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A Hellraising Battle Royal of Horror Film Icons, 18 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers are both in Limbo. Freddy tries to get back to Dream World and Elm Street via Michael Myerss' limbo stated mind. He succeeds to get back into Dream World but Michael who is now technically dreaming turns on him and the fight is on. During the fight Freddy is summoned to a dingy 4 door concrete basement looking room and soon Jason Leatherface and Michael surround Freddy by entering 3 separate doorways in what looks like a 3 on 1 Handicapped Wrestling Match and soon a 4th door opens with ultra bright light blasting away behind it and in enters Pinhead, General of Hell's Army. The Showdown of a lifetime is about to begin.

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Dear Dave Attell, I miss you man please come back !, 9 June 2011

Ever since I watched this show I felt a kinship to Dave right from the get go. His booze and tobacco filled irreverent night time behavior is right up and down my alley. What a shame only 4 seasons were ever made. I personally feel ripped off by Comedy Central. This show was really good then Comedy Central pulls the freaking plug and Insomniac is not seen again except in Holiday Seasonal Marathons.

I wish and want Dave Attell to buy out the rights to this show and then start putting out straight to DVD and Blu Ray Box Set Seasons. With Straight To Video Episodes Dave Attell can step over the boundaries set by The FCC plus Comedy Central's Standards and Practices and really go for broke. This show is in my opinion better than what is being shown on Comedy Central save for South Park.

The Spoof you wished that didn't exist !, 25 April 2011

The Adult Film Industry has a way of spoofing hit movies such as what Hustler Home Video is doing with their "Not" Series. In 1986 Bruce Seven did the unthinkable. He spoofed the Midnight Movie Classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with The Rocky Porno Video Show. This x-rated spoof takes the whole Rocky Horror story to a lower sexually depraved level. The only real star here is Tantala Ray also known as Mistress Tantala in the S&M world. Her most famed moments cannot be mentioned here for censorship purposes. The VHS Copy is way out of print and if you are lucky enough find one in the Ebay Mature Audience Section, buy it ! If you see it on file share, download it ! With DVD and Blu Ray now the more dominant video format in existence right now, this video should be re-released in HD Format remastered and remixed for best Audio and Video from the original master tapes.

Hey Watch This (2010) (V)
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Back again and still smoking after all these years, 21 July 2010

Through the 1970's on into the early 1980's Cheech and Chong kept The World stoned with their brand of comedy. Millions of records were sold, several movies were made between Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. The party seemed to never end but all that came to a screeching halt and Cheech and Chong went their separate ways. Cheech sobered up and became a big star while Chong just stayed Chong and smoked his way through the 1990's and into the millennium.

This Live Concert taken from the Light Up America and Canada Tour gets Cheech and Chong back together again, They are older, fatter, wrinklier, grayer, yet still they are Cheech and Chong. This show was actually what they performed back in their club days in Canada before they came down to the U.S.A. and smoked everyone up.

This DVD was released the same day as it was broadcast at movie theaters across the U.S. on 4/20.

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Always room for Meat Loaf, 29 November 2009

Since the 1960's up to today in the 2000's Meat Loaf is still the consummate performer. When on tour He goes out night after night despite Doctor's warnings that if he does not take it easy he will kill himself. Meat Loaf is still larger than life even in his late 50s. He does not let his fans down and will go out there and deliver that powerful voice that sounds like a bomb blast.

This documentary is about the 2007 Bat III Tour and what it took to get it flying. You get moments at home, backstage, on the tour bus, and of course full blast Meat Loaf Rock N Roll Onstage Live in Concert. Watch this movie then go see the man himself Meat Loaf live and get blown away by this long lasting raging bull.

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Needs an HD Total Package Overhaul Release, 19 October 2009

The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour was the country music answer to The Ed Sullivan Show and The Flip Wilson Show. Glen was a regular at first on The Smothers Brothers Show and was tapped to be a Summetime replacement for them on a show called The Summer Brothers Smothers Show. Well that Summetime gig turned into said Goodtime Hour and from 1969 to 1972 Glen made Goodtime TV History. One of his constant regulars was "The Guitar Man" himself Jerry Reed. In the General Store Segment of the show Glen Jerry and a banjo picker named Larry would jam out with female backup singers usually to the top hit of the day. Other performers included Ray Charles, Cher, Bobbie Gentry, Seals and Crofts, Neil Diamond, Three Dog Night, and Rick Nelson.

