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Bank Roll (2012)
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Block Buster Poster. Low Budget Low Rating Movie., 1 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The very first thing I have to say about this movie is how misleading the movie poster is from the actual movie. There is a ringing in my head about not judging a book by its cover. I wasn't expecting a blockbuster, but the poster leads you to believe there is at least an attempt at an action movie. An action movie that I will say doesn't exist. Although the movie had a couple of enjoyable parts I couldn't help but feel ripped off. I was expecting something more than a low budget movie and don't get me wrong I am not against low budget films; I just didn't expect this to be one. Now before anyone says if you just looked it up you would have known. You're right. Although at the time I was just scrolling through available movies to download onto my iPad. After numerous times of passing this title, I decided to give it a chance and I really was not expecting much nor was I expecting the quality of film that it ended up being.

The movie was about a guy who pays each one of his friends to help mimic a bank heist that his brother was just busted for. The idea was to cause reasonable doubt that the brother committed the crime. Everyone had their job. The movie was filled with a lot of long drawn out scenes that made you question what you were watching. There was a long scene in which you watch one of the characters work out. Seriously. How pointless was that? After all you watch, you never see the bank heist that should cast reasonable doubt for the brother in jail as the movie ends right before he enters the bank. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but if you were going to watch it just know it is low budgeted with long pointless scenes and no actually bank heist.

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Nurse Crackie, 3 December 2013

Medical shows can be quite interesting with the patients, but with it being a Showtime series, I knew they would make it more intense. Plus with Edie Falco from the Sopranos and OZ; I thought it had a very good chance of being an enjoyable show.

I watched all 5 seasons recently and it definitely hooked me in. I was worried I wouldn't see Edie as anyone other than Carmela Soprano. Nope. It was all Nurse Jackie. She was so good as a drug addicted pathological lying nurse; I found myself hating her at times. Despite her flaws she is a great nurse with the patients best interest in mind (most of the time)I love Dr. Cooper (Facinelli). He is just brings a comedic aspect to the show that is needed and appreciated. Then you have Zoey (Wever) who brings an awkward presence that cannot be beat.

I would recommend Nurse Jackie as comedy/drama with great actors and story.

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I am Special Agent Hudson and this is Special Agent Rose., 3 January 2013

Supernatural is Super AWESOME. Two brothers (Dean and Sam) travel the country investigating supernatural type cases. The show has been on since 2005 and started with Dean requesting Sam's help with finding their father (John) who had gone missing. Sam had left the life of a "hunter" to focus on school and to be "normal"; whereas Dean stuck close to dad in the family business. The show changes throughout the years, but I still love to watch. I love the classic rock music. The rock references they use when posing as federal agents.

From yellow eye demands to Lucifer and the King of Hell to Castile "an angel of the lord"; this show delivers. I will hate to see it end because no matter what you can enjoy beer drinking, cheese burger eating, car driving, joke making awesomeness of Dean Winchester and Sam's salad eating, conscious struggling, also beer drinking, sasquatch walking ways.

If you like Shows like Buffy, check this out. You will not be disappointed.

"Lost" (2004)
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LOST (and found), 10 February 2011

This show revolves around the survivors of a plain crash somewhere on an island in the South Pacific. This "island" that they are on is no ordinary island. We watch and learn about the survivors as they interact with one another and through flashbacks from their lives before the crash. They are not alone on the island. Who else is there? You will have to watch and see. There are twist and turns throughout this master piece. This is a work of art. I am only on Season 4 of 6, but I wish this ride had no end. You will have questions and you will get answers. You will learn to trust no one or at least nothing is ever as you expect it to be. Don't pass up a chance to watch this series.

nothing is out of reach, 27 November 2010

A man's wife and little girl are murdered and one of the men accused gets a deal from the District Attorney's Office. The man (Butler)who is more upset at the injustice of not bringing the killer to trial than the killer getting off goes out for some payback. Despite being behind bars if he wants you dead, you're dead. He makes demands and let's hope you don't fall short of meeting them. This is an interesting movie with some fascinating story lines. I would recommend watching this piece of action. I found myself cheering for the bad guy because he was far more interesting than anyone else in this movie. Oh and without giving anything a way, I wouldn't answer that cell phone!

