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Honeymoon for One (2011) (TV)
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Boring and forgettable - total waste of time, 9 December 2012

I watched this movie just because of Nicollette Sheridan and I must admit... I really didn't get this one at all. What kind of thin story was that? I can't understand why these movies are actually shot. Who really wants to watch such a boring movie. The plot / script is so forgettable and they even want to try to be funny but it's more embarrassing. The musical score is as sleepy as the whole "Honeymoon for One". Why Nicollette even took this role I will never understand. It won't certainly be a career pusher. And I wonder... who and where is the audience who enjoys watching this? A nice scenery doesn't make an addition enough to spice up anything. A total waste of time and money which was used for this production

Happy Endings (1983/II) (TV)
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Boring and forgettable movie with bad acting, 28 June 2012

This movie is somehow forgettable. The story is harmless, nothing special at all. It's getting boring just after a few minutes and I've never seen Catherine Hicks acting so badly. Almost every scene is overacting, too much wanting to be funny and she can't manage it at all. "Happy Endings" tries too hard to be a comedy and fails with its overload of "funny moments". This movie is way over the top and it seems like all characters are mental patients outside their facilities. If you don't have anything else to watch it's maybe the chance to check out this movie. But for an enjoyable movie night you should better pick something else.

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You'll be hooked !, 6 April 2004

Wow, this is a great series. The storyline is about the main character Tru who whorks as a morgue and when a murder has happenend and the body is delivered or she is at the crime scene the dead person suddenly opens the eyes and asks for help and then time rushes backwards and the days starts over again. Tru is the only person who remembers the day that she relives and now she has to prevent death. The stories are well written and full of suspense. You can't help it but sit there and watch the show and try to solve by yourself who is the murderer or how the actual crime can be prevented. The was no episode yet that was even a little bad. If you're looking for an intelligent mystery series you can find it with "Tru Calling". And besides the main story, the characters are all more than interesting and fun won't be missed at all too in the show. I hope the show gets lots of seasons.

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One of the worst movies ever, 8 November 2003

I'm a fan of horror and splatter movies but this here absolutely is one of the worst ones. The plot is stupid and quickly forgotten while watching. The dialogues are much more stupid and seem to be only written of some dirty words repeating all the time. And talking about acting, it's so typical for a german production, they don't care about how good the actors are, they just want to present perfect sets (from a well known swedish furniture company *smile), blood and violence. But as bloody and violent "Beyond the limits" is you more laugh about it during the whole movie, because it all turns out to be a comedy what was not intended. There is almost not any scene without dirty language (for exampe a sentence with about ten bad words in a row) and people getting killed and blood spreading all over the place. I wonder what the screen writers expected to create. This one will never be a big movie and will be quickly forgotten. Watch for yourself and I guess you will agree.

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Boring, bad dialogues and middle-class acting, 26 October 2003

I bought the DVD of this movie because I am a fan of William Devane and I was really disappointed about "A Christmas Visitor". The story of the movie is so boring and slow in the development that you just want to turn off your TV or DVD player after about the half of it. The dialogues are really bad and belong to a daily soap opera but not in a TV movie. William Devane was alright in his part and he was acting quite good, but he did so much better in other movies and projects. Meredith Baxter was horrible and couldn't really bring the warm hearted mother to the viewers. Instead she was playing very cool and wasn't better than a middle-class actress. I absolutely cannot recommend this movie. Spare your time and your money for this one.

