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Alien (1979)
A stunning tour de force
3 September 2010
I walked out of the movie theatre in 1979 in awe of what I had just seen. Alien is the perfect antidote for the warm fuzzies that I had gotten from Star Wars. The characters are real and resonated with me. The mood, the atmosphere created was completely creepy and wonderfully set. By the time Brett is looking for Jonesy in the cargo bay, I was ready to jump out of my skin. Even the space helmet on the bridge is spooky.

I still remember looking up on that warm August day and wondering just was IS out there.

Great film, and highly recommnded!
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I Am Legend (2007)
A Moving and Vivid Pyscological Thriller
15 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I left the theatre last night feeling moved and in awe of the story told of a man so driven by his need for absolution that he isolated himself in a city filled with monsters.

It isn't enough for most people to live, they have to have a reason for living. Robert Neville's cause was his promise to his dead little girl that he would "fix this." Over and over again, he said that, that he would fix this.

After three years alone, Neville's patterns are pretty well set. He and his dog hunt the city in the day. The night and the dark places belong to the mutants. And unlike the previous adaptations of the Richard Matheson novel, Neville does not seek out the mutants by day to kill them...he fears them to his very core, and only goes into their lair to save his dog, gone to chase a stag.

I found the trap set by the mutants to be too intelligent...first the mutants would have to perceive the purpose of the mannequins in the video store, choose one that would move Neville to investigate (the peripheral dummies would likely not have grabbed his attention as much), and then set up the trap for the last food in the city. It seemed too intelligent a trap for the creatures we saw in the film, who were nothing more than bundles of raw anger, rage and desire. This trap was clearly a necessary plot device needed to move the story forward, and I have to give it a bye for that.

The interaction of Neville and the two survivors that find him is lovely and moving, as when the hero mouths the words from "Shrek" as the movie is playing on the DVD player. This one lonely, lonely man, nearly driven crazy by his isolation. He doesn't even know how to relate to people at first.

As a person who has been in self-imposed isolation for nearly three years, I can totally relate to Will Smith's character, and my hat is off to him for a virtuoso performance!

Nine of of ten for the sheer emotion that this film evoked in me.
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Sands of Oblivion (2007 TV Movie)
Silly Tripe
29 July 2007
I found "Sands of Oblivion" to be passable entertainment, which I kept watching for the joy of seeing Jayne and Inara together again. The evil entity was pretty lame....what was its goals? Take over the world, or just kill people because he/it was angry about something? The efforts of the hero and heroine were all aimed at saving themselves, which didn't seem to be worth documenting.

I liked the hero, Jayne and Inara did well, the special effects were OK, there was good comic relief with the Buford character, and a really good shock early on in the show. I didn't miss the two hours I spent on this show. For those reasons, I give it a six out of ten.
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Drive (2007– )
What a fun and wild ride!
16 April 2007
I tuned in on Sunday, not too sure of what to expect from this show, but it wasn't long before I was hooked! First, let me admit to being a die-hard Nathan Fillion fan, and he does a great job in the first three episodes, delivering lines with wit and aplomb.

The rest of the cast are made up of real, and very interesting people. They run the gamut of young and old, and as we learn their tales, we learn to like them, too. Nobody in this show feels miscast!

We've only just begun, but if this show continues as well as the first three shows have gone, this is going to be one HECK of a great series! Thank you, Fox!
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A delightful and funny episode!
12 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The title of this episode is a tongue in cheek joke in itself. The jokes fly fast and furious in the tale, as the Ferengis meet the hoo-mans, and the rest is history.

The twists that this story plays with the Roswell legend are terrific...kudos to the writers. The anti-smoking message is timely, as EVERY hoo-man in this show smokes, much to the disgust of the Ferengi.

If you've got an hour to spare, you won't mind spending it on this show! Make some popcorn, sit back, and smile as it all unfolds for you in living color!

A definite nine out of ten for me.
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Solaris (2002)
Stunning visuals and excellent acting make Solaris a very memorable film!
4 November 2006
I first saw this film while on a 747 en route to Hawaii. I used to refuse to rent headphones on the principle that the price of the movie would be included in the ticket price. Since I was using my own headphone, I only got 1/2 of the soundtrack, and only when the flight attendant wasn't walking by.

It sucked me in...the love story, the tragedy, the mystery, the whole package...absolutely compelling! While I question a lot of the technical issues, I can overlook that while watching this beauty of a film.

See will not be sorry!
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Today's Life (2000)
Moving and very poignant
31 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
You can pick "Today's Life" apart on the details...but the story line...he sees a scar, and a residual memory comes forth....astounding and very quite heart rending. You see his life, his love, and learn that he is not really on the ship, but just a clone. When the life support starts shutting down....he see it all, the remaining clone material, the amount of time since the ship was launched, the fact that he will never speak to another human being...totally cut off from all manking during his short life, he reaches for the only thing he can find.

Then that sign comes fluttering through space at the end saying "I Was" , well, I couldn't help but choke up.

Loved it!
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A small gem with good acting and no jazzy special effects
6 July 2006
The first thing I notice when I watch "TAG" is that the film seems to have been made on TV has that feel. Sound and lighting are basic, and it's clear from the outset that this movie was made on a shoestring budget.

It is the acting that brings this film through. Linda Hamilton studied Lauren Bacall very closely, and makes a credible run at a "To Have and Have Not" moment, and Robert Carradine hams it up as a budding ace reporter. Bruce Abbott is darkly psychotic as the bad guy. Hard to believe that Linda married this guy!

Worth a look at least once, if you can find it.
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Firefly (2002–2003)
One of the best TV series going....
19 February 2006
...period. Not "sci-fi" series. Any series. The cast, the sets, the writing for this all-too-soon ended series was all absolutely superb.

Should it work out that the entire body of art for Firefly are the eleven episodes already created and the movie, "Serenity," so be it. But that would be a terrible waste, IMHO.

The ensemble created for this show worked so well together, that by episode four, I loved them, by episode six, my heart fell and rose by the fortunes of the crew of this piece of go-se space shipping.

In my experience, there have been very few TV shows that have touched my soul. Star Trek's "The Inner Light" was one, and now, "Out of Gas" from Firefly is another.

A very remarkable achievement. Take a bow, Mr. Whedon.
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