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Feel stupid & pay for it too!!!, 30 November 2006

Making a sequel of golmaal-fun unlimited is like asking for a 'life long migrane' after having just recovered from a bout of severe headache!!! I wish there was a legal provision to ban film makers from daring to make sequels of movies which are nothing more than a 'trash can' of rehashed jokes and juvenile pjs with no depth, no soul and absolutely no recall value! This movie is a disgrace in that the film maker even dared to (ab)use the same title as its cult-classic namesake (old 'golmaal')because he clearly knew that by doing so, he would at least manage to get the audience to the theatres because of the respect and credibility associated with it for over 3 decades now! The producers might have made crores out of this 'third grade' movie, and the director's career might have taken off big time following its success, but the truth is-with an original plot from neeraj vora's gujarati play 'aflaatoon', this movie did have the potential of being a classic, but alas! it fell prey to a bunch of self-indulgent megalomaniacs surrounded by sycophants who thought they had re-written history by making the ultimate comedy of the millennium!!!

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A hard-hitting, thought provoking perspective on traditional family values & relationships, 9 July 2006

While surfing the TV channels on a bored Sunday afternoon, i accidentally bumped on to this film, and then i just froze...within minutes, i found myself desperately surfing the net for more information on it!How is it that i had never heard of this movie before? Such a BRILLIANT script, coupled with such soul stirring performances by maestros like Pankaj Kapur & Raghuvir Yadav-how could i have missed it? How could anyone have missed it? I doubt it if one could easily locate the CD or DVD of this amazing movie, but if you can get one, PLEASE watch it! Movies like these are the saving grace for Indian cinema. Watch it for the gripping screenplay, impeccable direction and realistic treatment...Its simply UNMATCABLE...