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What do you expect for that kind of budget.., 13 December 2007

Yes, I gave it four stars. Was the acting bad? I think the producer got what he paid for. Were the special effects laughable? Same answer as earlier. The plot, I think it was a decent amalgam of successful movie plots, (although poorly executed). I'm sure this was meant to be a funny (for the most part). I think a different director would have made all the difference. The way that some of the scenes played out was plain laughable. I mean the martial arts was kind of cool, but come on! These are supposed to be super strong fast kinda intelligent zompires. ( I say that because at some points in the movie he protects himself with light from a flashlight.) I think that a better director could have really done something with this film. That or more boobs. I vote for more boobs. I recommend watching this drunk with friends.

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Sea Grudge, 2 December 2007

Although I did enjoy the movie, it was nothing new. A woman with long hair is done wrong and now reeks pain and suffering on anyone who enters her house, oops, I mean space of water. Long hair getting into everything, possessions, did it or didn't it happen situations etcetera, etc. I did enjoy the movie like I said earlier, but I think it is time for J Horror to come up with something new. Expand the genre. Didn't care much for the the DVD extras either by the way. By the standards out today, there is not an excuse to not have deleted scenes or bloopers or separate actor and director commentaries. What the original writer thought would have been nice. Use a camcorder if your worried about extra cost. If Brain Damaged movies can do it, they can too.

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Surprising movie, 17 November 2007

I didn't think I would be able to recommend this movie before I saw it, and I have to admit that I only bought it because I thought that Renee Madison Cole was going to get naked at some point. Have you seen the bod on her. Turns out the movie was so good, I didn't even notice the lack of nudity. The movie is funny and suspenseful. You will not be disappointed. Watch it with friends and forties. Make sure not to miss the fudge sickle girl. My wife joined me watching the movie just before she came on. It almost finally put a dent in her anti "fudge sickle" beliefs. My perverted brain is beginning to wander again so I will end this on a buy or at least try it. Subnote: The sound on the DVD had a very noticeable echo. It may have been something I could have fixed by adjusting my surround receiver however.

Galerians: Rion (2004) (V)
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I liked it., 8 November 2007

I saw this on MTV 2 a few years ago . I loved the soundtrack and the story. It took me a while to find the DVD..., okay I knew where to buy it,but I was too cheap to pay full price for it. It was good enough for me to remember, and buy a few years later when the movie place in the mall went under. My wife recently destroyed my copy due to an unfortunate buffalo wing incident. (I'll spare you the details, but guys it was well worth it!) I repurchased it on Amazon and will soon put it back in my collection. The other contributors pretty much told you the story, so there is no need for me to rehash. I enjoy the movie and consider it an important part of my collection. Cheap enough to give a try.

Island of the Dead (2000) (TV)
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sucks, 25 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, I'm a sucker for zombie movies. I bought this thinking it was a zombie movie with Mos Def and Mc Dowell, two people I thought I would never see in a zombie movie. Looks like I was right. They could have at least tried to make it suspenseful. If you need to give it a try just remember to rest your fast forward finger up first. Its going to have a workout. Here is an idea, a giant granddaddy fly whose buzzing blocks cell phone transmissions. Put the sexy chick in some beat up outfit armed with a blow torch ala Aliens, or even better, a backpack sized can of Raid rigged up for use in a way not authorized by the makers. (A Raid Bomb!) My point is, there are ways to make movies like this better, They could have dumped one of those quickly forgotten actors to pay for the cheap rubber effects I mentioned. Hey, before it explodes she could say "Fly away, Mother*%@*&$!" I'll stop know, I'm making myself sick.

Zombiez (2005) (V)
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Well, the actresses were attractive. Not much else going for it., 5 July 2006

I have to agree with the earlier review. Unless your goal is to laugh and make fun of the movie, there is not much reason to watch. I defy anyone to watch the movie and tell me what it was actually about. I will say that the main actress and one of the main characters seem to have acting potential, given decent scripts. I had the feeling that the director was going,"that sounds good, say this now. Okay, now walk away sexy aaaand pout." No need for an actual script. You cant blame this movie on a low budget either. I have seen far better movies that were done with less money and props. I'm just saying, you can make a zombie with a box of flour and some red cool aid. A little imagination goes a long way. Like I said, I watched it with some friends and the best we could say was the ladies in it looked good. My female friends could not even say that, save one. This is definitely a don't get fooled by the cover movie. Only watch if you plan to ridicule it.