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Long Distance (2003/II)
What do you do when you answer the phone and it is God?, 20 June 2004

Terrific short by up and coming filmmaker Greg Hirsh. Showcased in five film festivals it has been an audience favorite, winning a best director and best writer nod at two. This is the story about a young man named Adam, who while going about his business one day, answers a ringing payphone. On the other end is a voice claiming to be God and asserting that Adam, and Adam alone, must take on the daunting task of saving the universe from a colossal, all-existence threatening, mistake that, dare we say it, He the Almighty has made. Adam, of course, doesn't buy it and, indulging the seeming joke, drags the voice into a debate over the problems of believing vs seeing. Clever, non-pretentious, and fun, Long Distance is an insightful look at mankind's need to understand the un-understandable.

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A terrific, resonating Lifetime Channel Movie, 20 December 2001

As the Hollywood Reporter states, this is a "must see" Lifetime Channel Movie. Laura Innes is superb in the lead role and is backed up by terrific supporting performances. True to life stories such as this is, are often rather boring, predictable and full of cliche. Not so with Taking Back Our Town. It engages the viewer and moves along crisply building suspense all the way. Especially enjoyed seeing young and talented Hallee Hirsh (namesake?) playing Laura's character's daughter. She was believable and charming in this role and shows her tremendous range as an up and coming "One to Watch".