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Kind of a mixture of 70 and 80's horror films, 19 October 2016

Clu Gulager kicks butt as Burt and Linnea Quiqley heats things up! This zombie film kind of fuses two eras of horror together for a very fun zombie film and the only zombie series that I know of that really has zombies chomping on brains, yet the film had to have made an impact because a lot of people will say that zombies eat brains, when in most zombie films they simply eat people. How is this a merger you ask? Mainly in the way it was cast. In the 70's, a lot of horror films would feature a notable actor or two in a prominent role. They may of not been an A list star, but it was someone a person would recognize. In the 80's the casts became young stars who were usually not very recognizable. This movie features both sets and they kind of do their own thing until the middle of the film where the two groups meet and clash for the remainder of the film. The film also was one of three zombie films released during 1985 and I will say that this one had the best cast, I would say Day of the Dead had the best zombie effects and action and I would say Reanimator had a bit better visuals than Return and a better cast than Day. This one and Reanimator would feature humor, while Day is the bleak film of the trio. All three I find good and I have a hard time picking which one I do enjoy more.

The story has a couple of guys in a medical warehouse where one of them is showing the new guy the ropes. While doing some paper work, Freddie (the new guy) asks Frank what is the strangest thing he had ever seen. Frank tells him of a story about how Night of the Living Dead was based on true events and proceeds to show him some tanks in the basement of the building that contain dead corpses. Unfortunately, the young guy then asks if the canisters could leak, which the older gent then says, "No way" before hitting the canister and it proceeds to shoot out its contents. This fog envelopes the warehouse and revives some of the dead objects within including butterflies, split dogs and a cadaver! The two men lose consciousness before reviving and calling the owner of the warehouse and after a few humorous incidents, they take the reanimated objects to Ernie, the local mortician to burn the items which sends fumes into the air and revive the dead! Caught up in all this is Freddie's girlfriend and I am going to guess his friends as she sticks out like a sore thumb. Soon the two groups meet up and must try to work together to try and survive the zombie onslaught!

The film starts out with a lot of comedy in it, but as it goes on it becomes a bit darker and soon nearly all the humor is gone. The sequel to this film would keep the humor all the way through it and it was pretty much less of a sequel and more of a spoof of this film. The cast in that one was not as good either as sure James Karen would return as would Thom Matthews in what is essentially same roles, but the one who made this one great was Clu Gulagar. Linnea was good too, but mainly for that one dance sequence in the cemetery and for still having a great bod even as a zombie. Though I still say the female zombie from Junk was the hottest zombie as she still had a cute face too.

This is a favorite of mine and memorable as I actually saw this film at the theater when it came out. My parents and I actually saw a trailer for this one while watching the low budget, but still good, zombie film, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. It almost looked like it had the same premise, but this one turned out vastly different. I still remember my mother attempting to cover my eyes during Linnea's dance. The tone is a bit uneven as it does start out in a more humorous way and it does get rather dark towards the end, but overall it was a very fun zombie film. The zombies looked good in this one at times with the tar man being the highlight as well as the blond one that they talked too, but a lot of the zombies in this one you could tell were just people smeared with mud. That is okay, as with this one it is not the zombies as much as the cast and their reactions that make this one.

Waxwork (1988)
Finally watched this 1988 horror comedy!, 16 October 2016

I have to say I rather enjoyed this film; however, that being said I actually enjoyed the sequel to this one more. It may be because I actually saw the sequel first or more likely that film featured Bruce Campbell and he was absolutely hilarious in it! Still, this one was good too, just not quite as good. I felt some of the scenes felt a bit too rushed, while others went on a bit too long. It is by no means an anthology film, but it does feature different sectors as it were. Took me forever to finally sit down and watch the whole thing, like a number of other films, it was one of those that I caught a piece here and there, but never sat down and watched the entire film and as I said, it was pretty good. There were numerous stars in it and it has David Warner who kind of reminds me of a John Carradine type actor in that he is a good actor and he appeared in good movies, but once in a while he would appear in a totally horrific film. This is not the case for this one, as this film has some good points, but it still is not a big Hollywood release either. He makes a fine villain for this one. Zak Galligan of Gremlins fame is the lead, and he is okay in it, but he kind of played almost two characters in this one. Not sure why he never appeared in more stuff, he was usually pretty decent in most of the films I saw him in and he was better in the sequel to this one. John Rhys Davis is also in this film, but not for a very prolonged period.

