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Him gok (2001)
Terrific HK B-movie is like "Heist" on speed and acid with a little John Woo thrown in., 31 May 2002

The daughter of Macau mob boss Ban has been kidnapped. Ban calls in his old friend Tricky On from Holland to find her. On hires two assistants: the sharpshooter Wood and the deadly assassin Rain. They track down the girl, and discover deceit and danger along the way. The plot has more twists than a pretzel and kicks into hyperdrive about halfway through. You may guess some, but you won't get all of the games and reversals. Realistically, a couple of the characters would have to be God to be able to figure things out the way they do. Something, of course, has got to give with all of the furious action and double-crossing, and that something is Characterization. Nobody's too deep here, but some are deliberately played for cheap laughs. Tasteless? Yes. Ridiculous? Sure. Take it with a big grain of salt and have fun.

With: Alex Fong as the Chow Yun-Fat Stand-in named Tricky On, Anya (I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess she's a pop singer because of the one name) as the S&M killer Rain who wears her pants one centimeter above the vertical smile and Wong Hop-Hei as the meanest corrupt cop ever to be named Sir Coke. Directed by Billy Tang, the man who brought you "Dr. Lamb" and "Run and Kill".

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Energetic crime movie worth seeking out, 14 February 2002

A trio of old school professional bank robbers (Kanzaki, Imura and Shiba) help young Kadomachi in the robbery of a resort's weekend take, but there are shocking consequences. And Mai, the young mistress of Shiba, holds some surprises of her own. Another heist movie with plot twists, but done with speed and style. Interesting theme of old vs. young will be later picked up again by director Kinji Fukasaku in his infamous `Battle Royale'. The generational conflict even shows up in the soundtrack. Jazz is used for the more mature `cool' criminals while Heavy Metal is used for the young `cool' punks. The director shows the older generation has as much edge as the younger one, but doesn't dismiss the attitudes of youth. There is desperation and loneliness beneath the `tough' exterior of the young punks. Veers a little into the clichés of the action genre at the end, but you will NOT be bored. Rated for violence, language, brief nudity, adult themes.

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Quirky film is good, but not great, 16 January 2002

The ones who get their "comeuppance" in this film are rude and obnoxious triad gangsters. Where it's coming from is the mystery driving the detective on the case. Is it the start of a gang war? A serial killer? Jordan Chan is cast against his usual role as a budding writer developing a fictional column based on these events. Unconsciously, this trio of characters begin to influence each other. Director has some fun with the concept by using jumps in time, hallucinations and some plot twists to keep things hopping. Suspense and humor comes from coincidences that don't strain credulity. Filmed in mundane locations with very little background music. Just needs a little something more to make this a cut above. Maybe some more style needed or maybe the idea would have been more compelling in a shorter format. Cautions: some violence, bathroomscenes, brief sexuality. Ending is unusual in a genre that normally glorifies triads. 7/10 Milky Way Image productions I have seen that I would recommend above this: The Longest Nite, The Mission, Running Out of Time.