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A bunch of celebrities who have memorable voices. They're not all memorable for the same reasons - some are sexy, some are annoying, some have accents, some are monotone, and some are just plain epic - but they're all memorable in some way.
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A bunch of celebrities who are creepy in some way, whether it be looks, voice, demeanour, or even simply the characters they have played.
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A collection of films and TV shows that people much watch before they die. Some are classic, some are disturbing, some are adorable, some are hilarious, some are ridiculous, etc. But they're all must-sees, regardless of the reason.
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In my opinion, these are the top 50 hottest male actors! God, this was bloody difficult to order!
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In my opinion, these are the top 25 hottest female celebrities! The top five were easy, but it was insanely difficult to order the rest.
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A list of all the movies and TV shows in my rapidly growing DVD collection.