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Id love any clues where I could find a complete copy of any of these shows. Thanks!
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These appear to be great shows worth a viewing. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any official or unofficial (complete) English subtitles for them. Any suggestions or assistance would be much appreciated.
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There's nothing worse than a Top 100 list that tries to be all things to all people. This list reflects that sentiment.

All of these TV shows tell a great story and manage to fuse that writing with superb acting. Hopefully you can find a gem to enjoy amongst this long-collected list:) (Feel free to share that connection in the comments!)

As for the list's criteria/parameters:

1. Each show has at least 3 episodes
2. The oldest program on here is from 1978 (Sorry Classic TV aficionados)
3. As for formats, you wont find any Anime (Just don't quite get the form) or Shows categorized as 'Family'/'Children'

4. Most importantly, All classics have to hold up over time and to another viewing. As such, great writing and meaningful stories have far more weight on here than 'Critic's Choices'.
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Im also happy for any suggestions.
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My personal favorites/recommendations.

Two notes:

1. I have to be able to watch the movie again (Sorry to great whodunnit's like: Memento and Usual Suspects)

2. I've Chosen the best of the series (Hence: only 1 Bond/Lord of the Rings/Godfather/Lethal Weapon/Terminator)

Hope this list helps you to discover something great:)