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Everyone has their favorite actor and Kevin just so happens to be mine. Granted, he may not be to the level of a Daniel Day-Lewis, Lawrence Olivier or Marlon Brando but I have always enjoyed his performances and appreciate his work. This is a list ranking Mr. Costners films from what I consider his best to worst.
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My opinion of course :) Ghost films freak me the most which is why I do not include a lot of slashers and or monsters and such. Basically it's films that have potential to be real ie: Spirits, Demons and possessions of sorts. Oh and another thing, some of these movies I am not a fan of ie: PA, (haven't even seen the sequels), but I tried to compile this list with films that are pretty freaky and with ones that the general public find terrifying.
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This is an opinionated list compiling the greatest comic films to the not so hot.

I feel that this is structured to be as accurate as possible. Some may disagree and that's fine, but keep in mind that just because you didn't like a movie does not mean that it was "garbage" or "crap" or whatever else.

This is really a list showing the best possible live-action films in the genre and I graded them as best as I could. If I missed any good ones that should be on here let me know.
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The All-time Best Christmas movie list. Films that you can enjoy every holiday season.
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I am a huge Van Damme fan, and have grown up watching his movies. The first film I saw was Universal Soldier when I was 8, I remember the last fight scene scared me, but from that point on I loved the man.

So with JCVD finally coming back to theatres, I thought it appropriate to list all his films from the greatest to the...well, not so great. Although he has starred in some seriously bad movies, I still own them purely on the fact that its Jean Claude.

Keep in mind that these are opinionated :)
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If I forget any or you have suggestions, please add :) also keep in mind that some are not direct, but in certain pics (not just profile pic) there are striking similarities.** Also I am not an idiot, all the pics I have chosen are because THEY ARE SIMILAR, not just what I see but from peoples suggestions and if you google who they look like, you will see as well. Please stop saying the list is bad or some are not even close if you can't see it then leave it at that and move on. I have seen a lot of these look alike lists and think what the hell? but I keep my negative comments to myself. I do appreciate suggestions and thank the ones for giving positive feedback.
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