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Beyond Beef: Jay-Z & Nas (2006 TV Special)
My comment goes these way.......
3 July 2006
The beef between Nas and jay-Z its been in alive for a long time,though i love Nas is a rap legend, and i can say here that Nas and 2Pac are soldiers in the same struggles because they are both master of lyrics.

I have been listening to rap since i was small, but i chose Nas and 2pac because they sing inspirational songs, after 2pac rested i still have Nas in my brain.

I am somehow addicted to Nas, among all the rappers in vogue now, there is no one that can beat Nasir Oludara Jones lyrics cos he is Gifted, he is my role model and am looking forward to seeing him one day.

So i think it will be nice to see Nas and Jay-z coming out with an album together so that the beef will be over.
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