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Troll 2 (1990)
Excellent movie.. if you like horrible movies
14 November 2006
So my friend and I are bad movie hunters, from Ator the fighting eagle to Equilizer 3000 to Battlefield earth... we've seen them all. SO when my friends sees "Troll 2" on the television, he records the movie right away. We go over to watch the movie and we are shocked and amazed. Within the first 2 minutes we know this movie is pure gold. And by gold, I mean crap. So the soundtrack is pretty much a compilation of the coolest '80s music that no one has ever heard and the acting is worse than a grade schools. And for the goblin costumes... was their budget under 200 dollars? And thats another thing, why is a movie titled TROLL 2 have goblins... what happened to the trolls? Well this just makes for a perfect bad movie. After dozens of hours spend watching bad movies, troll 2 tops the list in overall horridness, topping Battlefield earth and Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II. Please do not rent this movie unless you are looking to laugh at the mistakes and randomness of the plot. If you are however, this movie is a must see for the bad movie enthusiast. Why would you make yet ANOTHER sequel to a movie ranked as the 10th worst movie? Beats me.
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Great movie... If you love bad movies.
27 June 2006
I give this a 6 out of 10 rather than a 3 out of 10 simply because there is a tiny little bear following the main characters around. The bear follows them, then will disappear for 5 or so minutes, then come right back in. Had the bear not been in this movie, it would have sucked.

So the Protagonist, Ator, has this mysterious vanishing birthmark. The birthmark is sign that he will kill "the spider" because he is the son of some guy. Despite there being NO introduction to "the spider", it kind of catches you off guard, and because there is some other bad-guy that plays with spiders, you are led to think this guy is in fact, "the spider". But you are wrong, there is some giant spider.

So it begins with Ator being given to a family to keep him safe. Ator and his sister are in love, and want to marry, ans upon finding they aren't blood related, they have a marriage. Ator's bride is taken away, so he quests to find them. He learns the mad battle tactics, gets captured by women and used as a sex-slave, and is tricked by a witch. All these finally lead up to the ending.

In short, The movie is poorly acted, very poorly scripted, the directing is mediocre, the special effects lack in every way, the budget greatly effects the scenes of the movie, but the fight sequences are awesome. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a comedy, rather than an action movie, because I was laughing for 50% of the movie.
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