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17 year old Ben a shy young man starts a new chapter in his life when he meets Evie a retired actress., 20 September 2006

I can't believe Rupert Grint did this movie. I was shocked when I saw the trailer for it I had to think about it. I thought:

1) Either Rupert was chosen to be in this film because he fit the part 2) Rupert wanted to do this film 3) He was the only one that would do a movie at that time.

One things for sure I really want to see this movie with the only guy that understands me, is like me I'm shy but also outgoing. If my guy ever asks me out who is like Ben. I would consider myself the luckiest girl in my high school.

Lets hope that he would consider himself lucky too. If he is really shy I don't mind because he already did a little courage by asking me out. If he dumps me I would tear him apart not literally.

Clerks II (2006)
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Quick Stop on Fire 1 year later Dante and Randal are working at Mooby's and its Dantes last day before he moves to Florida with his girlfriend., 23 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THE ULTIMATE FUNNIEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN ALL YEAR. JAY AND SILENTBOB ARE BACK ALL THE WAY FROM REHAB. Dante Hicks has only his last day to hang out with his best friend Randal and work and the 2nd most worst job they've ever had Mooby's. Ben Affleck is only there for about 3 minutes. Jason Lee but in the movie a.k.a Pickle F****r really steamed up Randal so he and Dante go to the Go Karts for some odd reason. Oh and for people who saw this movie like me the little girl in the restaurant is Haley Quinn Smith. Kevin Smiths Daughter! But I loved this movie. My mom and some of my brothers friends and I went and saw it. When we were watching it and laughing at Jay and SilentBob with the music I thought that this is they movies of all movies. I give this movie a 10/10. Anyone agree?

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Proud Family goes to an island, Mad Scientist clones them, Clones try and reveal the secret recipe to Proud Snacks., 22 July 2006

It was repulsive. I couldn't stand it as soon as I saw what was happening I just turned off the movie to a more entertaining show. No offense but this movie should be burned and its ashes should be buried. I feel so bad for the people that like this movie it doesn't make any sense. But it was kind of funny but not really really funny. But it was cool that the secret recipe was kept safe but thats just what I've heard. But I do applaud to the voices of the proud family and the rest of the cast. I just think this movie should get some more work on it if anyone agrees with me say "I"!

Thats just what I think so see ya later!