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Navy Log:, 4 July 2006

I was in attendance at a gathering of Medal of Honor winners in Honolulu where Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale was the featured speaker. He was at the time the highest decorated individual in the US Navy. Most know also that he had been the longest held and was the senior ranking POW of the Vietnam War. His speech that day was on the topics of Leadership, Example and Excellence. I was impressed to see that he gave the introduction to this documentary. This program throughout exemplifies the qualities of the Naval Aviator as shown in the coverage of the air shows and personal closeup look at the Blue Angels themselves. The A-4 Skyhawk coverage is fabulous with quick maneuvering tight formation shots and a sterling sound track. This production will please old and young alike. I like many others wonder at operations aboard Aircraft Carriers. The heart of the carrier is it's planes and pilots and the sequence filmed in the "ready room" on board the USS America hosted by the Carrier Air-group CO was especially cool. I recognized "CAG"as Ronald "ZAP" Zlatoper who later became Commander in Chief in the Pacific. An inspiring and motivating program indeed.