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The Best, 30 July 2007

Seinfeld is perhaps the best comedian alive today. Here is why, his jokes are funny, he works the audience, uses body motion and lastly, his jokes are CLEAN. Too many comedians think that they are funny because they curse every other word and repeat the same joke 10 different ways.

Seinfeld tells his joke, it is funny, clean and he gets the punch out the first time around.

All comedians need to watch this DVD and learn from him.

I recommend this to everyone. You will start laughing from the very beginning and you will not stop until the end! Enjoy

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Terrible, awful, horrible, bad, DO NOT RENT, 27 July 2007

Do not waste your money or time. Terrible movie. Bad acting, plot all over the place. Really, really bad acting. Man, this movie is just plain bad. I shut it off at 7 minutes. The script is bad, the directing is bad, it seems to me that a high school group got together to do a project for their drama class. Yes, it's that bad. The acting is not convincing at all, mind you I saw only 7 minutes of it. How this movie made it to DVD, is beyond me.

It should have been left in the editing storage room. I saw the cover and thought it was pretty cool, I sure's heck won't do that next time :_)

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First 40 minutes are a waste..., 20 July 2007

I finally rented the DVD last night and I can see why the movie has received such a low rating. I will comment on two things: the poor script and the unrealistic portrayal of the military (you will see what I mean). As far as the script, I think John Craven (son) wrote it over-night and Wes did not review it. This ties in with the horrible-crappy portrayal of the National Guardsmen actors. No posture or military look, amateur lingo/speech (such as "my helmet" instead of "Kevlar, or head gear,") when a superior officer talks to you, you are supposed to have the 10 mile look ahead, you never look at the officer and say "but, sarge" in a wimpy tone. You never talk back or correct a commanding officer (and by the way, I am glad the Sgt. got killed off early on, he was HORRIBLE in his role). Next, it seems as these recruits missed the first 3 weeks of basic training-they are whining at first, talking back, slouching-the script has wrong military lingo etc...moving on,many times they said while rolling their eyes or looking away, a small "yes sir" instead of standing up straight and yelling "YES SIR!" A tiny Plot whole or continuity: three times from camp the girl called the SGt on the radio. He did NOT have a radio on him... a poor movie

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Great, 14 June 2007

I thought it was a great movie. People commented on how it was a "bad horror" movie. It is not meant to be a full blown horror movie. It is a mixture of suspense, horror, drama, and bits of a thriller. Watch the behind the scenes items and you will see how well the directors and screen writers put the movie together and delivered a great movie. The movie was directed by Asian brothers thus bringing their element of fear into the movie which is not the same as an American horror film. They did a great job with the suspense and the "waiting" before an action happens which does give you a bit of a spook....good film. The actors performed to the greatest of their abilities. John Corbit (Aiden from 'Sex and the City') is stellar with his role (watch the movie and you will see why)and lead 15 year old Kristen Stewart delivered 100% all of the time. I recommend the behind the scenes feature on the DVD after you watch the film.