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A rape is an insult, 13 October 2002

A lady is brutally raped by a man, who has harassed her before. She is badly treated by almost everyone; the doctor, the police..Even her brother thinks only revenge, not his sister´s feelings. Since there were no eye-witnesses and the rapists wife lied about the comings and goings of her husband, the rapist is declared as "not guilty". The lady´s brother and husband decide to take law in their own hands, but things go badly wrong.. This subject is touchy and this film clearly shows how a victim is treated almost as a whore. She and her feelings are finally forgotten and the revenge becomes the most important matter. The plot is fair, but it could have been much better. Sort of interesting, but not a very good film.

"Ou Nou!" (2001)
When men behave like women and vice versa, 13 October 2002

The basic idea is simple. The men look like normal men, but they behave like women and vice versa. Their way to talk and move imitates the most obvious behaviour of both sexes. Actors are good, they have really observed the oppposite sex very closely. This is funny stuff for a limited number of episodes, but 15 episodes is far too much. The joke becomes too worn-out.

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Sweet and salty, 26 March 2002

A dream-like film about a peculiar relationship. Those two persons are destined to each other, if they believe in symbols! Yet they can´t live together nor separately..Will they ever find harmony? Check this out and find it out by yourself!

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Reinikainen is still going strong!, 14 March 2002

Policeman Artturi Reinikainen was actually a minor character in a tv-series "Tankki täyteen". He became so popular that he got a tv-series on his own!

Reinikainen is an ready-mouthed, experienced policeman. He has a great sense of humor and he loves to tell unbelievable stories. He dates occasionally with Aili Hinkka, a social worker. Their relationship is really interesting to follow! The other characters are excellent too. I like especially lieutenant Rautakallio, who does not have an idea what is going on around the precinct. There are no terrible crimes on Reinikainen. It is usually question about drunks, thieves, cheats..or misunderstandings! This series is simply well-made and hilarious. It makes one laugh even now, despite of its age. One of the best Finnish series ever!

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Crimes and emotions, 13 March 2002

Kylmäverisesti sinun is well-made and thrilling. The first episodes were based on real, well-known crimes, only names were changed. Later episodes are fictional.

The main character is a policeman called Veli Miettinen. He is an honest, hard-working and truly professional investigator. He has devoted his entire life to the police and this makes his personal life a real mess. He has divorced and he tries to find a new, understanding relationship. A woman, who could tolerate Veli´s long working hours and irregular and sometimes dangerous work. He has to share his precious time with his sick father and teenager daughter too. Veli´s closest colleague is TT, who looks and behaves like a tough guy, but he is actually quite a sensitive person.

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This girl is not bad - she is evil, 11 March 2002

Meet Eevi, a very special young girl. Eevi seems to be in a conflict with the rest of the world. A real walking catastrophe, she causes confusion and destruction wherever she goes. You either love or hate this picture, this is really cool stuff!

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Return of Erkki Hakala, 11 March 2002

Erkki Hakala is back where he belongs, but a fresh start is not as simple as he hoped. He has money and self-confidence, business is in his blood. Kaisu proves to be his real challenge.Is she happy to see him again? Does she even want to see him again? This film was entertaining but somehow failed to capture the audience like Pohjanmaa or Häjyt.

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A singer´s Will, 29 March 2001

The story of Antti Hammarberg and how he was changed into Irwin Goodman. His friend Vexi Salmi created Irwin and made lyrics to his songs. Irwin sang about booze, love, just everything except The God and Kekkonen, former President of Finland.