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Love it or Hate it, 11 January 2009

There's only two types of people when it comes to the audience of 'Moulin Rouge!'. The ones who love it with a passion and those who hate it with a passion. I absolutely loved it from the first time I saw it. Some people hate the use of modern songs being used in a movie that is set in the 1890's. Others think it's just cheesy and overacted. Yes, there are some cheesy moments but they're strangely cute to watch. The movie is so beautiful. The costumes are so colorful and the sets are elaborate and you kind of want to be there to experience all of it. I love watching this movie every chance I get. It never gets old to me. I can see why some people might not like this movie but those who give it a chance may find that they love it too.

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Totally Worth the Time and Money, 3 January 2009

To say I loved "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" would almost be an understatement. First off, I tip my hat to the special effects team and makeup team. They did an extraordinary job and the special effects left absolutely nothing to be desired. The casting was also very superb. The chemistry between Blanchett and Pitt was almost tangible. I think everyone, no matter race, gender, or stage of life can get something out of this movie. It dealt with ideas and relationships that we've all experienced. Love, loss, friendships, etc. I found myself tearing up at a lot of parts because I felt exactly what he was going through because I'd been there with a lot of the relationships I've had with people so far in my life. And the ongoing joke with one of the elderly in the home, cracked me up and everyone else in the theater were laughing as well. I loved this movie and it really made me think. I doubt my boyfriend went as deep into it as I did, but, he did enjoy it, as well.

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Creative and Beautiful, 1 December 2008

"Pushing Daisies" is a fantastical and creative show that just caught me up completely. I love the bright colors and the creative language and how clean the show is. Unfortunately, the show has been undeservingly canceled. I'll still buy the show on DVD and watch it every now and then because I'm sure a show like this won't happen again for a long time, if ever. I thought Chuck and Ned's relationship was the cutest thing ever and it was nice to see something clean and sweet as opposed to other things on TV. I'm a theater kid and most of my theater friends also loved the show because we appreciated the art of it which is something rarely seen outside of Tim Burton. This show gave my something new to talk about every week and it will be surely missed. This is a show that you should definitely check out if you can appreciate it for what it is.

Twilight (2008/I)
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Best Adaptation Humanly Possible., 24 November 2008

I've been a fan of the Twilight saga for about two years now and "obsessed" probably doesn't even begin to cover it. So, of course, I had to run out and see the movie. Some conversations in the book were had in different places in the movie and, surprisingly, it didn't really bother me so much. But, we all expected that. I thought music was sometimes used at weird times. I believed all the characters and they were exactly the characters I'd always pictured in my head while I read the books. I liked the extra background on the nomads but I wish there had been more on the Cullen family. Jasper is one of my favorite characters and his ability wasn't talked about or used like in the book. You could see how the characters were related (married and what not) but not much about their past which bothered me. Some of my favorite scenes in the book weren't exactly played out much in the movie but overall I thought it was pretty good and I'm excited to see how 'New Moon' turns out. Hopefully, since they'll be funded more, they can do some better CGI. But go out and see it!

Yay for Degrassi Nay for The-N, 13 October 2008

Degrassi is a show I have a love/hate relationship with. I think it does a good job of showing the problems of today's teens but I also think it's a little over the top. Sometimes, there are just a few too many problems going on. Everyone can relate to at least one of the characters and everyone has their favorites. I don't like the channel The-N because I just don't like the whole image of teens they present but I do like Degrassi. Every time I try to stop watching, I just can't. Having seen the old episodes made in the 80's, I think the 80's episodes are better and seemed more relate-able. Degrassi takes a turn for the weird sometimes but overall it's addicting and okay if there's nothing else to watch on a Friday night.

"Wishbone" (1995)
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Great for any age, 13 October 2008

I love Wishbone!!! I've never stopped loving Wishbone. Even after all these years, I still take half an hour out of my busy afternoon to sit down and watch Wishbone. I loved how even though this was a children's show, the creators didn't "pretty up" the classic stories and told them exactly how they were. They did that tastefully and carefully. The characters were all believable and the setting, as well. Even parents who sit down with their children to watch this show will not be bored and might even enjoy it even more than their child. This show also dealt with real life problems like lying, stealing, and a love note gone awry. This show should be available to children for years to come.

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Brilliant and Dark, 12 October 2008

First off, I am a huge fan of both the theater and Tim Burton. And I think Mr.Burton did Sweeney Todd justice. The film was so visually amazing, I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Johnny Depp is not the most strongest of singers but I believe his "rough" voice worked for the character well. I hate blood and gore and the likes but the way Tim Burton did it, it was almost humorous and didn't really bother me so much. I think the story was told right (especially with the use of the flashbacks). I'm a dork and watch this movie any chance I get. The movie never gets old and I'm always finding something new in the set, especially, because the attention to detail was amazing. This movie was dark, yes, but had it's humorous moments which made it even more fun to watch. I love this movie and it is one of Burton's best.

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Awesome show!, 1 September 2008

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" was a show I had had my eye on ever since I'd seen the first commercial for it. Now, almost at the end of the first (and hopefully not only season), I'm in love. This show actually portrays teenage pregnancy somewhat realistically. The reactions of the people around pregnant teen, Amy, are believable and even understandable. Molly Ringwald is perfect in her part as Amy's mother. My only problem with this show is the sometimes over-dramatics. There seems to be too many problems all going on at the same time and somehow make it seem a little far-fetched. I would probably say this is a show for the 13 and over crowd and hopefully some teens can learn something from this show.

The Good Witch (2008) (TV)
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Another Great Hallmark Movie, 1 September 2008

This was your run of the mill Hallmark channel movie but that certainly didn't stop me from enjoying it. It was great to just sit on the couch with my popcorn and watch a good, clean, movie. The acting was good and all the characters were believable. I enjoyed watching Catherine Bell the most. She was perfect for the part. I MIGHT watch this movie again but nevertheless, it was still good to just sit and watch something without violence, sex, etc. It's definitely worth your time and it'll keep your interest 'til the end. 'Witches' don't exactly coincide with my beliefs but knowing it was a Hallmark movie, it didn't make me standoffish at all.

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Relateable and appropriate, 1 September 2008

I love 7th Heaven. It's a great show and when I have kids of my own, I won't even question letting them watch the show. 7th Heaven dealt with everything under the sun and there was always a character to relate with and say "Hey, that was me once!" or "I'm dealing with that now!" I never get tired of the reruns and can watch it all day. I, as a Christian myself, loved seeing how another Christian family dealt with the same problems I was experiencing. This show was definitely unique and a rare find on TV. In the days of "Gossip Girl" and the likes, it's refreshing to be able to find 7th Heaven reruns on the Hallmark channel and feel good about watching it.

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