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Queen (2013)
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A very likable and cute movie, 20 April 2014

Saw this movie on a camera print DVD yesterday. Usually I never enjoy a movie on this pirated format but this movie is an exception. Kangna rocked as queen and made the audience fall in love with her. Kangna has that endearing quality that most Indian heroines lack these days. She reminded me of Juhi Chawla from not so recent past. The movie is certainly worth a watch. Kangna carries the movie on her shoulders. Rajkumarr(sp?) repeats his role of overbearing cute guy as he did in LSD and Ragini MMS. Halfway through the movie I was worried that the directors will screw up the ending of the movie but they didn't! Enough said, now go watch the movie.

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Not sure about the teacher but this was a bad movie!, 21 March 2014

I saw this movie in mar-2014 which is 3 years after release. I am really glad that I didn't pay good money to watch this movie on theater or even blu ray (downloaded it via Dish on demand). Cameron Diaz has acted in some bad movies but this I believe was most horrible. Story line didn't make any sense. Cameron's character changes towards but why does it change and does it really change. The movie was supposed to run because of Cameron Diaz but I don't think she has enough star power to carry this disaster on her shoulders. Movie was not funny and just dragged on for some time and then came to an abrupt stop. I was glad when it was over.

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What was the point of this movie, 6 October 2013

This is the question I am left with. What was the point of this movie? I am not Christian and I haven't read bible. I am somewhat familiar with concept of rapture. Was this movie believed to show that there is indeed rapture going to happen and it will lead to this kind of situation which may be hilarious. I enjoyed Superbad and Pineapple express but this movie I just couldn't figure what was going on. I am afraid that the directors and producers didn't either. There were some artists whose movies I have enjoyed in past but I didn't recognize the entire cast and I didn't enjoy this movie just because these guys were in this movie. May be this movie was not made for me and there might be others who might get the humor on it. That must be it. Because nothing can be entirely pointless.

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Propaganda, 1 October 2013

Saw this movie on DVD last week. I haven't read the original book. Zombie plot was nothing new. Plenty of zombie movies out there. What I found unique in this movie however, was the propaganda it carried especially for state of Israel. It kind of reminded of the novels written by Frederick Forsyth. Subtle suggestions that Israel is a oasis of intelligence and compassion whereas all other countries are bumbling idiots or brutes. Wall they built is really built to save humanity. This subtle propaganda does work and I am sure lot of people's existing biases will be confirmed.

Brad Pitt was not convincing in his role. Other characters were fairly weak too. Action sequences are pretty average. I personally liked the other recent zombie movie "I legend".

Overall this was a fairly forgettable movie.

Poorly made movie on Cricket fans, 28 February 2013

Saw this movie on Netflix yesterday (feb-2013). Found this movie to be amateurish and basically be there to cash on cricket hysteria in India. All the characters were cartoon like, including teenagers from poor (good) school and rich (bad) school. Even the main character of Hari Sadu (Suri) was not fully developed. Music was pathetic. I liked whatever few scenes Sandhya Mridul was in. She brought some level of normalcy and humanity in this movie. Movie tried to copy a big blockbuster Lagaan but failed miserably. I am sure this movie was made on a very small budget but that should not be an excuse for a bad product. There are other better movies made on cricket in India. Avoid this one.

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Good movie but not great, 3 January 2013

I saw this movie in the first week of its release. I have not read any books related to Jack Reacher so my review is only for the movie. My general thought is that movie was nicely made and Tom Cruise did a good job. However, I felt that none of other characters were built properly in this movie to make it a great movie. Everyone in the movie is scared of the villain but I cannot understand why. Overall I enjoyed the movie while I was in theater but at the end I was left asking myself what was the point behind the movie. So good movie to see on a DVD if you have a few hours to kill but certainly not a movie for which you would want to make a trip to the theaters.

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Not your usual cast of characters, 8 December 2012

I am not a big fan of Kangna and before watching the movie I was convinced that Kangna will flop at playing the role of a small town girl. However, I must say that Kangna performed very convincingly as Tanu from a small town in UP. Movie had lots of twist and turns but was very convincing up until the end. Madhavan as Munnu Ji was also very likable and convincing. The guy falls in love with a girl at first sight and does things for her even though she is cruel to him. Overall a very good movie that exceeded my expectations. The music of the movie was also very good. Especially like the punjabi songs. My favorite one was kadi sadi gali .. I also liked the rehash of Kajra mohabbat wala. Supporting cast was also strong.

Dayavan (1988)
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A poor remake of Tamil Original, 11 October 2012

I had watched this movie while I was studying in Madras (Tamil Nadu). This movie is a poor copy of an excellent Tamil movie named Nayakan. The problem is that Dayavan movie pretended that it is not a copy and did a very poor job of copying. Dayavan is produced and directed by Feroz Khan who made some mega productions like Qurbani and Jaanbaaz. In this movie Feroz took the short cut and copied a widely popular movie without putting any though on his own. I was very impressed by the photography of the original Nayakan which captured the loneliness of a boy while keeping things dim. Dayavaan failed on the photography front. Nayakan starred Kamal Hassan who very deftly portrayed his characters with equal measure of strength and hesitation. Vinod Khanna in Dayavan doesn't even come close to Kamal in capturing the range of emotions. Watch a scene in the movie where Kamal and Vinod grieve for their dead son and note that Vinod was copying Kamal and still did a bad job of it. Original movie had excellent score provided by Illayaraja and it was poorly copied in Dayavaan. Overall I was very disappointed to see this remake/copy.

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Waste of time and money, 10 October 2012

Saw this movie on DVD yesterday. I am told that this is a remake of a Telugu/Tamil movies. That was apparent to me even from start. The movie is over the top but not entertaining. Characters are not developed and they keep jumping from one place to the other. The bad guys were not really scary and were more comical than anything else. It is difficult to review these kind of movies and you have to see whether it is entertaining or not. I found the entertaining portion to be very small and only limited to the time when Sonakshi Sinha was wooed by Akshay. In my opinion don't waste your time on this movie. Do something more meaningful or just watch TV!

Jism 2 (2012)
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A poorly made erotic thriller, 25 September 2012

Watched this movie on DVD yesterday. This movie was dubbed as erotic thriller. The debut movie of Sunny Leone who is of Indian origin and has acted as a porn star in some Hollywood movies that I haven't seen. Indian movies have lately become lot more racy but this movie fell short. This was neither erotic nor thriller. Sunny Leone the star attraction of the movie doesn't know how to act but that was not expected of her either. She looked older than she claims to be. Her still pictures look good but she wasn't erotic in the this movie. Randeep Hooda I thought did fine in whatever he was allowed by directors to do. He was also impressive in Sahib bibi aur gulam. He doesn't have a chocolate face but I think he will do well. Bhatt's direction was poor. Bhatt's films are usually copies of a foreign film but I couldn't figure out which film they copied here. May be they tried to make an original and hence the poor final product. Music is usually good in Bhatt's movie and it was decent for this movie too. I don't remember all the songs now but they sounded good while I watched the movie. I have given it 4 out of 10 stars and I think am being generous!

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