Double Vision (1992) (TV)
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Total Disaster in acting, looks and music, 2 August 2003

I couldn't believe Kim Cattrall ever made a bad movie like this one. The storyline is okay but they could have made so much more out of it. The movie starts with a totally boring scene showing the twins as little girls and grown-ups talking with kids' voices pretending to be the little twin girls Lisa and Caroline. Who did the producers think the viewers are ? When the story went on the next disaster started with bad acting of most of all of the cast. Even Kim Cattrell could not convince in her parts of Lisa and Caroline and her look with the black short hair is a real pain for the eyes. And the music in the whole movie was so typical for low-budget TV movies for this time. Pop music with no inspiration with vocalists who should get more lessons in giving more strength to the voice. I really can't recommend "Double Vision", but if you're a fan of Kim Cattrell don't expect to much and just add it to your collection

Hush Little Baby (1994) (TV)
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Great movie with good actors, 26 April 2003

I really love this one. The story is about the reunion of an adopted daughter (Susan) and her biological mother (Edie). All seems fine and much too perfect when they get closer but Edie gets jealous of everyone who is near Susan. There is the babysitter and house-girl, Susan's son, her husband and the parents who adopted her. Nobody knows at this time that Edie spent several years in a mental hospital and prison for murder. So you can imagine what will happen... Well, I didn't like the ending very much, it was too cheesy and looked a bit cheap done, the only bad thing in "Hush little baby".

Diane Ladd gives a GREAT performance as Edie Landers. She is so believable and also when she tries to come on to Susan's husband Martin (Geraint Wyn Davies). Diane Ladd can be so sexy :-) And she is so perfect playing this mental disturbed character.

Wendel Meldrum needed a while to give a good performance. She acts a bit shy and helpless at the beginning but then turns out very good. The storyline between mother and daughter is played very believable.

Not to forget Illya Woloshyn who played the son Dylan. This guy is really cute for his age and will turn out very good looking. This movies was shot 10 years ago and I wonder how he looks today. His acting was very good and he should do more movies or even TV series. His talent should be pushed !

Ingrid Veninger is acting a bit bored and seems not to be that comfortable with her part.

Enjoy "Hush little baby" - you will like it. I'll give it a 10 out of 10 which I don't give very often :-)

Doing Dallas (2000) (TV)
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Promises more than you actually get, 11 August 2002

It was great seeing the Dallas stars after all these years and even Larry Hagman without toupet (do you say this ? It's a kinda wig for men I mean). He really looked old ! But he and Patrick Duffy had some funny stories to tell about the time when dallas was shot. Also it was nice to see Morgan Brittany again and she really looked different. It was a pity they didn't interview Barbara Bel Geddes or Victoria Pricipal. But what I was missing are more details about the sets they used or about the production itself. The title "Doing Dallas" promises more than you actually get in the end. And the part about the tourist sightseeing tour at Southfork was boring. Who wants to see rooms that actually never were used in the series ? But you should find out for yourself. It's worth watching it anyway :-)

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Sexy Donna at her best !, 10 March 2002

This is a story about a woman who is stealing the hearts and the money of men. Donna Mills plays Vanessa Graves who gets to know Sidney Wiltz, choosing him by using a dating agency that offers videos of single men. Sidney falls in love with her very fast and asks her to marry him. Vanessa says "yes" but is only interested in his fortune on his bank account. She plans on getting rid of Sidney by killing him very slow giving him "medicine" every day to cause a deadly heart attack... Well, if you want to know if she will be successful you have to watch the movie ! Donna is great, sexy and bitchy like she used to be as "Abby" in Knots Landing. Who else could play such a character this perfect :-) You won't get bored here ! Sit back, relax and enjoy Donna Mills at her best.

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Great movie, great movie and Michele at her best !, 10 March 2002

I was never interested in country music and not familiar with Dottie West's music. I bought this movie because of Michele Lee. She is doing more than well in this movie. Michele proved again that she's a GREAT actress and such a talented singer. Not to forget, she looks fabulous, sexy & totally different from her character in Knots Landing. She was the perfect one for portraying Dottie West. After I watched the movie I had to buy Dottie's music. Michele brought her to me ! Wish I could find the soundtrack in Germany with Michele singing but it was never released here. But I can enjoy the original tracks by Dottie. For anyone who loves Dottie's music and wants to follow her career, just watch this movie and "be" a part of her world. You'll be sad that "Big dreams & broken hearts" is over in 90 minutes. You can sit there forever and keep on watching. It's worth it !

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