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Denial (2006)
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Excellent short film in a class of it's own..., 30 June 2006

I saw this short film at Cinevegas where it premiered in June... and the quality of visuals, sound, and editing put it in a very different category from the rest of the shorts. It's only 15 minutes long but in every other way is of the caliber of a studio feature-length film. Incredible photography and direction, emotional content, and an intriguing plot twist that operates on several sure to think beyond what might appear on the surface!

Both the actors in it are very believable...even though they run the gamut of emotions in such a short time frame, the acting is not overdone at all, instead they are able to deliver their performance with the subtlety and realism that makes you empathize and relate to each of their emotions....whether confusion, joy, sorrow, whatever. Very real, very relatable, easy to identify with--and one of them you'll probably recognize from a quite different role. :-)

If you get the chance to see this short, make sure you's worth it. Beautiful, tangible, and intriguing...I'm looking forward to other films by this director for sure.