The story has a waxwork open in a very peculiar place in the middle of a neighborhood. As two girls pass it, the owner appears and invites them to a special late night viewing, but he wishes for there to be no more than six people. Well, they go, but this place has a deadly secret as two of the group ends up inside the displays as one seems transported to another world! One of them ends up in a forested area where a deadly werewolf lurks while the female ends up in a vampire's castle. Zak Galligan's character goes to the police when his friends end up not showing up and the police officer does not believe him at first, but there is something about the waxwork that bugs him so he returns only to find himself walking into a display and ending up in a mummy's tomb! The waxwork has a deadly secret and it must be uncovered or it may mean doom for the earth!

So pretty good and it had some rather good gore effects. I enjoyed the vampire setting the best as it was rather good and bloody. I also liked the fact that the police officer in this one actually did not dismiss the possibility that something was wrong with the waxwork. It did a lot of things good, but I still feel the sequel was a bit more superior as it added a few more crazy touches, though this one did a nice job of displaying a lot of classic monsters. I was not to wild about the whole whipping area as there was nothing really that horrific in that area. You had monsters in most and it was kind of a shame we didn't get to see more as there was one featuring pods and another featuring a killer looking baby that may have been a bit more interesting to see play out. Still, overall, it was a nice visit to the waxwork.

The basement not as big a factor as the title implies..., 11 October 2016

This is a film that if you watch it today and you have seen a more than a couple of horror films, you are going to know exactly what is going on. By the title of the film and by the description on the box I figured out what was going to happen before I even saw a minute of the film, and if it is not obvious then it will be during the first five minutes of the film. There are no real surprises to be had here, suffice to say. It does play out somewhat interestingly in areas and there are a couple of pretty good kills, but it is simply too obvious what is going on and how it is going to play out. I see the original title of this one is apparently, "The Forgotten" and perhaps that would have made for a better title, because as I have said, you read the description for this on and you will probably figure out what is going on or if you do not, you will still know how it is all going to go after you watch about five minutes of it with its title of, "Don't Go Into the Basement". Still, there are a couple of surprises as I was not quite expecting the way it ended and there was even a rather funny scene involving a phone repair guy, so I would say while not a particularly good film, it is not terrible either.

The story has a house for those who are crazy in the middle of nowhere. At this facility, the doctor in charge allows the patients to roam free and employs some very questionable methods to help his patients. A nurse there has had enough as the only one she seems to like is Sam, a man who has the innocence of a child. The others are getting on her nerves and after she is threatened by one of the patients she is ready to leave! The doctor doesn't take this news well, and he takes what is coming to him next even less well as he is hit with an ax. A new nurse is soon seen coming to the place and a new doctor has taken over saying the previous one has been killed. Well the new nurse is quickly warned to leave the place by one of the patients, but she sticks with it, but things begin to unravel quickly as the patients start losing control!

Like I said, it has its moments, but just not enough for me to really say it was an okay film. Some things were cool in it, but at other times things going on were a bit perplexing, such as the new nurse being unable to find the exit to the house. The people being treated did okay for a low budget film my favorite being the super sexed up woman who simply wanted the love of a man and was stuck in a place where the guys all seemed to pass on her despite her being rather attractive. The one dude who would just scream and grab stuff was my least favorite as he just seemed to be doing a stereotypical crazy person. One thing that also surprised me was that during the course of the entire movie, no one told the nurse to no look in the basement...I was kind of expecting that within the first few moments she arrived.

Using your gardener as your test subject results in your garden suffering!, 1 October 2016

I saw this film on the cult television riffing show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Basically, this film is yet another take on the Universal classic, The Wolf Man with the only new aspect a mad scientist is the cause behind the terrible creature that roams the area. Not particularly bad, but not really much good in it either as it is very slow moving for a film that clocks in at only 77 minutes. Still, the acting is not too bad in this one and so it is a bit tolerable. Not sure I would care to see this without MST3K, but if I did it would be only to fill in the blanks as they must have cut a lot out of this one to make the episode because they had a short preceding it. In the end though, nothing to out of the ordinary as far as monster movies during its time.

The story has a scientist who is working on a formula to mix the blood of an animal with that of a human being. The animal in question is a wolf and the man in question is the scientist's gardener who apparently believes that if you are a gardener you have no right to question anything your employer tells you to do. The result a wolf man...though it actually looks more like one of the monkeys from planet of the apes with a pair of Dracula novelty teeth. The scientist wishes to sell his creation to the army so that the army can have an army of animal/man hybrids at their disposal, but first he must have his revenge upon the men who criticized his work! That, of course, will be his undoing.

