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Sim Theme Park (1999) (VG)
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Good game, 20 December 2010

Theme Park World, also known as Sim Theme Park outside the UK, is construction and management simulation game which appears as a squeal to Bullfrogs classic Theme Park.

The game consist of four worlds (Lost Kingdom, Halloween, Fantasy and Space Zone) each with there own slightly different rides, shops, sideshows and features which make each park different from the last. At the start of the game the player obtains a Golden Key and can choose to start in either Lost Kingdom or Halloween world, where your job is to build a park and manage it's staff and visitors. During your time there you are able to earn Golden Tickets which will allow you to get rides that your scientists wouldn't normally discover. For every Three Golden Tickets you earn you get an extra Golden Key which will allow you to unlock more worlds.

The graphic, whilst not amazing, are still pretty good, the game play is simple and easy to understand.

Great show, 9 November 2008

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This show is an example that good shows can still exist on the CBBC TV slot that now seems not to be showing very good programs at all. This show stands amongst MI High and Young Dracula as some of the best shows shown on CBBC as of late.

Plot: Freefonix, a music based animated adventure series set in the future, is a classic battle of good vs evil but with a twist – using music and sonic energy as the weapons.Force-field technology has been developed, graphics can operate without emitters, and the new cool (or 'wix') teenage trend is to be a freewaver.

The main characters, BB,Freezbone and Mostart, are thrown together by the mysterious SUGAR CHE (Jamelia), they form a band called FREEFONIX in order to safeguard the most powerful force in the universe - the 13th Note - as well as save their world from a dark future that will be brought on through the teaming up of an evil force which calls itself VOX with the most powerful person in all of Los Bosmos, MYA DE ZYA (the head of ComaCo).

This show is worth watching with good story lines, action and a catchy new songs performed during the sound clashes that are battled out most episodes.

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A good old show, 1 August 2007

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Hello I thought I would comment on this TV series since IMDb hasn't got that much information on it. Short change was a CBBC show which aimed to fight and defend the consumer affairs of Children and quickly became the children's version of watchdog though fighting for issues that the kids considered important to them. I remember this show being quite fun to watch as they had a fun format and always had a phone in prise to be won. This show ran from 20th of February 1994 and ended completely on the 9th of July 2005 and had presenter such as Zoe Ball,Ortis Deley,Angellica Bell and Thalia Pellegrini but with Ortis being the lead presenter for most of the shows that I remember. Anyway this was a good show and a shame this IMDb Profile hasn't been filled out when some lesser shows have tones of information.