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East is East, anyday!, 8 July 2001

Well, well, well... East is East has definitely set off the new trend. Though, I hope this film kills the trend quickly. Since the jokes are becoming cheaper, the characters more cliched and the plots less thicker. I mean the film isn't bad, but then it isn't that good either. The male leads are all below-average in the looks department.

(The centre character looks like Seinfield!) But the girls are pretty. Especially Purva Bedi. The girl's got a good future, if someone recognizes her. Hopefully someone like Bruckheimer does for her, what he done for Kate Beckinsale. But overall, the film is flawed. Its appeal lies only in indian audiences, who are willing to experiment with a low-budget independent flick. Whereas 'East is East' had universal appeal and was praised by worldwide critics all over. But still, the effort for 'American Desi' is worth praise. Not original, but passable. I think I can see a trend forming in the near-future, after these two flicks. But to all the independent film-makers out there, it's great that we keep trying, but how about trying with some new, fresh themes... hmmm?

Hameshaa (1997)
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Bollywood's Most Technically-Polished Film So Far..., 1 July 2001

Hameshaa, inspired by true story which took place in England, is by far, the most technically perfect film in Bollywood's history. The camera angles, the music, the filters, the dolby sound... The only film that comes close to the technical efforts put forward in this film is 'Dil Se'. And the film's background score is the best I've heard in any bollywood film so far. Hameshaa would have to be Sanjay Gupta's best work. And most original, too, which is hard enough as it is for Mr.Gupta who is reguarly taunted by Hollywood flicks, to be copied.

Even though the story is not broad and emotionally involving, if you're a fan of film technology... then this supernatural-love story will remain a classic in your collection...

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Fire, that has already been felt..., 1 July 2001

Now, this out-and-out actioner from Remix-Director, Sanjay Gupta, is not a bad piece if only you haven't any Hollywood or Hong Kong films at all. Reason being that Gupta rips of nearly every Hollywood action film that he can. Everything from Lethal Weapon 3, A Better Tommorrow, The Killer, Hard Target, Cyborg, Black Rain, 1492, T2, Scarface, etc, etc... has a scene or two remixed into this film. Even though this film has hardly any originality in it, one thing's for sure: This is one of Bollywood's finest action films ever...

Woo?, 26 June 2001

The teasers and trailers for this film were great. Maybe the best trailer of the Year 2000. But the film, right from its beginning scene, is quite 'cheap'. No effort has been placed anywhere in the film, except on making our stars (Cruise & Newton) look good, and making our all the action scenes look as real and daring as possible. Now, if you're a Van Damme fan, then you should love this. It's pure B-Grade material re-done by an A-Grade crew. We have all A-Grade names here. Woo, Cruise, Hopkins and even poor old Hans Zimmer who had little time to work on the score. No wonder the score ended up sounding like a greatest hits collection from Zimmer's previous works. So, bottomline is: If you want B-Grade entertainment, A-Grade style... Then this is your ride.

Khauff (2000)
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Hollywood-Copycat Flm, 28 March 2001

Khauff is a thriller.

A thrilling experience to see a desi version of 'The Juror'. Only thing is that 'The Juror' succeeded in being a dark thriller, whereas Khauff just proves to be your average masala flick. Loaded with colorful songs and silly comedians, we have some ugly villains in the mist, who looks more like drunk nightclub folks, more than men from the mafia.

Sanjay Dutt, the sinister villain, is the ONLY hitman who can sing, dance, dress like Calvin Klein, wear bright colors, romance and... fall in love.

Maybe Sanjay Gupta should've seen The Professional, first, to get a feel of what a hitman is really like, rather than throwing his glamour-doll in the scene to scare us.

Sorry Mr.Gupta, but using scenes from Replacement Killers, The Juror & Endless John Woo films, and stealing music from Wild Things, Replacement Killers & Prince of Egypt (Yes, I noticed that one in the end, too) will get you nowhere as a director...

Instead, you'll be better known as a DJ... the mixer of movies-n-music.

Khoobsurat (1999)
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'Cinderella' meets 'Houseguest', 28 March 2001

Decent entertainment and some good music. This rehash of 'Houseguest' and 'Cinderella' is showcase of good indian 'commercial' cinema... and still we only come up with a decent film.

The good points: Song picturisations of 'Ae Shivani' & 'Ghash Khake Ke' Johnny Lever Paresh Rawal

The bad points: Urmila Matondkar, the non-actress Sanjay Dutt, the non-actor, depending on his mood The family's big epic Silly emotions & an uneven screenplay

So should you watch it... Yeah, why not.