenes of the battle between spaniards and indians. Hope that all those funs of good movies, see it.

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Love not only in the air, 29 September 2008

Perhaps the best movie made by Rocio Durcal (Clara Luna), a great Spain singer in real life. In this light comedies with Palito Ortega (Oklahoma Indian) in real life also a well known artist from Argentina made a good duo. Is a funny story of a stewardess and a guy, and how they fall in love and make their dreams truth of being artist , something their grandparents in their time could not do. In this film they share credits with Fernando Rey (later in some of Buñuel's movies) and Amalia de Isaura (Leona) and a wonderful comedies actor Jose "Saza" Sazatornil (Fumasoli) who is great in his character as an artist agent. Amazing really. Those who like Spanish light comedies will have a good time watching this movie. It reminds me so many things every time I see it...Rocio Durcal made other movies like "Buenos dias condesita" , "Cristina Guzman" , "Marianela", "Cancion de Juventud", "Rocio de la Mancha", "Tengo 17 años" and "La chica del Trebol" as long as I know, but this one is one of the best.

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A fine light comedy movie, 3 September 2008

I saw this comedy by the time it was release (1984) and I always remembered it. Is a funny story that takes place in the "Dia de las secretarias", a sort of holyday for the secretarys and the invitations to have lunch and "something more...". In this film release in "Beta" format and I guess never in DVD, there are several couples in a restaurant for lunch and most of all the plot takes place in there, when a frustrated robbery take place. Is a good plot without to much ambition but plenty of funny situations and good acting. The director (Alfredo Anzola) who direct "Fiebre" in 1976, "Manuel" in 1979, and "El misterio de los ojos escarlata" in 1992, achieve again a good work in this one, as he did in all his movies. This time with several actors and actress like Alejo Felipe, Luis Rivas,Victor Cuica,Elba Escobar, Cecilia Todd,Alejandro Corona, Yajaira Paredes,Asdrubal Melendes,Julio Mota,Graciela Alterio, Miguel Angel Landa,Elisa Escamez,Jose Rodriguez, Alba Roversi,Isabel Hungria, Lupe Gehrenbeck,Luis Carmona, Hector Campobello,Yenny Noguera,Adriana Villalba, Homero Garcia, Claudio Nazoa,Rolando Pena, Edmundo Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Perera,Mary Jubes,Edmundo Blanco, Josefina Acevedo y julio Neri all of them TV stars in that time. The story (Writer) is Pilar Arteaga, the photography made by Andres Agusti. Sound by Mario Nazoa and the music by Italo Pizzolante. A good light venezuelan comedy 8/10 BTW is a pity can't find it in DVD unless a copy from Beta.

Stalin (1992) (TV)
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Accurate, extraordinary acting and excellent direction., 22 February 2008

Ivan Passer made a very good job directing this "Docudrama", and everybody actress and actors give us a masterpiece. Those that do not agree shall remember that each one choose the role they want to play... They have the freedom to reject it also, so I must say "Thank you" to all the crew, you were really great. Great casting indeed. There is only one thing that is regrettable, I would like this "mini" much longer, I shall say 9 or 12 hours, maybe more. That will give much more precision in all sense in many many details in the story. And making a review of the sound, light, locations, make up, wardrobe etc. They were very good. I had a very good time seeing this movie. Duval performance is really extraordinary and unforgettable as Stalin, and Julia Ormond (Nadya), M. Schell(Lenin),J. Carter(Sergo), M.Ewan(Khrushchev),C. Jeavons (Yagoda) were most excellent.10/10

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Interesting approach to Merimee' s novel., 30 September 2007

This movie made by the Venezuelan director Roman Chalbaud in 1978 with a very low budget but a very good crew and actors is a good attempt for the moment. By that time the venezuelan movie industry was in diapers and making a movie was (and still is) an odyssey. Carmen is a beautiful woman with all the men at her feet. She fall in love with a National Guard and from there he start being a looser, he becomes involved with a gang of smugglers and lose his dignity and job. Then as Bizet's opera , Carmen meet a young bullfighter "matador" and get involved with, at the end she died stabbed by her first lover. The main plot is based in the opera Carmen with a sub plot that goes parallel. Mayra Alejandra a very good TV actress is Carmen, a great Carmen, and Miguel Angel Landa (Jose) also a TV and movie star, made a good work with the support of Carlos Marquez (well known TV and movie actor), William Moreno etc. All made a very good job I guess. The music could not be other than high lights from the Bizet's Opera and venezuelan music. With no doubts an interesting approach and I shall also say a good attempt in venezuelan movie industry 30 years ago.

