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Autumn (2008)
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When solitude joins desperation, it can be more than loneliness., 22 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before entering the theater, I fetch only a few information about movie.

Through slow-spaced storyline till the end, the movie captures the life of Yusuf, a man who is long-term sentenced in jail, but gets released due to his health problem. He returns his mountain village to find only his elderly mother's welcome, while his older sister went away to the city because of marriage. He then meets his friend at childhood, who brings him to a girl. Everything starts there.

I love the way the world of Yusuf gets slowly affected by his mother's life, his childhood friend and one young prostitute. These circumstances start to have his memory confronted with reality, after his world of desperation seems in solitude to people. However, the mood of loneliness can be yet overwhelming through the film. And when the desperation and loneliness blend together with uphill atmosphere shot in autumn, the mood and cinematography then undeniably play a great and splendid role to rivet my attention.

This is the first feature film by Özcan Alper, which I can call it a little gem.

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This film is the best vampire film in my life during 25 years in cinema world., 17 November 2008

I saw it in Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 and love this movie very much.

It has something big and stunning about this lovely storyline to rivet my attention from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the cinematography and atmosphere in this film are undeniably superb. The chemistry between two preteen protagonists is outstanding and very believable. Everything in this film is well-made in synchronization.

This is the first film related to a vampire that I think is least connected to Vampire's teeth baring at audience all the times, like other familiar horror we used to see. Other than some gory scenes in this film, we can yet see some flesh and blood moment of humane Vampire. And that is truly written to the core plot.

The last scene at swimming pool is totally mesmerizing and mind-blowing.

By the way, if Sweden submits this movie to be in competition with other nominees around the world for Oscar foreign-language film category this year, this masterpiece should win or at least be short-listed for the final fives.

10 out of 10

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Beyond my expectation for this little gem, 6 September 2007

At first, I thought this film was connected around martial action with some revenge among protagonists in its usual kind. However, after having finished watching it, this film is far beyond my expectation for this kind of film I have seen in years since I find my accessibility to this film quite unique.

Although sequences of "Chaiya" boxing are well-choreographed and living up to acrobatic movement by its standard type of fighting, its plot is also satisfactory with subtle and multi-layered storyline, that makes some predictable ending to be easily ignored. The drama in this film, which depicts the lives of three male friends since beginning till the finale, is not that much saturated, but full of fluidity, instead. And that's the reason why the storyline emotionally affects and paves the good way for little twist, at the end, of why each protagonist has later shattered their friendship. Well-woven mixture between drama and martial bout definitely needs laurel. Additionally, besides the director sparking off his promising career, the performances, by many leading actors and supporting actresses, also do a commendable job. At last, cinematography, back to old-time Bangkok metropolis, is yet a joy to watch.

Hope, when this film is globally screened, the foreign audience will see how magnificent it is. Highly recommended for this little gem.

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This film received a houseful screening in Bangkok International Film Festival 2007, 25 July 2007

I have just finished watching this film in Bangkok International Film Festival 2007. The film plays to a full house, no doubt with almost half those in attendance being enthusiastic at how it snagged best screenplay in Cannes Film Festival this year.

Through slow-paced storyline from the beginning till the end, devastating impact on protagonists is absorbing and overwhelming as the film is explored. However, what I like about this film lays on forgiveness of the person who lives towards the one who dies, which might be a crux of this film, besides universal subject of racism stressed here. Some dark and bleak moments are also well-done. The leads do a commendable job, but most importantly, their chemistry undeniably believable.

After leaving the theatre, the viewers might have some idea that self-intriguing plot plays more important role than budgeted films.

The Ride (1994)
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If anyone loves road movie, you will love this gem., 16 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film is about two guys buying one used car and then customizing it properly for traveling in pleasure as planned. Later on the road, they meet one girl and pick her up, without any previous knowledge of her. Maybe, it is just a fun of life with this female stranger as companion. However, there is yet another man, apparently her lover, driving his car to follow her. But, he can't catch her because two guys have some luck, during escape. Nobody knows what is going on, in the past, between this girl and that man. Moreover, she is not willing to tell those two men about her life, when asked. As time goes by, friendship between two men and one girl blossoms. Finally, the audience will see the unexpected ending.

The plot is simple, but attention-riveting. All the situations among two guys and one girl, along the road, are really funny. The scenes of rolling a tire down the hill and that girl peeing beside the car are nice. Landscape in this film is visually beautiful since suburban vista in Czech countryside is totally divine and magnificently photographed. Soundtrack is also splendid. Most importantly, all three protagonists are a joy to watch and undoubtedly charming, although relatively unknown to worldwide. And you can't predict how the story ends, for sure.

Do not miss this film, if you have your chance.

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Ida Kaminska is top of the world on this film., 7 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen this movie at 2005 World Film's festival in Thailand on last October. I have to admit that the title of this movie was out of my interest at first. Moreover, I hadn't known anything about this movie so far.

After having finished seeing Obchod na korze, I got by far more than I bargained for. The movie itself is really touching and moving, especially masterful in its plot of depicting grass-root citizens under the influence of Nazism control. Ida Kaminska is also fantastic and superb in portraying her role as Rozalie Lautmann. She was nominated Best Actress in leading role for Oscar that year, but failed to get Oscar's nod. I quite wonder why, among other nominees. Most importantly, the last scene that Ida Kaminska holding an umbrella while her other hand holding Jozef Króner's hand, walking down together on the street is totally excellent. It is one of the best ending scenes and one of best Holocaust films I have seen in my life.

Undoubtedly, I give it 10.

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Do not give this movie Zero because the first five-minute scene is OK., 6 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Something funny and uncanny suddenly came across my mind when there were two people in the theater, the same time of my decision on buying a ticket. I was the third. And the number was all for that screening. But I didn't care. I had to prove it by myself.

I admit that the first five-minute scene of this movie is OK, when there are two children sneaking down the corridor toward the spooky bathroom. Atmosphere in the bathroom of this orphanage is a bit scary, in the middle of thunderstorm's night, before those kids seeing something that sparks my thrill and gives me some good expectation.

However, the rest of this movie till the end, it is not entertaining, not scary and even boring. I don't know what is going on then, since its satisfactory overture. Surroundings of, and mysteries inside, St.Ange Orphanage should have been added for revetting more attention and giving audience more scare. But those factors fail.

When the movie came to credit-showing, I turned around to see my two neighbors. I was glad that they hadn't walked out by now. But, they were a bit frustrated as I could feel. What a same feeling!