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Me & Mrs Jones (2002) (TV)
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Just plain fun - SPOILERS, 1 October 2004

This movie is not an exercise in deep drama. It's just a fun romantic movie that the actors could probably do standing on their heads.

Liam(Robson Green) is a tabloid journalist who is forced by his boss to find something personally damaging on the new Prime Minister, Laura Bowden(Caroline Goodall) who happens to be a woman. Liam doesn't use his real name. He calls himself Harry Fletcher and he, by using his friend Ivan(Michael Maloney) insinuates himself into the inner sanctum of the Prime Ministers staff. Using charm, he works his way closer and closer to the Prime Minister and eventually gets her alone, by playing to her need for privacy and her loneliness.

Liam's boss, Jane(Keeley Hawes), who happens to be Liam's ex-wife, is ecstatic. But she doesn't know how far Liam has penetrated the staff who Liam's 'source' is. Laura's Chief of Staff, Benedict(Peter Firth) discovers the affair and with the help of his crew: Michelle(Katy Murphy), Ali(Mark Bannerman) and Max(Aisling O'Sullivan) moves desperately to cover up the evidence. After several rendezvous with Laura, Liam discovers a damaging secret that could destroy Laura's political career forever. And it is now that he realizes that he is in love with Laura. Ivan gets hysterical after hearing this news, because he had always teased Liam of being an unprincipled jerk. What will Liam do? Will he print the story or not?

Of course, Laura finds out who Liam really is and they part company. But what is meant to be always finds a way.

This is a light, funny movie. No strenuous brain work needed. Just relax and enjoy, I did.

"Take Me" (2001)
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Tense, great, 29 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had never expected to see Robson Green in a role like Jack Chambers, but it was wonderful. Chambers is a good man who works hard at his ad agency. Unknowingly, his wife, Kay(Beth Goddard) is having an affair with Chamber's best friend, Sam(Aneiran Hughes). When he finds out, they decide to move to "start over". They move to Hadley's Court where they become entrenched in sexual games led by Doug Patton(Daniel Webb). Patton is married to a provocative woman, Andrea(Olga Sosnovska). One night at a party, Doug confesses that in a game of auto erotic asphyxiation he had killed a woman and begs for Jack's help. Jack does help and that's when the murder mystery begins. Jack realizes that there is more than meets the eye about the dead woman. For one thing, the dead woman is not the same one that was on the bed. He also realizes that a neighbor who had "gone" to New Zealand was actually dead and becomes convinced that Doug had killed her.

During the murder mystery part Kay begins her affair with Sam again. What was left of the Chambers marriage dissolves. In the process, Jack falls in love with Andrea.

This movie has several layers and I recommend it because the layers are fully fleshed out.

There is the relationship between Jack and Kay. There is the relationship between Jack and his father. There is the relationship between Jack and his children. There is the relationship between Jack and Andrea. Then there is the murder mystery, which includes the destruction of Jack and Kay's marriage, the murder mystery, and the sex games.

The only question that is not answered is who is responsible for the serial killings. Doug is a forensic photographer for the local police. I have my own thoughts about who is guilty. The keys are there somewhere, I'll have to watch it several times, which is a good thing, because I enjoyed it so much.

"Grafters" (1998)
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Very good, 28 September 2004

I've only been a fan of Robson Green's since I started watching "Wire in the Blood", so I'm playing "catch-up". Grafters is the story of two brothers and the trouble they get themselves into, mainly due to the younger brother Joe's(Robson Green)machinations. He wants his new firm, "Purvis and Purvis"(the new construction business he has started with his brother Trevor Purvis(Steven Tomkinson), to a screaming success. Trevor is not simple-minded as the viewer is led to believe, he just has a code of contact, which includes telling the truth and nothing but the truth. There is a wonderful scene as Joe, while eating baby cereal with a baby spoon. swears on the sweet smile of his nephew that he will be more honest in dealing with customers. When Trevor leaves the room, Joe quietly tells the baby that he will take the client for everything he can.

The greatest thing about this show are the characters. The characters are fleshed out as though someone was sharing with the audience, his own dysfunctional family.

Joe is a slut; he gives bored housewives some of what they are missing. Sex, basically. Then he connects with the wife of a Police Superintendent Inspector. The man is eceptionally jealous and Joe takes a construction job in London to get away

Trevor, his brother is a family man has realized that his marriage is in trouble and goes to London, taking his wife and family with him. That leaves 4 people living in an RV, one of which is a 1 year old child.

We are introduced to Lennie(Maurice Roeöves)Alan(Berwick Kaler)father and uncle. The story is same and at Alf's wake Alan and Lennie get into a fight. Alan finds out that Lennie has been "comforting" his(Alan's) wife. You can see the repeat of history with Joe and Trevor. Joe taking after his father and Trevor taking after Lennie's wife just like Alan took after their mother's.

All the characters are wonderfully fleshed out, even down to Joe's estranged daughter and ex-wife.

I do recommend this series. It has strong drama and hysterical moment of comedy.

