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Home (2015/II)
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Home is a funny and touching animated film about loneliness among different races and species, 30 March 2015

Last year, me and my movie theatre-working friend saw a short called Home Again which seemed rushed though we later found out it was a preview of this feature. What we now just saw was a pretty funny and touching tale of one alien from another planet and a little girl who's been seemingly abandoned bonding together and finding out their destinies. Jim Parsons is the voice of Oh who is often shunned where he's from and Rhianna is the voice of Tip who's looking for her mother who-like other Earthlings-has been relocated after Oh's planet's leader basically invaded this world. Nice parable of loneliness and alienation that should provide some good thoughts to viewers who can relate. So on that note, me and my friend recommend Home.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is interesting in depicting historical events but falls a little short in being dramatically compelling enough, 26 March 2015

Just watched this movie with Mom on a Netflix disc. Her viewing of the film got her to understand more about him and the wife of his she's most familiar with, Winnie, since she's an avid reader of newspapers and magazines and probably remembered most of their struggles during their lifetime while watching the movie. Since I rarely read about them during those times, I wasn't completely able to put the events together in a naturally flowing way drama-wise. Still, I appreciated the performances of Idris Elba and Naomie Harris in those roles in trying to convey their attitudes resulting from how each suffered during their jail times. So on that note, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is worth a look.

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And So It Goes was a pretty entertaining dramady starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, 19 March 2015

Just watched this with my mom on a Netflix disc. We both enjoyed this mostly leisurely humorous look at a couple of older leads-Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton-coping with the loss of their spouses while also dealing with one selling his former home as a realtor (Douglas), one trying to not get too depressed while performing songs on stage (Keaton), and both dealing with a young girl-Douglas' son's offspring whose father is about to go to jail for a crime he didn't commit-staying in the grassy retreat neighborhood they live next door in. I'll just now say this was quite humorous and touching if not hilarious or too dramatic. Director Rob Reiner gives a nice measured pace throughout and appears himself as Keaton's pianist accompanist with an obvious bad hair job! I also liked Frances Sternhagen as Michael's fellow real estate work mate, and that girl played by Sterling Jerins. So on that note, And So It Goes is worth a look.

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Run All Night was a well-made drama-thriller, 19 March 2015

Just watched this with my movie theatre-working friend and his nephew. This was a very intense movie involving family members of either Liam Neeson or Ed Harris whose sons are involved in something that affects both of them. There's also a veteran police officer played by Vincent D'Onofrio that adds a little to the drama. It's possible something like this has been done before and better. Still, it was involving enough for us three that for the most part, we kept quiet as it was playing throughout. I mean, between the chases and the shootings and the other drama I don't want to mention, this was really a well-made movie. So on that note, Run All Night is highly recommend for anyone who likes this kind of material.

The Hundred-Foot Journey was an enjoyable dramady of culture clash of food!, 14 March 2015

Just watched this with Mom. We both enjoyed this story of an Indian family who end up in a countryside in France after the brakes of the family car are broken. They end up building a restaurant across from a French one owned by Helen Mirren. The oldest son in the Indian family is an aspiring cook who ends up working both for his father and Ms. Mirren. He also strikes a rapport with the young French lady who also works for Mirren. I'll stop there and just say this was quite a nice drama with some good humor about the initial clash of cultures that blend nicely as the film goes on. Kudos to producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey and director Lasse Hallstrom for collaborating on The Hundred-Foot Journey!

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Unfinished Business was a middling comedy for me, 11 March 2015

Vince Vaughn plays a businessman who quits his job and starts a new company with only Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco as his only employees. A year later, they go to Germany to make a deal. I'll stop there and just say that this had some adult humor but also is more a bit dramatic concerning Vaughn's growing kids at home and his wife's wondering about his job status. It also deals with Wilkinson's wanting a divorce and Franco's wanting to experience sex. There were some funny lines and scenes and partly touching ones is what I'm trying to say. Anyway, in summary, Unfinished Business wasn't too bad a movie though it's not too bad or good, just something pleasant, that's really all I have to say about it.

Gigi (1958)
Me and Mom finally got to watch Gigi after leading man Louis Jourdan died recently, 8 March 2015

When I read that Louis Jourdan died several weeks ago, I suddenly felt a jones to watch Gigi, having previously watched him in Octopussy and Swamp Thing. He's quite dashing here as Gaston especially when singing. Leslie Caron is convincing playing the title role both as a young girl and then when she matures in social graces. And then there's the legendary Maurice Chevalier as the experienced uncle. Certainly he added to his iconic status when warbling both "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore". Those and other tunes by Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe are pretty enjoyable and reminiscent of their songs for their Broadway success of My Fair Lady which would eventually be adapted intact for the movies several years later. Mom and me enjoyed this very much so on that note, Gigi is highly recommended. P.S. The version I watched on DVD also had an alternate commentary track narrated by movie historian Jeanine Basinger with some choice remarks by star Leslie Caron.

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"Conan in Cuba" was a hilarious special ep of the "Conan" show, 6 March 2015

On March 4, 2015, this ep of the TBS talk show "Conan" aired which was entirely filmed in Cuba, a country that President Obama has allowed the U.S. to once again have normalized relations with. So O'Brien and his crew have taken flight to Havana to meet the people and take in the scenery. Plenty of funny stuff you'd expect from the red-haired Irishman from the state of Mass. like him taking some Spanish lessons from a female teacher and her female students, his having rum with a guide named Gretel, some dance lessons, his visiting a cigar factory with one woman letting him kiss her, and taking a wild taxi ride with the doors sometimes opening while its running on the road! My favorite bit was when he joined a local band as he played his guitar and sang Spanish lyrics that make absolutely no sense! I watched this on his teamcoco site and is one of the few I've seen of his shows since he left "The Tonight Show" and NBC. The other one was his tribute to the late Sid Caesar last year. I'll just now say Coco's still got it, that's for sure!

Silly Scandals is worth a look for early Betty Boop, 28 February 2015

This was one of the early Betty Boop cartoons in which she has dog ears. Actually, this was a Bimbo cartoon in that he's the one whose name is before the title and he's the dog who is in most scenes. He sneaks into the show with Betty singing and having her dress partly come off revealing her bra. There's some funny audience gags like a lady who has to take off her hat but something else is now blocking someone's view. And then there's an ending that makes you think that maybe the animators had a bit too many drugs! Oh, and Betty herself is nicely voiced by Mae Questel. Really, I don't really have anything else to say but since I need 10 lines to submit this review, I'll just say that Silly Scandals is worth a look.

Snake in the Gracias is an okay cartoon, 28 February 2015

Before I review the cartoon proper, I'll mention that when I first saw these shorts on "The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half, Hour and a Half Show" on Saturday mornings on NBC in the late '70s, the series of these particular shorts were called the Texas Toads with the leading amphibians named Fatso and Banjo speaking in Western accents. Don't particularly know why. Anyway, they're in their original names and accents here. A crane is intent on disturbing the frogs peace in their pond when he's accidentally knocked out and loses his memory so they convince him he's one of them. Meanwhile, a snake now wants to also eat those frogs but he's now being helped by the crane. I'll stop there and just say that while not hilarious, this was quite amusing especially when the end comes. So on that note, Snake in the Gracias is worth a look.

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