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Self Discovery a Humorous Journey, 29 June 2012

This was an enjoyable movie, not earthshaking, but easy to watch and comfortably executed. The story was credible, at least for anyone remotely familiar with Eastern religious mysticism, which is at the core of the happenings to Mr. Murphy. The religious element was not pushed, merely explored as he awakened to his own nature (which, I might add, was sorely needed).

Both my wife and I were pleased with the way the story was presented, and the humor while not overwhelming, was appreciated. The awkwardness with which Mr. Murphy was presented (as a result of the restriction on his expression), was nicely done.

What completed the movie convincingly, were the last three words he uttered, which I failed to anticipate completely, but was pleased with as a conclusion.

This is not a "must see" movie, rather a movie that can be both enjoyed and appreciated for the simple (yet demanding) message it conveys.

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Deep, Complex and Quirky and Strangely Humorous, 26 March 2012

My wife and I received a recommendation from friends who pretty much know our movie taste, but I was skeptical. The whole idea of a modern day "cowboy" in Kentucky strained credulity, at least on the surface.

We were told to be sure to watch the episodes in order....well it's season 3, so that was going to be a bit of a problem. Fortunately we found Seasons 1 and 2 at big box store and that night we put on the pilot (2 hours). All I can say is "wow"! The complexity and wide variety of the characters is breathtaking. The story lines are often interdependent, and the weaving in and out of long term consequences for short term decisions can be a real roller coaster ride.

The show is violent, not gory, but certainly violent. It is balanced by a lot of humor and the dialog is second to none. I haven't seen a show with such crisp use of dialog since MASH.

I'm amazed that both my wife and I really like the show equally. Usually there is a stronger preference for one show or another between us, but not so for Justified. One comment from my wife really stuck with me: "I'm not sure how they manage to make a bad guy (Boyd), appealing." Considering what he has done, and the life he has chosen, I can't figure it out myself, either.

The same could be said of many of the characters in this show. Quirky characters, superb dialog and interesting story lines make for a very pleasant viewing experience, if (and only if), you don't mind violence.

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Light hearted, but surprisingly deep look at aspirations and culture., 9 March 2012

This movie was filled with humor, which made the family conflicts (mother's aspirations for her son, and father's grief over a loss), bearable and at times downright funny. The cultural baggage of the Indo-Pakistani participants was both credible and (fortunately) not exaggerated.

This is a film about relationships: an aspiring chef to his food and public, a mother and father to a son, and the lead character to a co-worker. Perhaps the most interesting and important relationship turns out to be between Akbar the cab driver and the would be chef. There are not a lot of well done portrayals of a wise mentor and carrying this one off with a gentle light shined on both life and food, was surprisingly effective.

All in all, very entertaining with a many good messages, presented without appearing preachy.

Out of Time (2003/I)
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Very Disappointed, 27 June 2006

I had high hopes for this film with Denzel Washington in it, having just watched "Man on Fire", which I thoroughly enjoyed. The advance plot appeared to be at least potentially interesting, and DW often brings quite a bit to a movie that might make it more than first appears. That being said, I set this movie up to watch with three other people. The reaction was universal: why are we watching this movie? What caused the question? Simply put, the characters were not appealing, period. Perhaps if we could have waited more than half-an-hour in we might have seen something more, but we found the characters to have no redeeming value. I didn't care about any of them. In fact, I found them reprehensible, with little to recommend them. It's not a good sign (for me) that I dislike everyone in a movie, and find them flawed in the most pedestrian sense. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when I can't watch a movie because the characters come across so unsympathetically.

Contrast this DW character with the one in Man on Fire, and while the Man on fire character was deeply flawed, he had redeeming qualities that showed early in the film. Perhaps the character in this film got there after the first 30 to 45 minutes...but the film couldn't carry me (or my guests) that far. A wasted purchase and a lesson learned.