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The Coffin (2008)
Another one bites the dust...
3 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Original Asian films like Ringu have set the bar for psychological horror movies that are deeply unsettling without resorting to gore and blood. Along comes a wave of similar Asian horror movies of discontented long-haired female ghosts in white gown, only to fail in their imitation. Just like The Coffin.

This movie seems novel with the inspiration from the Thai practice of lying in a coffin to change one's luck. However, it starts out slow, and never changes its pace. It's boring, lacklustre and tries way too hard to create symbolic meanings.

The supposed twist at the end is nothing new, nor is the long-haired female ghost that seems too familiar.

The dialogues are painful, so are the executions of them by the mediocre cast. This is what you get for casting people for their looks.
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This one is for the fans!
2 June 2008
I was disappointed with this movie, maybe because the series had set such a high standard. No doubt the series is a masterpiece by itself, it's witty, funny and sexy. However, this movie is lacking in those areas.

What happened to some of the characters? The male characters seem to be too passive. They seem to have no personality at all.

I missed the conversations the girls had in the series, conversations that are filled with witty comebacks, puns and clever analogies, sometimes playfully crude.

Jennifer Hudson's role seemed redundant. Instead of attempting to create some kind of character development for her in such a short span of time, there should be more focus on the other characters, like Stanford, who seemed to disappear in the most important parts.

Sex and the City has avoided the clichés of a typical chick flick, but for me it borders on being a stereotypical chick flick at certain points. It did redeem itself eventually.

Although this movie didn't live up to my expectations, it was entertaining, and nostalgic. There is double the glamour, and the soundtrack added to the overall enjoyment.

And judging from the amount of attention this movie received from disgruntled men on the board, whether negative or positive, all these just shows that Sex and the City has achieved its recognition as the modern woman's fix. Sex and the City will become a classic in years to come, it is ageless.
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Disturbia (2007)
A darker, teenage Home Alone
7 May 2007
With the gadgets and set-up it is reminiscent of the popular movie Home Alone, except that there's also the clichéd storyline of "I think my neighbour is a psycho-killer". Nothing new, acting is decent enough for a movie of this quality and you have to suspend your beliefs when watching this movie. Not impressive, although not one of the worst movies, you have to lower your expectations when watching this movie as there are substantial plot holes and half of the movie is focused on your boy-girl relationship. Even the action sequence is not thrilling enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Perhaps this will be more popular among the younger teenagers or Shia's fans.
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