This made for an okay episode of MST3K considering it was a first season episode which I consider their weakest season. They were still feeling their way at this point and it shows. The movie is preceded by a Commando Cody short and I see no reason for the short to be in front of this one. This film is 77 minutes long, that is plenty long enough to fill out an episode of MST3K. Maybe one small short, but this one took up the first block of the episode. Most films that have to have shorts to fill up the first block clock in at under an hour. Still, the jokes are rather good in the film portion of the film and make what would otherwise be a mundane Wolf Man clone into something a bit more humorous to watch.

So, not a great film, but nothing to terribly horrible either. Just kind of a bland film featuring a Wolf Man and a mad scientist. I am sure there were several such films back in the day, in fact, I know there were as several have been showcased on MST3K. The film is a bit uneven too as it seems to take place in several time periods almost. You have the mansion, you have the city and then you have the people living in a swamp that almost seem to be living in a different time period than the rest of the film. In the end though, I say this film would have been better had the monster been just a little bit madder.

Final Fantasy II (1988) (VG)
The actual Final Fantasy II video game, 19 September 2016

I played the original Final Fantasy on the NES and thought it was an okay game, but nothing I was overly thrilled with and then a few years later I played Final Fantasy II on the SNES and really enjoyed it as it made me a FF fan! Then years later I find out that the Final Fantasy I played was actually part IV and that there were two FF games I had not played. Well, three, as Final Fantasy V was also not released in the United States initially either. So, I got this game on the PSP system and I have finally played through it and have to say I enjoyed it more than I did the first game in the series and I am a bit perplexed as to why it was not released here. A lot of the earlier role playing games were so vague as to what you were supposed to do. Look at Hylide, Mother and a host of others, heck, even the original Legend of Zelda was a bit vague at times. Even on the Sega Master system and Genesis the Fantasy Star series was incredibly vague. This one actually points you in the right direction, develops a story and you never feel lost. It also does a better job than its predecessor of creating its characters as they have personality. Of course, this is just a preference as I had a friend who loved the original game because you could build your team however you wished and he did not like the fourth game while I wasn't wild about the first, but as I've stated loved the fourth game.

The story has a group of four youths being taken down as they try to flee their hometown of Flynn. An evil emperor is trying to take over the world and his soldiers overrun the land. Three of the four youths find themselves in the rebel hideout where their wounds have been tended to and they are soon begging for the chance to work with the rebels to not only retake Flynn, but stop the emperor and his devious plans which include building a giant flying fortress to rain terror upon the land. Every time they thwart one of his plans, he devises something new to terrorize the denizens of the world. Hell itself cannot seem to hold back this fiendish man in his plans to rule the world!

The game play is a bit different than other Final Fantasy games as far as the leveling system goes. Other than that, it plays out much like any other Final Fantasy game of the era as you go from town to town buying equipment, learning clues and then proceeding through dungeons and caves to try and get what you need to progress. The leveling though is very different as in this game it is not done on a point system, but rather, if you get hit and lose so many of your hit points your HP at the end of the fight will increase at the end of the battle. Same with MP and nearly all attributes. You get targeted by a spell, your magic defense increases and if you use a weapon or spell and their level goes up as well. It is different, but it is a bit strange too. By the end of the game the most effective way to increase HP and MP is to literally attack your own players and cast Osmose on them!

So, this FF game was rather good and I am surprised it was never released in the United States when it first came out. I had to play it on the PSP hand-held system, so that is what my review stems from. However, I can say that I am pretty sure the graphics and other things were upped in this version of the game as it looks more like an SNES game than a NES game. Still, I would think the story and stuff are all the same, so I don't believe it to be too vastly different. Things that appear here that would later return and become series regulars include Cid and Chocobos. Though the Chocobo does not really factor too much into this one, you could go the entire game without riding it and you don't really miss anything by not using it. So I enjoyed this game, more story and more reminiscent of the fourth game so it was a nice diversion.

