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Nothing too special for me, 1 April 2002

Personally, I liked Mystery Men better. There's not really that much action here, and the pacing of the movie is slllooowww. Dialogue is kinda goofily-fun, but the use of profanity (which, generally, I have nothing against) I think was too excessive for this genre of film, to the point where it detracted from the movie. In fact, it almost gave it a "dark comedy" feel which I don't think works for a superhero movie. I think moreover, that there were just too many unsympathetic characters in this film, especially the adulterous Ms. Indestructible (I REALLY did not like her). I couldn't find myself feeling for one character, or disliking another above all others.

From a visual standpoint, this was a well-done movie. The costumes and visual effects were very nice -- lots that jumped out at you.

Still, this could not make up for the fact that, to me, this movie just wasn't that funny. Nice try, but nothing "special."

My Grade: C-/D+ (See Mystery Men instead)

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Most underrated Trek series ever . . ., 26 March 2002

This series always gets flak from fans and critics, but, in my opinion, it is largely unwarranted.

Janeway certainly does seem to let her heart give the orders many times, but this doesn't make her a worse captain than those former, just a different kind of captain.

Some crew members could have been developed more (namely Kim and Parris), but other stronger characters made up for them (namely Janeway, The Doctor, and Tuvok).

Call me a non-purist Trek fan, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed the plots and storylines of Voyager (especially the ones involving Q) even though they may have been more "mainstream."

Anyway, regardless of what kind of Trek fan you are, there is no denying that this is a fun series. It may not be "loyal" to the overall storyline or theme at times, but so what? A television series should be entertaining -- which is exactly what Star Trek: Voyager is.

My Grade: B+/A-

All the King's Men (1999) (TV)
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I'm usually not a Masterpiece Theater watcher, but . . . (Spoiler Alert!), 19 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

. . . this was a superb film. Oddly, I could not stop watching it.

History lovers, war film lovers, and unexplained phenomena lovers will all be pleased.

An entire company of soldiers (often called The Sandringham Men) mysteriously disappeared in the middle of a Turkish battlefield in 1915. Reports say the company was enveloped by a cloud shaped like a loaf of bread, that seemed to hover over them before floating down and covering them. The mysterious cloud then lifted into the sky and vanished . . . along with the entire Sandringham Company! Over the years, thousands of explanations have spread, including alien abduction. To this day, no "official" explanation has been given. Nor has any trace of The Sandringham Men ever been found.

Now, this aside, the production quality of the film itself was spectacular! The cinematography, the music, the effects, all helped to drive this picture home. Everyone did a tremendous job in portraying their on-screen personas, making every scene believable.

A great film, all around!

My Grade: A

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A masterpiece!, 12 January 2002

I was cautious of this movie at first, considering the mixed reviews it was receiving, but after seeing it, there is no more doubt in my mind -- this movie was nothing short of spectacular!

Every aspect of it was fine-tuned to perfection. The casting, acting, visual effects, musical score, etc. were all superb.

I honestly have no clue why anyone would dislike this movie. Die-hard Tolkien fans will pick it apart, I'm sure, but I think they need to enjoy the movie for what it is instead of what they think it should be.

Why are you still reading this? Go see it now! ;)

My Grade: A+

The Doors (1991)
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Pretty good, pretty neat, 12 January 2002

The Doors are one of my favorite bands (perhaps my favorite). And this movie is probably the biggest reason why.

I'm not saying this movie is without its flaws, because it is not (the one-dimensional portrayal of Morrison, most noteably).

But great music and stunning visual effects more than make up for those few flaws.

As I mentioned above, there's more to Morrison than is portrayed in the movie. Sure, he was over the top and larger than life sometimes, but he was also, more often than not, an oridinary guy with ordinary feelings and problems. But the spirit of Jim Morrison and the Doors endures and inspires regardless of what you think of him.

I would have liked to have seen more emphasis put on the other band members (since the movies is called "The Doors" not "Jim Morrison") but hey, I'll forgive Stone -- he did an incredible job.

My Grade: A

Contact (1997)
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Loved it!, 12 January 2002

Most people either loved or hated this movie.

I, for one, absolutely loved it.

The emotion, the acting, the visual effects, the musical score -- all felt real (perhaps a little too real at times).

Perhaps Foster and McConaughey's best work (especially Foster, who stole the show).

As a human being, you owe it to yourself to see this film.

My Grade: A+

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The diner scene made the movie, 11 November 2001

The diner fight scene pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the movie -- humor mixed with violence.

Ok, ok, in all fairness, it wasn't THAT bad. The lead roles did very well considering what they had to work with:

Van Damme was born for action movies. Ally Walker, by far the strongest character in the movie, did and admirable job of playing the civilian caught in the middle. Dolph Lundgren's, while imposing of stature, actually delivered a nice performance.

Just don't go in to this expecting Ben-Hur, and you'll be entertained :)

My Grade: C

Virus (1999)
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Not a bad film, 4 October 2001

Saw this on TV a few days ago. I don't know what was edited out, so I can only say so much, but I must say that the special effects and makeup effects were awesome! The main, cybernetic nemesis (while a tad blue-screenish) was menacing to the very end. And some of the sets were very richly-detailed. $75,000,000 to make? I can believe it. Now, that being said, there still were some flaws in this movie - mainly, the dialogue and acting. While not terrible, these elements could stand some work. Had they been brushed up, this movie would have been so much better than it was. But as is, it's not that bad.

My Grade: B

WarGames (1983)
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"The only winning move is not to play", 11 September 2001

All I can say is "Wow!" The entire movie builds up to those words from WOPR. At first, it seems like a cheesy, anti-war sentiment, but upon retrospect it is exactly something a computer would say.

As for the rest of the movie, it was very well-crafted, but a little slow in places. Fine performances all around. Sobering (especially in light of the recent attacks on the World Trade Center) to think that such a situation as this could happen at any time.

My Grade: A

Blind Fury (1989)
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Good fun!, 6 September 2001

A fun movie. Not a great, sweeping movie. Not a trashy, useless movie. Just a fun, well-made action movie. Hauer does an excellent job as the blind hero and the swordplay in this film is top-notch. A must-see for martial arts fans.

My Grade: B

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