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30 years life story of a Ordinary man
16 October 2007
Another masterpiece from Cheran (Director of Autograph). I can't help wondering how Cheran took this subject. The main story is nothing but a 30 years life story of an ordinary man and his family. Its hard to find a movie so real and true to heart.

Raj Kiran is the main character in this film. This film is surely an life time achievement for him. Raj Kiran runs a printing press in the movie and has two sons who he needs to bring up. How he brings up the two children sacrificing everything he has and how his children reciprocate for his gestures is the story of the film. Cheran plays the role of the second son with much ease.

Many portions of the cinema would look as if shot in a candid camera (looks just real) and not as if someones acting from the script. Music is unobtrusive.

Though the film wouldn't bore you, it would have been better if the film had been cut to 2 1/2 hours or so.

Definitely an amazing film and another masterpiece from Cheran.
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Bommarillu (2006)
12 October 2007
A beautiful film. This is one film which you can watch with your family and find everyone loving it. You won't find dance in rain sequences or hero fighting with 50 well built men or anything generally associated with Telugu cinema. Everything about the film is beautiful (starting with Genelia) and you will definitely want to watch this film over and over again. Telugu cinema has sure come off age!!!

Siddarth's acting is great and Genelia is really amazing. She looks almost perfect. Her character (Hassini) is one of the most bubbliest characters I have seen for a long time in a cinema. Genelia will make you fall for her. Prakash raj as usual does his role with ease and poise playing the over-protective father. Background music is excellent and the songs especially Ippudo, eppudo is superb. great work by Devi Sri Prasad.

Enough of reading this and watch the film. Its a MUST SEE.
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