The title is misleading...Blood Beast comes out at all times!, 15 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saw this Roger Corman film on the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. They did a good number of his films during their run, but usually the older films made in the 50's and 60's. Not sure they did anything he did in the 70's and 80's, but a lot of the films he did during those two decades got a bit more racy. I also thought he made some fairly decent horror films during this time as he would often try to replicate something popular and big budget with a smaller budget, but would add lots of gore and nudity and such. He did several Alien knockoffs during these two decades, but here is the thing. This film actually features a man who is implanted with alien creatures and it predates Alien! Could Alien have stole a bit from the man who would later duplicate it? Probably not as there were a bunch of films where something unearthly would impregnate a human host. I do not want to say definitely not, but I just cannot say with 100 percent accuracy that this film was the first feature film to have such plot or theme. In the end though it is typical Corman from this time period; however, while not the best films at least they seemed like movies! Seriously, watch an Ed Wood film or Coleman Francis film and you will see Corman was at least a much better filmmaker than those guys!

This film features a man flying through space who ends up crashing to the earth. A team of like five people end up searching and recovering the body. Always so few people working on what should be an operation with dozens of people involved in this old horror films that feature astronauts. Well, something is not quite right with the body and they bring him back to the base which has no one else in it, so yes, apparently everyone else had the day off or something. Something strange begins stalking the area and the dead becomes living again as the blood beast emerges to bring terror upon all! Well, it does kill one person...

This made for an excellent episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as most Corman films do. They are cheesy, but not so horrible that it becomes almost unwatchable even with the riffs. The jokes are fast and furious as I love the junction when the monster makes its reveal and chaos ensues and the riffs are coming left and right! Seriously, they did seem to keep attacking certain points on walls and I was having a hard time figuring out which one of the guys was actually Steve! Just an all around funny episode of the show and it gets funnier every time I watch it.

So this film is not really that good, if I did not get to enjoy the riffs I would have to say it does have to many walking scenes within it and a lot of speculation scenes. I would also have to complain about the death count as only one person is actually killed by the Blood Beast of the title. Granted, it is a rather gruesome death considering the time this film was made. That being said it is not horrifically bad as I had just watched The Beast of Yucca Flats last week. Now that one is completely terrible as there is literally no on screen dialog in the entire film. Corman may not have been a super great filmmaker, but at least his films seem like actual movies and not some sort of home brewed film!

The Evil Within (2014) (VG)
Crazy game full of horror that can come from anywhere!, 13 September 2016

I have played many survival horror games over the years, but the two franchises most people know are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. This game does have elements of both of those franchises, but has enough of its own charm to stand strongly on its own merits. Though not perfect by any means; however, neither are many of the games in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series. I prefer Silent Hill, myself, and I would say this game has more elements from that franchise than Resident Evil. The horror is intense and it is simply crazy as you just do not know what is going to happen next or where you are going to emerge at. That being said, I kind of knew what was going on, I would compare it to a film, but then that would give away a bit too much about the plot so I will not say what movie this kind of is reminiscent of if said movie had a horror slant to it.

The story has a detective and his partner along with a rookie detective driving on their way to a mental institution. When they get there, they go inside only to find a bloodbath as many officers and doctors and nurses lay about the place, dead. Well, the detective goes into a room and watches security footage of what is going on and soon finds himself face to face with a strange hooded man who incapacitates the detective who then awakens to find himself in some sort of slaughter house type setting. He must flee a chainsaw wielding maniac and slides down a blood soaked slide finding himself in the sewer where the maniac again chases him and the detective soon finds himself getting out of the mental hospital only to find himself in a crumbling city! All this happens before the title is shown! You then have to help the detective through a warped world where things can change at a moment's notice and where at times you seem to be in the past or in a hospital where a strangely creepy but attractive nurse resides.

The game play is a bit like The Last of Us or the Uncharted series as you can do sneak kills are go in, guns blazing. You can also hide in lockers or under beds, but beyond the opening scene where you must escape the chainsaw guy, I really did not see much need to utilize this feature. Like a lot of games that auto save, sometimes it does it quite frequently while other times you have to go over a rather large area all over again. This does not happen too often, but it is annoying when it does. You can also save in the strange hospital area with the nurse and this is where you can upgrade your equipment and weapons and yourself using this green liquid that you sometimes find in jars and sometimes can collect from fallen enemies. The game does let you adapt to what you like doing most as by the end I was shooting the enemies in the leg and then setting them on fire as a match is almost better than a bullet in this one!

