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The bridging film for first-time foreign movie-goers ..., 29 October 2001

Nikita is a great French film - one of the best I have viewed. In fact, I have to do an essay on a foreign film and chose to do this one ... problem is - I can't find too much info about it ... but, I feel that this film is great for first-time foreign movie-goers as they seem a bit hesitant at first when faced with watching a foreign movie - especially students ... because of "The Assassin" I feel that the comparison between the 2 movies will help other countries gain a greater understanding for foreign movies... it's a must see!!

Cruel Justice (1999) (TV)
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Excellent real-life movie ..., 1 April 2001

From a teenage girls point of view, this movie gives an excellent, real-life view of a 16 year old girls struggle to cope with rape. Excellent performances by all cast members, in particular - Christian Campbell!! (Isn't he just soooo drool-worthy?!?) :) Check it out!