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Death Note (2006)
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Terrible premiere in a big screen, 6 January 2007

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Light or Raitsu looks dumb here. Totally. We can say the same about "L". Only these simple and deep mistakes are sufficient to kill the essence of Death Note original conception. It's ridiculous how the things happen in the movie, it makes no sense! The actors are terrible and stereotype. The dialogs and actions always sound stupid. The narrative of the screenplay is incoherent and lazy. They didn't try work it to look reasonable or believable. The special effects are horrible. But the CGI of Raikku is not the worst thing. When the criminal dies hit by a car is worser! They didn't stop to think that they would need to change somethings of the manga to fit the screen, like people did in X-MEN. Movies are different than graphic novels. The actions and movements of "L" made me laugh, a lot! In the anime, or manga, it looks just weirdo. The "easy -way" explanations are, definitely, the worst sh... And, please, anybody answer me: Why did he kill his girlfriend??! To enter in the investigation team?!! Why?! He is so careless. I prefer the cold Raitsu from manga, he does not love anyone, but he would never kill his girlfriend or do unnecessary things like this idiot from the movie. I am tired of this piece of ... It is a waste of a good manga and anime.

The Ring (2002)
Some points better than the original, but not as good..., 12 January 2003

Some details are interesting in this version: The corpse in decomposition; The journalist has more contact with the evil girl; Some scenes about the life of the evil girl; but this is shown in the movie RINGU 0 - birthday.

Why japanese is better? It is not so explicative The tape is scarier and looks like a real tape in VHS ( in the american version seems to be done in pelicula) It is understandable (you do not know many in the american version) without being so obvious.

Interesting curiosity- This movie is the movie that have more remakes, and also TV -series, There are 2 TV-series 95-97, Ringu 98, Ringu 2 98, Ringu 0 2000, Ringu Virus (Korean version) and this version. And it happened in only 7 years! What coincidence. about the 7 days... I will do my own brazilian version.

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Good game, but short, 17 February 2002

Sword of the Berserk is based in the manga and anime BERSERK, that tells about the story of Gatsu( I don't know why they named Guts in English), a problematic anti-hero in a bizarre middle age land. He carries a Giant Sword named Dragon Slayer and travels looking for Griffith, an old friend, who loved Gatsu, leader of a group of mercenaries(Griffith was the leader, not Gatsu). He wants to kill Griffith because of a lot of things, one of them is that he....., well, I will not say the end of the anime series, try to find it and watch to know more!!!

As the anime series, the game has an excellent plot. The problem is that is so good that you see more Movie Sequence( in Real Time graphics in good quality of animation) than play the game. If you cut the movie sequence, you only have an hour and a half of playing, too short!!! Even though, it's a good game. You fight with his big sword and cut everyone in two. Sometimes you have to Play Quick Reaction, pressing quickly the button that the game asked. This game is too violent. You can explode the enemies and see litters and litters of blood. It's also bizarre, you fight against strange mandragora's mutants. Play and enjoy or get sick. Good game, but short.

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Good anime, but actionless and confuse, 17 February 2002

The new 2 OVA of Ruroni Kenshin(THE OVA THAT ENDS THE SERIES) brings the same quality of animation and plot of the first four. However, there is a problem, at least, in the first episode of 2. In the first OVA series, it explained well the characters and the facts for those, who never heard about Kenshin TV series enjoy and understand everything about the sad Killer with a X in his face. In the new OVA, you need to watch the TV series to understand in a better way what happens. Some Scenes were made to give a satisfaction to the fans, like the kiss between Kenshin and Kaoru(who never kissed in the TV series), a simple thing for those who never watched the TV series. All the plot is based in a confused flashback, with lack of explanation about the new characters( characters of the TV series). Even Kenshin is superficial. Fans will want to kill me, but it's true. The new OVA is far from the original first 4 episodes. In the other hand, it maintain the realism of the battles, being loyal with history, different than the TV series that everyone has special techniques using even magic. I give a "So-So". Better in second episode, my hope, explaining what is happening, because I don't know what is the climax of the story. Here in Brasilia, when my anime club showed it, it was a success! You ask why. Because Kenshin for them is Kenshin(=good)and final dot.

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A classic anime, not as well accepted by the western public, 26 October 2001

Even it is old(1980), even its design is simple( but good), this is one of the best anime-movies, even today, 21 years after its production. The plot is original and well-done, mysteries are being revealed in their time, explaining everything without looking like that were forced (by the director or writer) to give a reason to all the story. The mü species was well created, with no lack of sense. It's a future that shows what can happen to us if we continue to destroy our planet, Earth, Terra! And there, thousand of years passed, they want to come back to this lost world. A master-piece of direction, giving you the suspense in the beginning, the sci-fi elements in the middle( showing the mü in their new planet, and the elite process of being born), and the drama in the end. In no time in the anime-movie you know if it will end happy or sad. You raise with the main character, you believe in his dreams, and get frustrated as himself. The great mama manipulates the human DNA in a space ship traveling to nowhere. People don't have sex anymore. And children do not raise and grow naturally. In this controlled chaos a boy has dreams, dreams about a prohibited civilization, about the only hope to open mankind eyes, about the mü society, those who are weak in health but strong in psychic powers. He, this boy, IS the HOPE to the mü, because he is strong in the 2 attributes. Then he meets the Soldier Blue, leader of the mü and knows his fate, get people TOWARD THE TERRA once again, but will he succeed? Find this movie and discover the answer. 10/10, a classic of anime!

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The best entertainment in net play, 25 October 2001

PSO is really the best entertainment in net-playing. I enjoy more playing PSO than Counter-Strike for PC. The reason is the diverseness of the game in many hours playing. In CS you only choose one of 2 sides and try to kill the other( or save hostages or plant a bomb). In PSO you and your role-playing game team of 4 characters at maximum will face a lot of labyrinths with a thousand of enemies and different sceneries. There is 9 classes of adventurers, including sorcerers, warriors, gunmen and robots, each one with a lot of magic spells, battle techniques and a variety number of weapons. And the most important: even without a broadband, you can play it without a lag! The real-time text-communication improve the notion of a group in exploring the dungeons. The real-time graphics, the light effects, the characters' illumination, the scenery textures and details, the playability, everything at all are excellent. Sometimes you look like a jedi playing with your light saber, even better when you have the double faced light saber, like Darth Maul's in Episode 1.

Just play it and see if is really good as I said(I have no doubt in it!)

Shenmue II (2001) (VG)
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Just as the first, 22 October 2001

The opening is fantastic, with beautiful real-time graphic scenes, but is not revolutionary. Even with some mistakes and graphic failures, the graphic is excellent with a high grade of details. Women, main characters, motos and children are well designed, with good texture. Can not be said about the men characters. It is as good as the first, maybe better. If SEGA releases it in English, we, owners of Dreamcast, will be happy to continuing play the Saga to achieve it's end!

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The worst anime I've seen, 14 October 2001

It's horrible!! The animation doesn't exist in it.There is camera moving recording a stop picture. The plot is confused, of bad taste, and far, so far, you can put far in it, to be good or acceptable to see. Don't see it, you will loose your time and will forget what is a good anime. Your life will be worst after this experience. One of the things that is trash is the unexpected appearence of the enemies, like a RPG video game. The villains and secondary characters appear in the middle of the episode without explanation. It's really bad. If you don't agree you must be sick. ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!