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The Dirty Dozen it isn't!, 12 May 2007

It is sad to have to say that a film is truly awful and one tries to find ways around saying this. However, this is a dreadful film. Gene Hackman wastes time (and one suspects, many dollars) on re-playing his most famous, and oft recreated, role as "Gene Hackman". Otherwise, television actors are given the chance to become film stars, and successfully, resist the temptation. Patrick Swayze has a minor part and went on to greater things, for which he must be eternally thankful.

I watched this film, as a result of someone else's review and I felt that another point of view was merited. You may not agree with my review but now, at least, you have been warned.

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More information please!, 24 February 2007

Why is so little information given? This was a 1959 Sapphire Films television production made for ITC Entertainment. The stars were (in no specific order) Vitorrio De Sica, Richard Conte, Jack Hawkins and Dan Dailey. All the information given is available on Wikipedia and should be credited to Wikipedia. I feel that it was an interesting and rather brave television series for it's time. The main star,generally speaking, changed every week over four weeks; hence the four different stars. This was because the adventures were based in London, Paris Rome and New York. Honor Blackman, later of The Avengers, played an occasional supporting role. One of the things that was important, for me, was that this series used (in my opinion), seriously experienced, talented and world renowned, actors.