One of the most memorable of episodes was the night "The Duke" himself John Wayne showed up. This was a promotional tie in for the movie "True Grit" which starred John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. All good things as usual came to an end and The Goodtime Hour was canceled in 72 and relegated to the vaults of CBS TV. Only recently has the series been given an a double look interest. CMT did a small but compiled version of the show showing only the best of the show and not the complete seasons. CMT filmed opening intro segments with country superstar Keith Urban, himself a Campbell fan ! Currently there has been a few minor video releases of the show on VHS and DVD as of late and it is very doubtful if the complete seasons will ever be made available to the general public on DVD Box Set or the HD Formatted Blu Ray Disc due to political red tape wrangling over copyright royalties to every song ever sang on the show.

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The Walls come down, 4 August 2009

It has been quoted by Roger Waters himself in 1989 that the only way he would ever perform The Wall live again is if the Berlin Wall came down and one year later in 1990 as if by fate or what not The Berlin Wall did just that, it came down ! So Waters shocked by his own words coming true lived up to his promise and The Wall: Live in Berlin was set into production. It was rumored that this would lead to a full blown Pink Floyd Reunion but sad to say that did not happen. Roger Waters instead pulled together several solo singers and 3 rock bands, The Scorpions, The Band and The Hooters and fellow British actors Albert Finney & Tim Curry. This was not going to be some run of the mill production set in some normal theater no this production was on a grand scale set up on what was known as Ploterzdam Platz aka "No Man's Land" which was the area in the wall between East and West Berlin. Because of security logistics actual remaining parts of the Berlin Wall were used as Security Fencing. The audio & video production itself was plagued from the very start by every thing conceivable but it was doctored up in post production to make it look seamless and uninterrupted. The concert was originally sold on VHS and now is available on DVD. In 2010 both the coming down of the Berlin Wall and the concert will be 20 years old and now considered a piece of world history.

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The Show that made millions of children happy nation wide, 9 March 2009

The Mickey Mouse Club is an American Institution that has been resurrected decade after decade proving it's standing moral fiber. In the 1950s era, The Mickey Mouse Club was it for millions of children across America. You either were a Mouseketeer or you were not. This was the day and age of adjusting your dual antennas at the back of your television set to get a clear picture in either UHF or VHF. There was no digital cable or internet back then. When the mouse was on you sat and you watched till it was over. Children 5 days a week religiously tuned into see and hear what Mickey Mouse, Jimmy, Roy, and The Mouseketeers had planned for them.

With Disney nowadays being all about the Blu Ray Disc and High Def this that and the other I amazed that they have not gotten off their collective lazy rear ends and digitally restored all the episodes from beginning to end. Including all the bonus materials that currently resides in the archives of Disney Studios.

Before MST3K there was Mad Movies, 5 March 2009

I used to love watching this show back in the day ! My screwball family has been doing this kind of alternate dialog for movies way before this show was even created and that's going back to the 1960s and 70s. There is not a movie my family has screwed up deliberately. When this series came out on the non Mtv/Paramount Pictures/Viacom owned version of Nickelodeon it was the greatest thing since NBC's TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes. I wish the head honchos at Nick would get off their lazy collective rear ends and just give back the rights to this series to the creators, L.A. Connection. I too am glad that L.A. Connection is redoing the series longer uncensored and uncut but that is like trying to repaint the Sistine Ceiling in Rome.

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Great classic video tape starring a younger wilder Motley Crue, 3 January 2009

Take a step back in time to the mid 1980's when a certain bad boy rock band from Los Angeles, California lived way too fast, almost died young, and went on to survive and become rock legends. Motley Crue Uncensored is a semi rockumentary coupled with actual music videos, yes people, actual music videos, not clips as they are called nowadays.

The Videos include

Take Me to the Top and Public Enemy Number 1 both of which are amateur shot, rather short in length, with commentary by Motley Crue while they go on and on about something or other that happened during the making of the videos. The more pro shot videos are as follows,

Live Wire, Looks that Kill, Too young to fall in love, Smoking in the Boys Room, and Home Sweet Home

Electra Records Home Video originally released Motley Crue Uncensored on VHS and Laserdisc back in the day and has declined in recent years to release this on DVD and Blu Ray. Hopefully one day they will until then I suggest you go on Ebay and buy an original copy if you can find one.

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