Don't Drink the Water, 27 November 2010

The Crazies is about a town with toxic chemicals in the drinking water. Of course any person who drinks the water will get the "crazies" within 48 hours. I don't want to give too much away. I will say this, I expected more out of a zombie-like movie. There was not enough horror in my opinion. I would have liked it to have been more along the lines of "The Hills have Eyes" with its shock horror. It fell mighty short for this viewer. It wasn't a total waste. There was action. It didn't have me looking to shut it off, but it just didn't do it for me. I decided to check on the 1970's original and it seemed to have even less horror. If you want more of the Zombie Killers fighting the uninfected then watch something else because this is more about Big Brother eliminating a problem.

"Alice" (2009)
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Alice (not that Alice), 8 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very excited when I heard about a "Alice in Wonderland" miniseries. What I was not expecting was this. This is not "Alice in Wonderland" as you know it. The Alice in the story is not even the same Alice from the story we all know and love. Just a "happy" coincidence.

It is a modern take on a very old classic. It apparently takes place many moons after the story we all know took place. Ironically the Hatter apparently gets younger over time. I was not satisfied with this version. I didn't hate it. There is just so many elements from the classic version that is missing in this one. There was some interesting parts, but because it is an adaptation on a very popular story, it is hard to get away from that.

Please let Tim Burton's version be worth the while.

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and Boom Goes the Dynamite., 30 September 2009

It was 8 years ago that I wrote a review on Family Guy. I thought better to start fresh than to update it. Thankfully the show has lasted all of these years and is making some crazy episodes. The show becomes more and more daring, but I think unlike when it first came around we are not surprised to see what this show does. Imagine all those years ago when Family Guy was canceled if it was not brought back. That would have been a sad affair. This show is exciting and edgy and I love it. I do understand that kids tend to watch shows like this because it is a cartoon and it is not appropriate for children. We are in a different age and for many years (thanks to shows like the Simpsons) cartoons are not just for kids. Some are for adults.


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Drink, Eat, Shake that ... and be merry., 30 September 2009

Remember when "Reality" shows were a new concept. These days reality shows are clogging up the channels. With that said, you can imagine how old and played some of these ideas can be. "Rehab" is no exception, but on the other hand it does take place in the hottest party in Vegas.

I caught the show once in a while in the first season. It wasn't bad. Entertaining. It was something to watch. Now in the second season I am glued. I am glued because there is a new Pool Manager. Yeah, doesn't sound like pool manager would be a high ranking job, but when you are Pool Manger at this party it is everything. This new guy is a total TOOL. I watch because I can't believe he is still working there. Besides bumping heads with one of the heads of Security, he totally disrespects everyone. He is suppose to be professional and some of the things he says to the employees seems to be grounds for dismissal.

I really don't know what happened to the manger in the first season. He didn't put up with crap, but he sure treated people much better. The one thing I will say is if it wasn't for the new guys antics I probably wouldn't watch. Maybe it is all for TV??

Check it out, if not for the story line. ... for the view.

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COPS: Aftermath, 10 July 2008

COPS! A show we all know and probably have seen at least once. I usually find myself watching COPS on Saturday nights. Now we get to see what happens, when people stop being polite and start getting real. Wait, that's the essence of the REAL WORLD. Still it does this justice. No pun intended. We now get to see what happens after someone is arrested. It is pretty interesting. I don't know how some of these people are able to work in these jails. I mean, the stuff some of these "criminals" say, I don't know how they ignore it. Obviously I am not right for that type of work and someone has to do it. This show could have a long run just like its parent show, COPS. Who would have thought back in the late 80's that a documentary style show about a COP ride along would be still airing and kicking out high ratings in 2008. This show has that potential. We need more jails willing to show us their insides. It makes for some good television. So whether you find yourself watching "JAIL" on the MyNetwork TV or "Inside American Jail" on Tru TV, you have got to check this show out.

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