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Wonderful film, 11 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I guess the only real review I can give this movie is to tell everyone that I've watched it twice since I got it 2 days ago. I really enjoyed the growth of the Rory character from an unsophisticated **, to a kind and loving man. Charlotte taught Rory the difference between child-like lust/infatuation and mature love. Even though Rory died in the end, the ending was completely satisfying. Rory's death at the end seemed to put a metaphorical "period" due to Rory's growth.

I really enjoyed Robson Green's performance as Rory. He took the character from an unsophisticated clod to a self-sacrificing mature man. Sylvestra Le Touzel(Charlotte) was the perfect counterpart to Green's mature Rory. These two actors brought a simple sympathy to their characters which transfered to the audience.

It do recommend this movie. At one point I wanted to slap Rory around, but at the end I cried when he died. A very satisfying ending.

"Mulberry" (1992)
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A Hoot, 15 July 2004

Why is it that we must rely on our PBS stations to bring us some fun, witty comedy from Britain. Right now, BBC America is trying to fix up: homes, bodies and sell houses in the countryside.

Mulberry(Karl Howman) is the cute and funny story of Death's(John Bennett) son's first "assignment". It comes in the form of Miss Farnaby(Geraldine McEwan). Realizing that Miss Farnaby hasn't really had a good life, he gets an extension from his father and takes it upon himself to liven up her life. Along with his affect on Miss Farnaby, he crosses path with her servants, the Finches: Albert(Tony Selby) and Alice(Mary Healey). The Finch's were war orphans from London in 1940 who eventually marry and go to work for the Farnabys.

The chemistry between the actors is incredible. When the actors in a show love working together, the viewer can tell. I could definitely tell that these people enjoyed working together. I do recommend this show for the light comedy for anyone who enjoys British humor. There is nothing like Mulberry falling off a cliff and waking up in the morgue because he can't die. As he returns to Miss Farnaby's home, he causes havoc. It's hilarious.

In fact, when it aired on PBS we taped it. We have all but 2 episodes. Our video cassettes are wearing thin. Right now, BBC America is deciding whether to add it to it's catalog. I would hope that anyone who has enjoyed this show to request it so others can enjoy what my family and others have enjoyed.


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Not Rocket Science, 13 July 2004

This movie is definitely not rocket science, but it has a charm all it's own. It is thoughtful about what might happen in a different reality if we make different choices or "fate" aligns just right for whatever reason.

There were some very funny moments, especially when Hannah let loose with his version of Pythons "Meaning of Life". Gwenyth Paltrow brings her character across as mousy. I just wanted her to jet angry and throw her boyfriend out. You know, the stereotypical, clothing on the front steps, changing the locks etc. But it was good she had a pal to take her in.

I do like this movie and consider it a "keeper". I recommend it for some "light and fluffy" entertainment on a night after a long day.

And for the record: scene in boat by the bridge. I liked Donny Osmond, David Cassidy and Mick Jagger. :)

"Take Me" (2001)
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Unexpected, 18 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know what I expected with series, but one thing it is, is thoughtful. This series is multi-layered that work together in the end to form one ending.

The main story deals with Jack(Robson Green) and Kay(Beth Goddard) Chambers who have moved to Hadleigh Corners, a suburban area, to try to save their marriage. Kay has been unfaithful. Jack is a hard working, mellow man who knows that keeping his marriage together will take work. The problem is; Kay really doesn't want it too. Less than 3 weeks after moving into their new home with their two children; Maggie(Julia Mallam) and Dan(Sean McMahon), Kay returns to her relationship with Kevin, Jack's best friend. Like many who move into new neighborhoods, the Chambers try to fit into their new surroundings. Enter Doug(Danny Webb) and Andrea(Olga Sosnovska) Patton. All the action is at their house. Doug and Andrea have regular sex parties with wife swapping etc. Jack feels that it is wrong, but goes along anyway. Kay has stopped seeing Kevin by this time and is enjoying her new life in the neighborhood.

Although, Doug works with the police as a forensic photographer, Jack begins to suspect Doug in the disappearance of one of their neighbors, Lillian Stokes. Jack begins to believe that Lillian is dead. He finds mail that should have been forwarded to Lillian who is supposed to be in New Zealand. As Jack becomes more and more suspicious of his neighbors, the police become involved. One night during a sex party, Doug and the woman he is with, experiment with autoerotic asphyxiation. The woman dies and Doug asks Jack for his help in burying the woman. Jack helps him bury a woman, but later discovers that it wasn't the one he had thought it was. It turns out that the dead woman is one of Doug's regulars. Kay, of course, doesn't believe him. Jack finally gets courage enough to phone the police and tell them where to find the body.

During the course of his investigation, Jack and Kay become more and more estranged until Jack moves out. Also, it the process, Jack becomes attracted to Andrea who tells Jack about her miserable life with Doug. Her life had gotten so bad, she put herself in care at a local mental hospital. Doug explains that Andrea had tried to take her life because she had been dumped by a man she had had an affair with. Doug becomes more and more jealous of their relationship and eventually loses it, culminating in a fight.

There are two sub stories that are worth noting which lead Jack into self discovery. He reconnects emotionally with his estranged father and discovers that his marketing firm is buying troubled businesses and selling them for a profit. He chooses not to participate any longer and loses his job.

