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Celebrating - Movie-Nights and Days
a list of 21 people
Directors of Spanish / Portuguese speaking countries - Ισπανόφωνοι Σκηνοθέτες
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Interesting Scenes
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As a couple on screen
a list of 70 people
Έλληνες Σκηνοθέτες - Greek Movie Directors
a list of 205 titles
Movies based on books
a list of 34 images
Outdoors scenes in cities or villages
a list of 112 titles
Movies that won Oscar (US Academy Awards) (List A 1932 - 2015) (List B 2015 - (...)
a list of 9 titles
Germany's director of contradiction in his movies but also in his life, died very young (37) leaving behind a great number of movies. R.W. Fassbinder (Bavaria 1945 - Munchen Bavaria, 1982)
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Characters Portraits
a list of 40 titles
Cult movies
a list of 3 titles
a list of 85 titles
Movies to watch
a list of 15 titles
Filming locations in Greece
a list of 11 titles
Make this story a book! or stories with writers
a list of 32 titles
Immigration's causes and issues - Iran, Syria, Afghanistan today's main countries
a list of 65 images
Director - Main contributor in a movie, with actors, on filming sets, events, etc.
a list of 21 people
German-speaking origin, directors
a list of 47 people
New French Directors - Αn unbroken continuity to their precedors
a list of 66 titles
Plot describing some aspects of French life
a list of 54 people
French Movie Directors
a list of 56 images
Movie Covers, Posters with impressive pictures or drawings Ωραία Εξώφυλλα - Καλλιτεχνικές Αφίσες
a list of 52 titles
Greek Favorite Movies
a list of 66 titles
Choices of Classic films of distant or recent past
a list of 15 images
Movies based on literary works, artistic photos
a list of 30 images
Actors in special or adventure roles
a list of 183 titles
Oscar nominated - Awarded movies
a list of 28 people
Great Britain's Directors, Irish also
a list of 54 images
Background special scenes - Ιδιαίτερες τοποθεσίες, ωραία τοπία
a list of 28 titles
Crime, murder, serial killers - Espionage, FBI crime stories in a dark, peculiar atmosphere
a list of 60 titles
Musicals, Films with Music
a list of 56 titles
No Oscar won or Bafta just Awarded movies
a list of 93 titles
Movies that have War, on background - A list begining from 1932, All Quiet Western Front
a list of 46 people
Cult, Avant-Garde Directors
a list of 48 people
Greek Actors / Actresses
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Ρομαντικά ζευγάρια Έλληνες - Greek movies with a couple in protagonist role
a list of 48 images
Ρομαντικά Ζευγάρια - Couples in love in movies
a list of 46 titles
Movies having siblings in main roles
a list of 157 people
World's, Movie-Directors
a list of 41 people
American well-known directors in last decades
a list of 22 titles
American-born, Academic style, director
a list of 68 characters
Literary characters - (Personages) Roles
a list of 84 titles
People's lifes - Biographies
a list of 6 people
New Italian Directors
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Great Posters - Printed stamps from movies always to be remembered
a list of 11 titles
List Sample: Amores Perros by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu MX - Main Themes: Violence in the streets, Young's aggression, Drugs, Missed loves - (similarity info: vudu com)
a list of 56 titles
Love theme as an important part of the story canvas
a list of 82 titles
Personal stories based on real facts
a list of 48 images
Interior spaces (private or public) scenes - Σκηνές εσωτερικού χώρου
a list of 17 titles
Stories in Mafia's background
a list of 11 titles
a list of 7 images
A writer as main character in a movie
a list of 12 titles
Films about temporary or continuous lost memory
a list of 72 titles
Best French Films - From 50's till now a retrospective of french best known films
a list of 25 titles
Sentimental stories with some unhappy aspects
a list of 2 images
Great actors in great roles
a list of 9 images
Neorealism movement movies
a list of 32 people
Past time directors
a list of 11 people
Russia's prominent directors
a list of 12 titles
Soviet realism movies
a list of 8 titles
Post Soviet Realism Movies
a list of 33 titles
Woody Allen films through the decades From comedy to drama - Ταινίες του Γούντυ Άλλεν δια μέσου των δεκαετιών. Η δεύτερη δεκαετία αποτελεί ορόσημο για το γύρισμα της θεματικής του σε κοινωνικά θέματα καθώς αυτά συχνά εξετάζονται άλλοτε με απορρέουσες κωμικές καταστάσεις - άλλοτε με δραματικές.
