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muddy plot yet great acting, 24 July 2006

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Despite the fine performances of all actors in The Squid and the Whale, the strength of this movie is overshadowed by the outrageous and underdeveloped plot line. The story is about two brothers, Walt and Frank Berkman, whose parents, Bernard and Joan, are going through a very difficult divorce. Throughout the ordeal, each child slowly moves towards one of the parents. Walt, pushed away from his mother when Bernard reveals that she had countless affairs, becomes his father, taking up his idioms, demeanor and literary criticisms. Frank also encountersa change, talking crudely, drinking alcohol and masturbating in school. Eventually, both parents move toward other people, however brief the encounters may be. In the end, Bernard collapses outside his old apartment after being rejected by his ex-wife, and Walt realizes that he truly does love his mother. Despite the blatantly crude story, the plot is very underdeveloped. As the only conflict that is solved in the end is the one between Walt and his mother, that should be what the rest of the movie should focus on, right? Actually, the rest of the movie deviates into other tangents, only briefly touching on the point that Joan truly does love her son. The only thing that makes up for the characters' horrid nature is the actors, who superbly made each one of them come to life. I give this movie a six