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Impostor (2001)
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Very unimpressed with film, 4 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Sorry to burst any bubbles, but I found Impostor (2002) to be highly boring and unimaginative. I love Philip K. Dick, but the decision to use rehashed footage and give us the worst "run for your life" movie ever has forced me to say this.

I didn't understand some of the idiotic premises. First off, we are being attacked by aliens. OK. They have killed our own and replaced them with ultra-sophisticated cyborgs to force them to explode in cities or kill leaders?

If the alien technology was not a factor, I would say this is highly implausible. However, I wish there was a much different storyline to it instead of like I said before, "run for your life" movie.

It had no special moments. It had nothing of value to remember or even contemplate on afterwards. By the definition of the film, we all could be bombs. It doesn't make us feel human or discuss what is human like Blade Runner. In fact, I believe this movie was supposed to mirror Blade Runner's image.

It certainly didn't!

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!, 28 June 2004

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Rip Torn and Christine Taylor (Ben's real life wife). The film is about a man named Peter LeFleur (Vince Vaughn) that has, Average Joe's, a sports gym that's going downhill on the business end. However, across the street at White Goodman's (Ben Stiller) Globo Gym, a top-notch corporate gym that emphasizes, "You're not important. We are!" Pete's gym needs to raise $50,000 to pay off the mortgage. How do they suggest to get the money? Dodgeball tournament!! White Goodman, however, wants to make Pete's gym into a parking lot. So he plots to overrun Pete's team in the tournament.

Not only did this film keep me entertained for a little over 1 1/2 hours (which is a big accomplishment), it had me laughing the whole time. Most of the jokes are dead-on and the acting is very good. Ben Stiller is amazing. He is so outrageously pompous and stupid that anything he says either doesn't make sense or is overly exaggerative.

Be sure to see this film this summer. It is well worth the price of admission!!

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One of my favorite shows!, 11 May 2004

Father Dowling Mysteries had a short run in the history of television but, in my mind, it remains one of the greatest mystery shows.

I love the fact that the hero Father Frank Dowling (Tom Bosley) is a priest. He's such an unlikely detective that it has a certain amount of comedy to it. Sister Steve (Tracy Nelson) helps the Father solve the mysteries and makes a welcome addition to the show.

It's also family-friendly, so you and your kids can watch it together. Most modern mystery shows (aka C.S.I.) are way too graphic for children.

Great Show!

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Funny movie, but definitely not their best work, 11 May 2004

Anger Management (2003) stars Adam Sandler as a introvert with anger problems. When he is tried for anger issues, he meets up with Jack Nicholson. While the movie is extremely unrealistic and ridiculously played out, it is still a funny comedy.

One of my problems with the film was the motive of Jack for all of this. Doesn't really fit the bill...

Also the "Adam Sandler" constant same jokes are really starting to get old. He's not even very funny and hardly cracks jokes in the film.

I'd recommend renting it.

Ice (1998) (TV)
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Horrible film, 19 April 2004

I guess I would consider this the worst made-for-TV movie of 1998. Not only does it not star anybody special, Ice is stereotyping in it's purest form. The token black criminal guy, the token professor and the cop hero who is the biggest loser of the bunch.

To me, most of the dialogue is actually dubbed over also. The professor (who was the guy in Ace Ventura) is by far, the *WORST* scientist in the whole world. Not only does he succeed in not doing anything, he also manages to get shot *twice*!

Pathetic junk like this should be on MST3K. Ugh....stay away!

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No one was prepared for this storm, 12 April 2004

The Perfect Storm (2000) is about the true story of Gloucester, MA fishermen in 1991 and the tragedy that inspired the film. A storm combination that was yet unseen in the world would lead them to their untimely fate.

Although it was not considered a mega hit, I considered it to be one greatest films of the year. The characters are detailed and well defined, all except Alfred Pierre. It is a movie with a faceless enemy: nature itself.

Special effects are quite amazing in the film. The storm is a star of the movie also. It's almost playing with the characters at some points. One of my favorite scenes is on the DVD cover. The 100 foot waves crashing into the Andrea Gail at such a fury was an incredible sight.

Of course, the movie has its flaws also. I didn't understand how a shark attack, man overboard, ice machine breaking down and the Perfect Storm could all come together on just one fishing trip. I would've said "let's go home" long before the storm.

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Horrible waste of time!, 13 January 2004

My Baby's Daddy (2004) should have every copy burned and destroyed. I won't bore you with anything you haven't already heard. This movie sucked big time. I wasted my hard earned money to see nothing but "white bashing". Notice how all the white people are treating like dirt in this film? How is that acceptable?

Plus! Horrible dialogue:

"Geez, we got them pregnant at the same time on the same day, I guessin' we be dad's and should grow up."

No wonder why critics ran from this piece of crap.

Don't waste your time even on a rental of this. It's just not worth it! 3 Men and a Baby is over 500x better than this! We need better reviewers on IMDb, I'm telling you!

The Core (2003)
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No God No!, 2 December 2003

The Core (2003) is the worst disaster film of all time. It stars only Swank as an astronaut that gets lucky guessing the right coordinates in the first ten minutes of the film. I wish I had a would save me 2 hours of my life.

I hate this movie. I hate this movie.

Basically it's a horror film in which the Earth kills off each actor one by one. Pathetic, slow, long, boring, tripe, crap, junk and awful acting make this movie a real stinker. Just because you can use a computer for incredible graphics doesn't mean you can make a great movie. It's best if you don't even watch this "film". It's pure garbage.

You should see how the Earth stops moving...did I mention how unlikely that is? A hacker that controls the whole internet?? Yeah, sure. What's next?

Chicken Little in "The Sky is Falling...FOR REAL"?

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The Horror!, 14 July 2003

Not quite the best film I was expecting. It's pretty slow-moving and hasn't satisfied me in the least.

Lloyd Bridges couldn't save this horrible piece of garbage. I'd give it 1 star. I'm glad I watched the MST3K Version.

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Oh, those Golden Grams! Oh, those Golden Grams!, 14 June 2003

Very strange movie that deals with g-men obsessed with RADAR. As we all know, radar is a fantastic piece of technology, but the movie doesn't seem to really be about it. It's more about long-winded speeches about a robbery and nothing more. It's quite funny, but I don't think that's how the director originally intended it to be!

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