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Good Vampire Movie, 17 April 2001

I've heard of this film and was finally able to see it on cable. It was pretty good. It's budget is apparent but the actors all did a nice job. Amy Johnson was very cute as the sick friend and Christopher Wiehl was very good as the bad guy. There were a few scenes that were remniscant of "The Lost Boys" but it worked. There were also a few other pop culture referances that seem to litter movies these days (like the "cousins" Connor and Duncan). The movie takes place during the begining of the summer season where vacationing Seth meets vampire Victoria and her friends (I'm still not sure if their friend Darius is a vampire too). Victoria's ex-boyfriend doesn't like the two talking and does anything he can to foul things up. Christian Campbell plays John Luke (Jean-Luc Picard?) who is like Renfield to Wiehl's Charles. There is a very strong scene with Campbell and Robert Floyd (Seth) that brings the whole story to a head. Overall, it was a fun little movie.