In the end, because of the parties: Jack and Kay kill whatever was left of their marriage, Kay becomes pregnant with her brother-in-law's child, Doug and Andrea lose everything.

There are questions at the end. I learned who killed Lillian, but who killed Janet? Jack and Andrea leave together, but I wondered about Jack's future with Andrea after seeing her history with Doug.

All in all, I would recommend this series, but it is "TV Mature" and not for young people below the age of 18. The series presents some very adult themes. I gave this series an "8", so I did enjoy it.

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I loved it!, 4 May 2004

This fable is wonderful. We have 4 young children: Peter(Richard Dempsey), Susan(Sophie Cook), Edmund(Jonathan R. Scott) and Lucy(Sophie Wilcox); taken from London in 1940 to avoid the onslaught of the German Luftwaffe. They arrive at an old manor house in the country where they meet a kindly old professor(Michael Aldridge). The boys aren't thrilled by the empty and damp house, but the youngest, Lucy, is enchanted. They decide to explore the grounds, but have to explore the house instead of the grounds, due to a rainstorm. Lucy discovers a large, decorative wardrobe which appears to be made out of oak or some other hardwood. She goes in and is transported to another world. A world of witches, nymphs, talking fawns and other wonders. She can't convince her brothers and sister, but eventually as they are trying to avoid the stern governess, Mrs. McCready(Maureen Morris), they follow Lucy into the world. Then the real adventure begins.

This fable is layered with metaphors and symbolism. C.S. Lewis became a dedicated Christian late in life and the symbolism in the story shows his faith, as well being a good story.

All of the young people and others portray their roles with gusto. A couple of the actors go over the top, but it adds to the story. But the one that caught my eye was young Sophie Wilcox who played Lucy. This child was so animated. The range of her emotions traveled from joy to sadness to anger and back again. Lucy was portrayed as an innocent defending her family and loyal to her friends. There was no guile in her. Then there was her brother, Jonathan R. Scott(Edmund), who betrayed the family to the "White Witch"(Barbara Kellerman), because of anger and greed. The love of his family and King Aslan(William Todd Jones) saves him.

The special affects were the affects that were popular during the late 80s. Not as spectacular as in the Harry Potter movies, but the engineering of Aslan as a large male lion was wonderful.

I'm 44 and I recommend this film to anyone who wishes to go back and relive some wonderful childhood moments.


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A surprisingly fun ride, 29 March 2004

I'm usually too busy or I have my favorite obsessions to watch, but my brother, who is obsessed with Stargate, had to change to the evening shift at his job. He asked me to tape the shows for him. I said ok, not thinking it was going to be a big deal. It wasn't until he started to get the box sets that the house became overwhelmed with Stargate SG-1. To show how obsessive my family is about this show, as soon as they purchased S6 of the series, they nagged me that the next time I'm on the computer to check to see when the box set of S7 will be released. Last night I found myself actually asking to borrow the Season 1 and 2 box sets. The show is just fun and Richard Dean Anderson's tongue-in-cheek jokes are bad and funny at the same time. They are even more hilarious when Christopher Judge tries them, because his character, Teal'C, is so serious. Judge does a wonderful job making his character, Teal'C, a sympathetic character.

I do recommend this series because of the endearing qualities all the actors put into their characters. Richard Dean Anderson's "Col. Jack O'Neill" is far from Angus McGyver. Anderson felt that he should dumb down his character in opposition to McGyver's intelligence and has added some silly humor. Both Amanda Tapping(Major Samantha Carter) and Michael Shanks(Dr. Daniel Jackson) have researched the specialties of their characters in order to sound intelligent. Which, for me, is great and adds intelligence to the program. If the program isn't intelligent as well as an adventurous, it won't keep my attention. This series does that. Don S. Davis is wonderful as Gen. George Hammond. There are other semi-regular characters that bring smiles to my face as they show up. Would you believe my mother loves Jacob Carter/Selmac(Carmen Argenzanio)-I hope I spelled that right.

This is a fun series.

Me & Mrs Jones (2002) (TV)
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Predictable and fun, 13 March 2004

I didn't know who Robson Green was until I'd seen the "Wire in the Blood" series. I did know Caroline Goodall. I have seen her in several things. She is a great actress.

This is a very predictable story of a tabloid journalist, Liam Marple(Robson Green), who is given the assignment to find something dirty on the interim Prime Minister, Laura Bowden(Caroline Goodall) after the death of the previous Prime Minister.

Using the name Harry Fletcher, Marple takes Bowden on a whirlwind romance, inadvertantly falling in love with her in the process. Marple does find the "dirt" in the family, but in an unique altruistic action, Marple reveals his true identity. After Bowden discovers who he really is, she breaks off their relationship.

But as Liam says in their final meeting; "Boy gets girl, boy loses girl. Then they realize they can't live without each other and fall into each others arms and live happily ever after."

She counters with; "How about boy smiles at girl and girls smiles back, then the boy says goodby and disappears from her life forever."

All of the quotes are paraphrased, but I do recommend this movie if you want some harmless, romantic fun.

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