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The Climb (2002)
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Great Film!, 5 January 2004

This is one of the best Christian films I have seen. It has a bigger budget than most and the actors are pretty good as well. It is also a good witnessing tool for non beleivers as well. Overall I would recommend this film.

One Day in May (2002) (TV)
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Good Pro-Life Movie, 5 January 2004

This film is great for anyone who is pro-life. It makes some excellent points on the abortion debate. However the movie is not 100% accurate. While the film does make good points, it stretches the facts on how abortion clinics run and how far along in a pregnancy you can have one at a clinic. But, overall I would recommend it, especially to anyone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Trail of Tears (1995) (TV)
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Great Movie!, 15 December 2003

This movie is a true story of two women's search for their missing kids kidnapped by their husbands. I remember this story from 20/20 or some news show like that and it was great to see a movie made about the women's experience.

Child of Rage (1992) (TV)
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True Story about a minister and his wife who adopt two children who have been abused in the most horrific ways., 25 October 2002

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This movie is based on a true story about a minister and his wife who adopt two children who have been abused. Their adopted daughter has an attachment disorder which makes her unable to have empathy for others. She displays acts of violence (she pushes her brother down the stairs and hides a knife in her teddy bear to kill her parents with), but psychologists fail to see what is really wrong with her. The parents finally find someone who diagnoses the little girl with an attachment disorder and at the end of the movie you see her finally able to feel badly when her Mother is crying.

Coquette (1929)
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Mary Pickford makes a great transistion to talkies in this film., 29 July 2002

Mary Pickford gave a very convincing performance in this film. This film deviates from her usual roles. She no longer plays the sweet innocent little girl types, but a flirtatious young woman. Even at the age of 40, she still can pull off playing a woman in her 20's. The only drawback to her performance in "Coquette" is her accent. The Southern accent is less convincing, but she adds enough tears and melodrama to make up for that. Overall I say she earned her Oscar for this role!

Golden Boy (1939)
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Boring!!!!!!!, 3 June 2002

This is a movie about a man who wants to be a violin player, but who becomes a boxer and injuries his hands. This film is back from the dark ages as far as how women are treated. In one scene the Father comments to his daughter's husband not to hit his wife in public, but to do it at home. Then the daughter tells her Father to butt out and that her husband can hit her anytime she likes. How sick! Oh and the movie practically put me to sleep too.

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Excellent film, 3 June 2002

Charlotte (Bette Davis) falls in love with and has a brief affair with Clem (George Brent), the man her cousin (Miriam Hopkins) dumped to marry a richer man. Bette Davis goes away for a while and comes back and opens an orphanage. When she confides to Delia that one of the children in the orphanage is really her child that resulted from the affair with Clem, Delia tells a lie to prevent the marriage between Charlotte and her fiance on their wedding day. Then Delia invites Charlotte and her daughter, Tina, to move in with her and her children. After that Delia does everything she can to win the affections of Tina resulting in Charlotte becoming a bitter Old Maid.

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Great movie!, 3 June 2002

This movie is an excellent thriller. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Once you think you have the movie figured out, you realize you don't. The chemistry between Barbara Stanwyck and ex husband Robert Taylor was wonderful.

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Funny movie, a must see for any Bette Davis fan., 3 June 2002

An elderly woman looses her house to the bank of New Mexico and plans to rob the bank to get even. Her path crosses with an escaped bank robber who shows her the ropes of robbing banks and eventually grows to love her.Bunny O' Hare is a very funny movie that is one of Bette Davis's best movies from her later years. There is a great chemistry between Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine.