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Known Indian actors/actresses who are making or have made their mark in Hollywood....

I haven't added Sunny Leone cause she has done porn and adding her would BLACKLIST the list :)

List will get updated from time to time.
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Celebs who look younger. This is a list of actors who either have Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) or are blessed with great genes and have played roles which were meant for younger stars..
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Movies (including TV series/TV Movies and web series) that I have submitted to IMDb.
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This is list of all the DC Universe Animated Original Movies‎ made by DC Entertainment in order.

I have also listed the shorts (DC Showcase)
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Supernatural Deadpool of sorts..
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The Most "Unbelievable" celebrity deaths that have happened in this Millennium. I have not added really old celebs and its generally for those who we didn't expect to die so suddenly. In no order:
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Celebrities with 2 different coloured eyes (irises) with images showing the condition
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A hack group called Hive-CM8 planned to leak 40 films before they hit theatres..Here are the movies that have already been leaked... They usually add a number after the leak to tell us which titles they have leaked though they have not mentioned what their 12th leak was..

Note: This is NOT a list to promote Piracy, its a list of movies that have been leaked which I'm neither condoning nor promoting.

Edit: Number 12 is Anomalisa but has not been added yet...
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This is a list of veteran actors/writers/directors from India that have worked in the industry for a long time and yet do not have a profile image on their name page.. This will include living and deceased actors..If I miss any, please point it out...

p.s: We can't keep using "movie posters" as headshots for other actors as well...
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The 20 Movies I'm looking forward to in 2016 :) [in no order]
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These celebrities have acted/notable role in more than one successful movie franchise.

Qualification: Two "recognisable" franchises minimum and 2 movies each [TV shows do not count] from those franchise (even those in post-production/filming)

The likes of Ryan Reynolds/Halle Berry are exempted due to them being in only one film in a franchise.

Discuss the poll here
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All Alien related movies that will be released between 2011 and 2016!
updated: 26/09/15
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These are the movies I rate as being the BEST Hindi films of this millennium..Most indian movies are either very cheesy or downright stupid but the movies i have listed here are so good that a few of them would have won Best Foreign Film at the Oscars if they had been nominated ... IN NO ORDER..
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Bollywood stars who look like Hollywood stars and vice versa..
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These are the cutest celebs in the world (age appropriate)
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These movies are my Best Indian Movies of 2013...
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These are the 76 films that have made the shortlist for the 2014 Oscars, Foreign Language Film.

Only title not on IMDb:
Conversations on Serious Topics - Lithuania
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Listing all pilots for the Major Broadcasting networks that are/were in contention for a series pickup later this year or 2014.

Note: This is a list of pilots that are/were in contention, not a list of new series for 2013-14...some of the pilots listed here were very good but did not make it past the Pilot stages...some are still in contention....they are ALL listed here.
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This is a list of known Hollywood actors who have been part of Indian movies

Indian movies are those made for the Indian market, It doesn't account for movies made by overseas directors/production houses in India such as Slumdog Millionaire, The Namesake, Gandhi etc..
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The X-Force movie has now entered "production" and being a big fan, these are the people i have chosen as my cast :)
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This is my "Fantastic Four" Reboot cast list scheduled for filming in Vancouver on June 17th, 2013
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List of Hottest Indian actresses world over! (IN NO ORDER)
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This is my choice for actors in the movie The Justice League Part One which is scheduled for filming in 2014
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The best Indian movies of 2012.
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List of good and recent TV series that were canceled after 1 or 2 season
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Aussie's and Kiwis on DC/MARVEL comic movies..
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One of these women should be the world's most powerful woman in the upcoming movie and the Justice League movie.
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Children of famous Movie stars.! I have ignored the really famous children of celebrities who themselves are stars in their own right.

Please view this list in "LIST order"
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Some of the best Australia actors/actress on American television IN NO ORDER
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These are pics of people on IMDb with no name tags. Do you know who they are? Please name them in the comment section below..
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List of actors/actress that need to be first choice when selecting for a super hero/villain role in a DC/Marvel movie!
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IN NO ORDER ( you cannot please everyone!)
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List of my Top 20 bollywood actress...
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The 10 best voiced actors in the world.. (living stars)

People whose voice i consider to be AWESOME! :)
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Listing all pilots for the Major Broadcasting networks that are in contention for a series pickup later this year or 2013.
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Great stars who are very under-rated. They deserve to get cast a lot more often. IN NO ORDER
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TV Episodes (including webisodes) i have added to IMDb.