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Scenes of everyday's possibilities - mostly funny, in life
a list of 16 people
Actresses in interesting roles
a list of 84 titles
Films that have Paris or France's locations
a list of 7 titles
A second parallel story to the main story but of the same importance.
a list of 59 images
Above imagination, beneath truth - Πέρα απ' τη φαντασία, κάτω από την αλήθεια
a list of 48 titles
Dramatic situations
a list of 24 people
New American Directors - Νέα φουρνιά Αμερικανών σκηνοθετών
a list of 49 people
Great acting performances in high rated movies
a list of 15 titles
WWII Jews extermination plans by Nazis
a list of 14 titles
Antonioni's great movies
a list of 19 people
Scandinavia's Directors
a list of 10 titles
Greek origine direcor's Costa Gavras best movies - many, with a political background.
a list of 18 titles
Italian director's movies
a list of 13 titles
Best Luchino Visconti (1906, Milan - 1976, Rome) movies from 1952 - to 1976
a list of 136 titles
Art cinema - all time classic movies: Το σινεμά των σινεφίλ
a list of 6 images
Actresses in Great Roles
a list of 8 images
Writers outside their writings
a list of 44 titles
War - History
a list of 35 titles
Το θέατρο στον Κινηματογράφο - Movies based on playwrights or screenrights by book authors
a list of 6 titles
Ireland's social issues concerned director, made a pleiade of movies about Irish struggle for Independance, standing by the side of social conventions or war victims, persons.
a list of 39 titles
Movies based upon real political situations and events - either past or present
a list of 74 people
Actresses who have played interesting roles
a list of 45 titles
From complicated or very different, to insain situations.
a list of 59 titles
Social common situations becoming somehow strange - needing to be highlighted or uncommon ones.
a list of 60 titles
Past times stories
a list of 5 images
From Neorealism movie wave
a list of 24 people
Great Italian Directors / ses
a list of 194 titles
Inspired movie titles
a list of 28 titles
French term for unusual stories and many, in mostly strange circumstances, filmed in a "every-day" realistic, way (New Wave) - Γαλλικός όρος για ιδιάζοντος περιεχομένου ταινίες με την έννοια του ξεχωριστού, γυρισμένες με μια καθημερινού τύπου τεχνοτροπία ώστε να μοιάζουν απόλυτα ρεαλιστικές (Νέο Κύμα). Πρώτος διδάξας ο Ζαν-Λυκ Γκοντάρ αλλά πρόδρομος ο Ροζέ Βαντίμ.
a list of 7 titles
Movies of Andrzej Wajda
a list of 10 titles
Finland's known director
a list of 7 titles
Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni contributed to the success - often not commerial, of many Italian movies
a list of 32 people
Mostly european today's Actors
a list of 17 titles
"Best Director" Oscar won for the The Last Emperor 1988 - Italian Director's Best Films
a list of 20 people
New Actresses
a list of 44 people
Writers who wrote directly for the screen (screenplays)
a list of 16 titles
Resistance stories
a list of 14 titles
Human rights, hostility and friendship, love, in time of war or piece in the South US
a list of 6 titles
Foreign movies representing each country's original, unusual situations
a list of 20 images
Great World Directors (Recent Times)
a list of 5 titles
Mystery movies
a list of 112 characters
Men's advantageous protagonist roles
a list of 43 titles
Women's Advantageous Roles
a list of 16 titles
Films you can easily see more than one time
a list of 68 titles
Very Interesting Movies
a list of 44 titles
Drama, even murder - related to relationships
a list of 63 characters
Women book / scenario heroines in films
a list of 11 people
Scandinavian Actors
a list of 92 titles
Very important movies -not only for the filming art- but for the meanful messages they bring...
a list of 15 titles
Federio Fellini Films
a list of 31 titles
Art cinema
a list of 8 titles
Russian Director Andrey Tarkovski's (1932 - 1986) masterpieces. "The cinema like any other art, is mostly interested in this process: life in its movement"
a list of 39 people
Great Music Composers, Singers in Films
a list of 20 people
Directors influenced by the Surrealistic Movie School
a list of 9 people
Social, political, situations brought to light
a list of 7 titles
Avant-Garde movies or with a modern expressing way
a list of 53 titles
Pleasant and distractive films with some meaning
a list of 10 titles
Top Favorites
a list of 45 titles
Personal stories based on ambiguity of facts
a list of 9 titles
Neo-Realism has been a movie school which had enough Italian - some times international directors inspired by it's creator, Roberto Rossellini. It is inspired by simple facts of every-day's life in their dramatical dimensions taking place in big industral towns environments but also in suburbs.
a list of 11 titles
Post Neorealism movies - Leaving neorealism style which was a strictly concrete and real surrounding with mostly social elements, directors turned to most sophisticated stories but centered to the idea of reality more complicated this time.
a list of 14 people
Directors having psychological - also social or political content or rebellion notions in theme's plot
a list of 4 people
Francophone countries directors
a list of 70 people
Writers books, transfered to movies
a list of 28 titles
Colin Firth's Best Roles
a list of 6 people
Directors from Canada
a list of 90 people
Writers their book, or script, or their lifes has seen on screen.
a list of 17 titles
Mystery, Suspense, Murder in unordinary situations
a list of 51 titles
Italian but not only films, having filming locations mainly in Italy
a list of 25 people
Actors who won Oscar or have been nominated
a list of 17 titles
Films having China as background acting place
a list of 13 people
Actors in Great Roles
a list of 21 people
Great Actresses
a list of 34 people
Actresses not in life anymore
a list of 64 people
Great not in life, Actors
a list of 25 people
Best world known actors
a list of 26 people
Great actors with a particular presence, previous generation
a list of 37 people
Great Actresses of Today and Yesterday