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Wide-Eyed and Legless AKA The Wedding Gift, 26 December 2012

Showing as The Wedding Gift on Showtime Women currently. I was only able to find this by searching for Jim Broadbent knowing his character name and a rough time of when it was released. Just one year off from what it is being marketed as by Showtime.

Although a bit offbeat, the story was compelling and the actors did well in making it believable.

This is not the first Series Episode to take on a new life as a TV Movie. Often Movies are made by editing several Episodes into a a Movie size film. When Episodes are chopped into Movies their origins become obscure, as these often make no mention of the Series they were pulled from. Screen One seems to have planned this for its future with ninety minute episodes of different stories and actors for each.

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What a load of BS, 28 April 2011

I was going to point out my major problems with this episode but feel the first review should not be so big a spoiler. This episode suffers from poor writing, tired clichés, and unrealistic plot vehicles. It is a waste of time and film unworthy of broadcast. The writing and script people should have careers in fast food as far away from any kind of writing implements as possible. The only possible excuse for airing an episode so devoid of interesting content is that they want show to fail. This episode is an insult to anyone of normal intelligence or above. This stand alone episode has nothing to add to ongoing plot lines and can be safely missed.

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Imperfections of the American Criminal Justice System, 24 July 2010

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Penn and Teller challenge common misconceptions by exposing some of the fallible science, ineffective methods, general incompetence and widespread corruption present in the American Criminal Justice System. Highlights a few of the basic flaws which allow and encourage authorities to destroy innocent lives for personal profit.

Includes interviews, examples, case histories, and statistics. This is an introduction to a fascinating subject. The abuses inflicted upon innocent citizens by Agencies of the US Government.

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night!

Although the material is presented in a comedy format it is a serious look at the game of justice, which is current, factual, and thought provoking.

"Those are your tax dollars at work!"

Mildly understating the problem in a mildly entertaining way.

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Turn off your Brain and Enjoy, 27 April 2010

Sight gags galore, rapid fire jokes and ridiculous situations. It has an almost all star comedy cast, with many old favorites. Sure its formulaic, juvenile, and a little cheesy, but so was the original. I have read many of the reviews written by those who were unable to turn their brains off and just enjoy. I would just like to say lighten up. It can't all be Shakespeare. Who would want that anyway? So here it is pure fun without graphic violence, dozens of cuss words, nudity, or heavy sexual situations. In other words, something good to watch with the kids. I won't call it a completely child safe movie, but it is close.

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This movie is only funny for about ten minutes., 29 December 2009

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Call this a spoiler and be warned !!! The beginning of the movie had some sight gags of bombings gone wrong that were hilarious. The jokes worked. Then it went downhill and stayed there. This film is stuck on stupid. It is full of moralistic crap and caricatures that don't work. When you quit laughing at the opening scenes you have seen the best this movie has to offer, viewing any more is just pure masochism. I sat through this bomb hoping to see something that would compare with the opening shots, but it just is not there. Don't torture yourself looking for it. Some good talent was wasted here to make a film that for the most part does not live up to a claim of being mediocre.

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All Star Cast, at the top of their form., 5 November 2009

This movie has so much to recommend it. Even after repeated viewing I can find a laugh or two. It seems so much shorter to me than it's actual playing time. Playing time is what it's all about. This hilarious, Gothic comedy is a non stop ride of action and sight gags. The dialog is pertinent to the story, well spoken and never lost under an onslaught of music or special effects. Speaking of music, The Digital Underground segment is inspired, showing that cultures can coexist in the spirit of fun. The cast is entertaining to watch. Chevy Chase playing it straight, proving he can really act. Demi Moore as lovely and accomplished as ever. The late John Candy believable as a man caught in the family trap, and hilarious as his sister. Dan Aykroyd taking hours to get into make-up, at a point in his career where he obviously did not need to resort to such masochism to prove his worth or talent. The story has many surprises the first couple of times through. It does not seem like a rewarmed version of anything else. It comes off as fresh and inspired. The set is as original as anything I've seen. I love the gadgets, the props dept. kept it believable. I find this movie worth watching a couple of times a year, but no more often than that, laughs work best if they take you by surprise. So don't study this movie, try to forget it, save for when you really need to lighten your mood. It's a happy pill if you just sit back and turn off your brain.

Signs (2002)
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Slow moving. narrow focus., 15 September 2008

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I woke up in the middle of the night and saw "Signs" all the way through the first time, guided by these reviews. As I read these reviews it seemed we have people from show business and others in related fields. I thank you for giving some very insightful reviews and synopsis.

I still like Mel Gibson even after his recent transgressions. His Road Warrior films were instant cult favorites. I just hoped this movie would put me back to sleep, but these reviews had me thinking.

Only 10 films in 16 yrs. 'listed here at IMDb' and M. Night Shyamalan is declared the next Hitchcock. It is an insult to a great mans legacy. Look up Alfred Hitchcock here at IMDb, check out his stats. He was relevant to his generation, as reflected by his popularity and prodigious body of work. Maybe there are some stylistic similarities to Alfred, but M. Night is missing some crucial elements that made Alfred Hitchcock household words. M. Night Shyamalan is more an Alfred Hitchcock imitator than the implied replacement. I think for the most part M. Night Shyamalan makes movies only film students can appreciate. We common viewers just want something that grabs our attention and holds it. It is also nice when a think piece (as the pacing of this movie suggests) makes sense.

"Spoiler Alert"

No one emotes the fear of having a regular intruder, let alone one of such unusual and dangerous a nature. So the bulb getting busted should have been a much bigger deal.

Another problem was creature design. If you are going to show a creature of this nature, design it so it is well suited to its implied capabilities. Of course warriors can be a different species than the tool makers. M. Nights vision of the Alien Menace, is a naked, slow moving, underpowered creature with claws unsuitable for tool skills. That thing would never have survived natural selection on our brutal planet.

No space ships, space guns, suits or accessories. No expensive locations, nor unique scenery, nor difficult stunts. Nothing complex or painstaking. Few extras, few vehicles, no great logistics duties. At $72,000,000 for production costs "Signs" must have been a good payday for someone.

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Birthday present.., 12 November 2007

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"Malcolm in the Middle"

is always entertaining in its' veiw of real life. Malcolm offers insights that are often profound, challenging the viewer to examine the events shown from a different perspective. In this episode, 'No Motorcycles' It is Francis' Birthday, he and Hal leave on motorcycle trip. They reminisce. Piama and Lois share a drink and discuss the roles of wives and mothers. which is, preventing the happiness of the males in their control. Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese deal with a bully who is stalking them. Profound revelations, youthful hijinks with the Malcolm twist, and injuries to all the male household. A portrait of a close family sharing a special meal ends the episode.