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Only including films I have seen.
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My favourite TV Shows (some would be higher if not for terrible later seasons)
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From Best to Worst. Only films that I have seen.
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Must be set between The Roman Kingdom until The Late Roman Empire

Feel free to recommend films or TV Shows when seen they will be added to the list.
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(Must be made in Australia, by Australians and/or based in Australia)
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Only movies, and only where the main focus is on time travel (or timey whimy stuff) -or the film is set in motion via time travel, or if it is pivotal to the plot.

Rated on how (or how much) it features time travel, and how good it is in general.

From Best to Worst.

Left out Time Loop stuff like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow.

(If you have any suggestions feel free to comment!)
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Judged solely on things said and done within the game of Survivor.
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a list of 19 titles
If it's not on the list I probably haven't seen it yet. But I'll get around to it.
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Dinosaur movies (not just ones featuring Dinosaurs)
From best to worst.
If I haven't seen it, it's not on the list.
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Only including ones I've seen. From Best to Worst.

If there's any I haven't seen that should be on the list feel free to comment and when I get around to watching them they will be added.
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My top 100 favourite films with honourable mentions to: All Disney and Pixar films
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Sci Fi films with the fear factor.
Rated on how good they are, how scary they are, and how much science fiction they contain.

If they're not listed I might not have seen them. Feel free to recommend and I will get around to watching them.
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In order to not take up too much of the list, rather than listing both episodes of two parters, I've only listed the second one.
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a list of 19 titles
From Best to Worst.
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If it's not on the list it means I haven't got around to seeing it yet, this list will grow the more I watch.

From Best to Worst.
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If it's not in the list then I probably haven't seen it, leave a comment and I'll try to get around to watching it.

From Best to Worst.