So it was a rather fun game, but like most horror movies and games, it just fails to be good enough to rank a 10. This one, I played through, win the game and still have too many questions left unanswered. I believe many of these questions can be answered if I purchase DLC packs, but I just do not think I should have to purchase anything else after buying the game! What was the deal with the creepy but cute nurse? What was the deal with the detective and his wife and daughter that you kept getting strange snippets of during the game? Just a couple of questions that the ending of the game just ignores and leaves you hanging. Still, it was a good game that annoyed me at times and startled me a couple of times too so it did its job for the most part.

Kenny 2.0 and girl who wants a coke fight alongside Gamera to save the world!, 6 September 2016

The only Gamera films of the originals was the ones MST3K did not riff. The riffed five out of eight so I think that I got a good feel for the series. The three films I did not watch were Gamera vs Viras, Gamera vs Jiger and Gamera: Super Monster which should not even count as it was really just a patched together film with very few original scenes. People complain about how movies are done now, but they literally had more than a couple of films that were just pieced together films like this, they even did a Pink Panther film this way. Talk about something that would never be accepted today. This one is a bit of an improvement over Gamera vs Guiron, which was the last film I saw (Jiger was in between Guiron and this one), but only mildly so. I preferred the setting here and quite frankly that one space girl was hot, hot, HOT! There was just a bit more to it than the Guiron film too, as that film almost seemed like there was really no credible threat and the only people in danger were the two children. Let's face it, if those two space gals from the last film landed on Earth, I do not see them really being able to do much especially since they would be coming without their monster.

This film has another space alien threat as a spaceship that doubles as a candy dish comes to Earth. Zigra has come to take over the planet and his hot assistant will hypnotize anyone who stands in their way. Granted, she has the hardest time capturing the two annoying children of the piece. Soon she is sent to kill these children as they know their plan or something, but they could have better used the time simply concentrating on conquering the world as the kids really did not know anything useful as a dolphin trainer is the one that figures out the means to snap the paralysis that the hot space assistant can dish out. Of course, Gamera will be the one to battle the monster Zigra and, of course, Gamera is going to be incapacitated for a while to build tension or something. I need a coke after trying to summarize that story!

This made a nice end of the Mystery Science Theater doing Gamera films. I prefer Mike as host of the show, but Joel was very good on every one of the Gamera films. Kind of strange as sometimes when they do sequels the jokes get stale, it happened with Master Ninja and Space Fugitive and most certainly on the Hercules films, but the Gamera films never got stale. I guess because they are a bit different from each other, but not really as most that feature other monsters follows the same plot of people try to stop monster and fail, Gamera fights a bit and gets injured in some way and must rest, more failed plans and then final showdown. Still, it somehow worked well to make a great set of shows for them to riff.

So this one was not great by any means, but it was better than Guiron. My favorite of the Showa era Gamera films was Gaos and then Barugon as both of them featured other monsters and a dark tone. This one and Guiron are just incredibly goofy at times. Not sure how the tone in Viras was, but I am guessing the tone began to get more goofy in that one and I am pretty sure Jiger was like this one and Guiron too. Though I hear there is a rather nasty scene in that one featuring a film of some sort of parasite and an elephant's trunk. I do know that Gamera got incapacitated in that one too! This one moves pretty quickly though and has a good setting and one very fine space woman!

Gamera is fully invested in his friend of children title at this point, 5 September 2016

The only Gamera films I have seen are the ones featured on the cult comedy riffing show, Mystery Science Theater 3000 with the exception of the trilogy made in the 90's. That being said, there were two Gamera films that I did not watch as I believe there was one in between Gaos and this one and this one and Zigra. So the last film I had seen was Gaos, which was my favorite of the Showa era Gamera films as it did have a kid, but it was still relatively dark too. In this one, however, Gamera is indeed a friend to children through and through and doing lots of goofy stuff. Granted, Godzilla had his moments of zaniness too as the film titled Godzilla's Revenge in the United States featured a boy visiting a dream monster land. Godzilla vs Megalon also featured a child in a more prominent role as did the one where Godzilla fought Hedorah. Though with both Megalon and Hedorah, the kid's role was more akin to the child in Gaos rather in this one where the whole plot of the movie revolves around Gamera trying to save two boys who get taken to another planet. The Gamera series would continue for three more films after this one and they would continue to feature Gamera and children while Godzilla would actually end his first run with the two less campy Mecha Godzilla films.

