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Special Olympics (1978 TV Movie)
Watch out Coppola, the Special Olympics are on its way.
5 June 2001
There is only one way to describe this movie, and that is magic and purple. Not the kind of magic, where people wearing suits pull out rabbits out of their hats, or wait in line to purchase sixteen items in a fifteen-item-only express lane at a local grocery store, no sir. Nor the kind of purple that reminds you of the fruits: both grape and raisins at the same time. That requires skill. Yes skill, a noun that can never be used to describe this made for TV movie. But anyway, with the magic, this movie will make you want to buy tickets to the next local Special Olympics event and a gallon of 2% reduced fat milk for your neighborhood cats. It is that powerful, I kid you not!!! Yes I am telling you the truth so much, that it is necessary to use those three exclamation points. The only thing that this film lacks is descent acting, a music score, a plot, a barber shop quartet singing "Old Man River", a gerbil playing a banjo, and a reference to the Civil War. In conclusion this films reminds you, "That is not polite to stare." :)
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The Woody Allen Special (1969 TV Special)
It reminded me of Springtime in Vienna...
1 April 2001
The TV Special on Woody Allen reminded me of my holiday in Vienna.

It was springtime and love was in the air. It smelled of dainty roses and Fairy dust. However, like the four seasons, the splendid TV special ended. And i was left in the cold watching Old Man Summer tanning my skin.
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