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great film - where can I find it?, 3 December 2006

I loved this movie! A wonderful cast and very funny. Mickey Rooney was a riot, and Ernie Kovacs was a treasure, too bad there aren't more places to see him. The words 'comic genius' are tossed around excessively these days, but he was the genuine article. Jack Lemmon, as the young and proper private, was funny in the Lemmonish way we've come to love, and several others, just beginning their careers in the movies, are interesting to watch. I've been trying to find this movie to rent, but apparently it's not been released. I wonder why not. It could be considered a classic comedy of the post-World-War-II era. If there is information about this issue, it could be posted on this board, so those seeking to view the film would know that it is unavailable at this time.