The underground world of jails, 18 August 2007

This venezuelan movie tells more or less the story of every jail in the world. In this case a womens jail. There live all the vile characters among some innocents, and take place any kind of situations. The Director Carlos Lopez (not Carlos Gonzalez) made an acceptable job, the producer was Carlos Stevani, edition of Freddy Lopez, photography Raul Delgado, Executive Producer Arnaldo Limansky, music of Guillermo Carrasco, the screen play was made by Zoe Ducos and Jose Gabriel Nunez, make up by Marcos Gonzalez, and the hair stylist was Cecilia Gallegos, and casting by Zoe Ducos. The actresses in sequence order were: Zamira Segura - Lula Bertucci - Aura Rivas (made a fine character) - Nacky Guttman - Francis Rueda (great) - Zoe Ducos (very fine performance) - Romelia Aguero - Maria Escalona (very good also) - Vilma Otazo. With the special appear of Barbara Mosquera and Edgar Serrano, Luis Colmenares. I should say is a good attempt and approach to show all the cruelty and injustice that take place in jails where the law of the stronger reigns. This movie was released in 1988 in VHS. There are also other venezuelan movies in the social line. I shall recommend "Yo soy un delincuente" , " El Reincidente" , "El Atentado". For those who like strong emotions don't miss it.

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How a delinquent is made, 3 August 2007

This movie is a pitiless testimony of life in the slums of a Latin American city. And how Ramon Antonio Brizuela (Orlando Zarramera) new from his early years experiences to survive in the streets of a city, in kids correctional, and later in jails. There he learned to beat, rape, steal and even to...kill. His self defense was his own violence. Clemente de la Cerda (Director- Died in 1984) achieve a goal showing us this bizarre world with all the cruelty, anger, passion and desperation. This movie received the "Special award of the Jury" in Locarno, and "Premio Nacional del D.F." both in 1977. Mostly all the characters were made by non-professional actors and this give extraordinary realism to each scene. Zarramera made an unforgettable character (Brizuela), also Maria Escalona, Chelo Rodriguez, Carlos Carrero, Maria Gracia Bianchi among others made a very good job. Sound is not a must but I must say the movie originally was release in VHS. It will be fine if we can find it in DVD.The photography (Jose Jimenez) is extraordinary. This movie last 19 weeks, since the release in July 1976, in the first place in the box office (One million dollars - Exceed three times "Shark" S. Spielberg) in Venezuela. The music of Miguelangel Fuster is great. A very intense movie for those who like action. One year later (l977) was released the second part of "Soy un delincuente".

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I agree with your commentary but..., 3 June 2007

Quite interesting your note but I feel that in the USA or any other country, if something like this story happens the first thing to do is to call the police department. Remember that the book is about a child abuse and furthermore the "social worker" was hidden herself and the boy from the parents etc. This is a police matter. I don't understand yet how a radio host (He and his "friend" also had doubts) assume an investigation that is a police matter...Maybe it was a matter of incoherence in the script with a normal procedure. Furthermore with the experiences he had in his research he could even lost his life doing this. Don't you agree?.

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Why so many versions?, 28 January 2007

Why so many versions? I have one of 218 minutes which is not in the several versions posted in the main page. Does any body can tell me why there are so many versions for almost all movies? I remember (not quite well) some scenes of a travel of King Feisal or his Son to Great Britain in order to make some sort of agreement. But I'm not so sure it was in this movie. Perhaps was another one that deals with the same argument of this extraordinary movie of all times. I'll be very gratefully if somebody can explain to me about the "versions". Don't understand why somebody has the right to cut a movie already made... Is an abuse, isn't it??

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