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Sins of the Mother (1991) (TV)
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Elizabeth Montgomery and Dale Midkiff are WONDERFUL, 18 September 2006

Not one of Elizabeth Montgomery's best films, but she delivers a wonderfully evil performance. Dale Midkiff is also great as the almost pitiful rapist. Both actors have been in better movies, but they still make this one well worth watching. The twisted relationship between mother and son alone makes for an interesting film. The fact that it was based on a true story makes it all the more frightening. I enjoyed it very much. Fans of Liz and Dale won't be disappointed. What lacks in the script is more than compensated by these two gifted performers. Ignore the negative comments here. We miss you Liz! Why are there not more EM films on VHS or DVD. At least this film is available now. Hopefully more to come! Lets get A CASE OF RAPE and LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN on DVD!

Desperate Voyage (1980) (TV)
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Great 80's TV Movie Of The Week!, 8 August 2006

This is a hard film to catch on the TV anymore. It was only released on video in the UK. The story is about modern day pirates terrorizing two couples on a large sailing sloop. Christopher Plummer and Jonathan Banks (as his demented nephew) are wonderful as the pirates. Christine Belford and Cliff Potts are only decent 80's TV actors, but they don't hurt the film's fast pace and exciting climax. Lara Parker (Dark Shadows) has one of her biggest film roles-- aside from Race With The Devil. She is just so beautiful and such an underrated actress. The entire film was shot at sea. Beautiful photography, Plummer, Banks and Parker make this 80's TV movie of the week a winner!

Vultures (1987)
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80's camp horror all the way!, 7 August 2006

Fans of campy, bad horror films will love this one. Jim Bailey was one of the original and better female impersonators during the 70's and 80's. He has a field day playing several different roles including a female impersonator doing Barbra Streisand (in a horror movie???)! A rather plump Yvonne DeCarlo hams it up and has the best line in the movie (laying in bed next to a gigolo): "Shut up, I can't think and **** at the same time." The film is not taken seriously by anybody involved. The actors seem to be trying to remember their lines half of the time. Really so bad-- it's a riot. Bailey was a great drag queen in his day, but a horrible actor (actress). Still fun campy fluff and some good (unintentional) laughs throughout!

Kiss Me, Kill Me (1976) (TV)
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Very Risqué For 1970's TV Movie With Gay Content, 22 July 2006

Very risqué TV content for the 1970's. Stella Stevens plays a detective investigating the murder of a crippled woman. Seems that the victim was sleeping around-- making for several suspects including a black guy, a bisexual man and a married cop. Robert Vaughn playing a gay man and a very young Bruce Boxleitner as a bisexual hustler is quite something for it's day. The performances are all good and the storyline is typical 70's mystery/police drama (except for the gay content). Interesting mainly because the film depicts the time period with all the various prejudices and stereotypes. Stella Stevens once again proves that she can take on serious drama as well as light comedy. Her sexy look is downplayed for the role, but she's still a beauty. Love those 70's TV movies of the week!

No Man's Land (1984) (TV)
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Cute 80's TV Western Stella Style!!!, 22 July 2006

A treat for Stella fans! Stella Stevens is one of the most underrated actresses of our time. This beautiful and sexy actress is always a delight (be it comedy or drama). In NO MAN'S LAND, she plays the town sheriff who must prove herself worthy. If you like those TV made movies from the 70's and 80's, you'll enjoy it very much. Also stars some familiar faces from the period like Dack Rambo and Estelle Getty (who steals the show as Stella's grumpy mother). A simple storyline and everyone seems to have a good time with it. Some of Stella's other worthwhile TV film work: TWIRL, LINDA, CHILDREN OF DIVORCE, KISS ME...KILL ME and CLIMB AN ANGRY MOUNTAIN. Some of her finest moments in feature films: TOO LATE BLUES, THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER, ADVANCE TO THE REAR, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, SYNANON, RAGE, THE SILENCERS, THE MAD ROOM and (of course)THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE.

Reunion (1994) (TV)
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One of Marlo Thomas' finest moments on screen, 22 June 2006

It's part drama, part ghost story. Some slow moments, but it pays off. Marlo Thomas is excellent as usual and should have won an Emmy for this one. I don't want to give away the plot (unlike everyone else here), but I will say it is a deeply touching film. The final scene will bring tears to your eyes and stick with you long afterwards. Peter Strauss is also wonderful here playing the confused and grieving father. His admission of guilt scene is proof of what an underrated actor he was. REUNION is powerful, emotional, haunting and a beautiful piece of TV movie making. This film was directed by actress Lee Grant. This should be released on DVD!