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The Funniest Show Ever!, 21 July 2006

I think the Beverly Hillbillies is one the funniest T.V. shows. The funny part about those Hillbillies is when they move from the Hills to California (Californie). They are so naive about the city life. Especially Jethro, the Dumbest Hillbilly of all who thinks he's a genius with his sixth grade education, along with his enormous appetite. My favorite episode is when the Clampets rush back to the Hills to find Elly May a husband after they heard about Elverna Bradshaw's daughter getting married, Granny wanted to make sure Elly beats Elverna's daughter to the Altar. One of the funniest scenes is after they arrived at the Hills, they dropped by the emporium to buy a wedding dress for Elly, where Granny runs into Elverna, They get into a large fight which attracted the whole crowd. Granny storms back to the hotel and tells Jed about making a bet with Elverna that Elly will get married ahead of Elverna's Daughter, and if she looses, Elverna gets to kick her up the top of the mountain. So she begs Jed to help her win the bet, but Jed refuses, and tells Granny that it's her own fault for making a bet with Elverna in the first place. The hilarious part is when Granny paints a couple of pictures of Elverna by making fun of her, and posting it on the town. Elverna spotted those pictures and gets furious. Elverna then storms over to the hotel where Granny, Jed, and Elly are sitting on top of the balcony. Elverna stops where they're at and starts yelling up at Granny, looking to pick a fight with her by calling her vicious names. Finally it was the last straw for Granny, she then jumps from the balcony and chases after Elverna.

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The Fraze Boat!!, 7 July 2006

Out of all the music variety shows, this is the best one ever. Whenever that show was on, I always used to stay up late night to watch it. Frazer Smith is a real funny guy. I love his phrase "Cheese Log". My favorite episode is when they imitate one of my favorite T.V. shows, "The Love Boat" with Frazer as Captain Stupid, and Magic as Isaac the Bartender. I used to watch "The Love Boat" for years. One of the scenes I find so funny is when Frazer plays the guy who's driving the boat and deliberately crashes into an iceberg, just to get some more ice for Isaac. They have one of my favorite music videos in this episode as well. The hilarious scene of all is when the ship enters the Bermuda Triangle, Frazer winds up in the bottom of the ocean, and it was really funny at that scene when they go into wild panic! Especially when Frazer gets attacked by a toy shark!