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Themes include witchcraft, the occult, what have you.
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EarthBound meets Katbot meets The Neighbors.
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A voice-over English dub fan-cast for Final Fantasy VI if it's ever remade, preferably on Nintendo 3DS.
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Ghosts, terror, and the other plane of existence. Oh, and some blood and possible mental freakiness.
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Probably not a good idea, but I'd like to see how it works out.
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A fancast for a live-action film adaptation of Zoids: Chaotic Century.
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Thoughts for a movie about groups of competitive young gamers and the annual VidGameCon tournament. (More to come)
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About a group of teachers who take up mentorship of their students while dealing with their own relationships. A new young teacher joins the fold.
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Here's who I'd see (or hear)
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With the characters in high school, sort of like what Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars did. If the rights can be obtained legally, it would be produced by Disney Channel in partnership with Canada's Shaftesbury Films and FremantleMedia. Rights to the franchise and its characters are property of the late Donald J. Sobol.
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Who I'd imagine as the voice cast for the English dub of InuYasha.
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Rather farfetched, but if another Silent Hill film were happening, here's who I'd see in the roles. Of course Pyramid Head would have to be in it to some degree. After all, the guy who plays him choreographed the Dark Nurses' movements, right?
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The 11 people I'd suggest for a Final Destination 6.