The story in this one has people talking about the possibility of aliens communicating with the Earth, but that is not important. What is important is that two boys who are friends and the sister of one of the boys sees a spaceship land and they investigate the next day. The two boys go in and push buttons and accidentally launch themselves into space where they are whisked away. Fortunately, Gamera follows after them though he is a bit slower than the ship they hijacked. Soon the boys find themselves on a planet where there are two female aliens and lots of monsters. Lots of Gaos anyways and a monster with a blade for a head called Guiron. The sister remains on Earth and no one believes her story of the boys flight into space. Soon Gamera and Guiron will fight and the boys must try to escape the planet and the two female aliens who want to eat their brains!

This made for a pretty good episode of MST3K, but I have to wonder just how bad the dubbing and such make this film. There are so many crazy lines such as the one boy constantly referring to planets as stars and always talking about the perfect planet with no traffic accidents. I have to say that the bad dubbing is where most of the best jokes takes place though the monsters fighting is pretty good too as Guiron chopping up Gaos was pretty cool. One of the jokes that got stale though was the fact that the one kid vaguely resembled Richard Burton. They even did a whole skit on it that took entirely too long as I just did not see that much of a resemblance...the kid looked more like Chunk from the Goonies to me.

So, this one is a step back from Gaos. Not sure if the previous film was where the goofiness began, but in this one it is in full effect. It also doesn't help that the film had such a minimalist quality to it, like it was from one of those shows from Japan like Ultraman, rather than an actual film. I can sort of understand that they may have wanted to change things up as both Barugon and Gaos had the same type of plot of monster appears, Gamera fights it, loses and has to stay on the sideline for a bit as humans try and figure their own way of dealing with the monster, but here the only thing difference is there were no human plans. Everything else is the same, Gamera comes, fights, sort of loses and then comes back later for a final showdown. Only in this one, you just do not have all that much cool stuff going on.

My favorite Gamera film of the Showa era, 31 August 2016

I also enjoyed Barugon a good deal, but I give the edge to this one mainly because it features the coolest of the Gamera monsters from that era, Gaos. I am apparently not the only one who thought he was rather awesome as he is the only monster from the Showa era to be featured in the Gamera films of the 90's as he was in all three of the films and played a very prominent role. Sure, we do go back to having a kid in a predominant role and we have a couple of horribly dubbed comic relief guys; however, the fights between Gaos and Gamera are some of the best fights of the original films and I just liked seeing Gaos do his things and all the plans that the people tried to come up with to stop the supersonic flying bat bird thing. I saw this film featuring on the cult riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000 and it made for a very enjoyable episode of the show. I saw a portion of the film without them some years earlier, but I only caught the portion of the film featuring the plan to use a rotating hotel or restaurant to make Gaos dizzy. This film seemed to have more monster action than did Barugon, but Barugon may have had more, it is always hard to tell what MST3K edits out some times.

The story has a group of people wanting to work on a road, but the local villagers are giving them a hard time. However, it is not too long that a strange monster appears and begins to terrorize the area. Gamera too, shows up and rescues a small child before retreating to the sea to nurse wounds he received at the hands of this formidable new monster the kid dubs Gaos because that is what he says the creature sounds like when he screams! Soon the people try to come up with a plan to defeat this monster who sends out a beam of pure sound that cuts through objects as effectively as a laser! Gamera will also try to help fight this foe and he takes a lot of hits in this one! The people will soon learn a weakness and the road subplot will continue to pop up here and there to pad the film!

This film made for a good episode due to the fact there is so many strange things going on. The monster fights are pretty cool, but there is monster blood aplenty flowing everywhere, a fountain of blood and that subplot about the road that will not go away! The boy is not quite as annoying as Kenny, but it is rather strange how he can just pop into classified meetings. One thing they never touch on, Gamera is always said to gain power by consuming fire, but whenever he is injured in this film, Guiron and Zigra he retreats to the water when he is hurt. Seems a bit counterproductive to me.

So, this film has some good points to it and I do enjoy it for the most part, but I will never enjoy Gamera as much as Godzilla. Godzilla just looks more cool and his atomic breath more awesome. People always say that the Gamera films of the 90's are better than the Hensei era Godzilla films made around the same time, but I prefer the Godzilla films. Sure, the effects look a bit better, but I thought the story was better in the Godzilla films and I thought the third and final part of the Gamera films was kind of a weak finish. This one featured a cool enemy who would be the only monster besides Gamera to return for the 90's films. It is enjoyable enough without the MST treatment, they just make it more enjoyable!

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