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"Lexx" (1997)
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The two Z(X)evs..., 24 June 2006

I enjoyed this series, enough to watch it several times. There's a lot of things which require a "suspension of disbelief", sometimes a LOT of suspension. But it's good fun.

The aspect that is worst is the (apparently necessary) substitution of Xenia Seeberg (Xev) for Eva Habermann (Zev) at the beginning of the series (after the 4 movies that comprised the first season). Zev is prettier and sweeter; even though she's more experienced ("Can't we just have sex?") where Xev is a virgin, she has an innocence that Xev doesn't. They explain that Xenia Seeberg wanted a more active, hard-edged character (more of the Cluster Lizard part of her DNA). Still, it's a loss, and it led the show into different The script almost seems like it was taken from a comic book in the way that mass killing is the solution for any sort of problem. It seems like Lexx destroys at least one planet in every episode. But when one character is a dead assassin, and another recurring character is a carnivorous plant, you have to expect a laissez faire attitude toward death.

If you enjoyed "Farscape" as a change from the usual science fiction faire, then "Lexx" is for you. If you want another "Star Trek" clone, leave "Lexx" on the shelf.

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A movie with a plot instead of special effects, 24 June 2006

Having avoided seeing "The Matrix" and pre/sequels I didn't have that to compare "The 13th Floor" against. Actually, I wandered into the movie during a very late TV broadcast, and was seriously confused for a lot of it. when I got a chance to see the entire movie I enjoyed it greatly.

The idea of virtual reality is very old hat to science fiction readers, but the idea of dropping into an existing character is thought-provoking. (I started to give examples, but this movie doesn't deserve spoilers--you need to see it cold.) Suffice it to say, the characters in the simulated 1937 were real to themselves. They didn't need someone playing God with their lives--as the present-day people find out.

If you like flashy special-effects and kick-ass action, this isn't much of a movie (though both 1937 and present-day LA were beautifully done--I would have loved to have seen more of both). But if you prefer a story, "The 13th Floor" is a good movie. Don't go looking to compare it to another--watch it on it's own merits. Even the syrupy end isn't too bad--and I'd like to have seen more of that world also.