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You'll love it or hate it, 7 December 2006

Your "Check for other user comments" was down on the night I intended watching this on T.V. so I never got to check it out. When I finally did, (after watching it) it seemed to split into, love it or hate it, as so often happens with this Genre. I'm afraid I'm with the latter. I thought it was another Curtis Grant movie, where the most redeeming feature was the soundtrack. Actually it was nice to see Gregor Fisher (love him) get tarted up for a change, and get the best line, "ten minutes with Elton...." Bill Nighy as always, was great, as was our Emma. As in all Curtis movies, there were some "funny situations" and a few "clever touches." There were some awful ones too. The "American Chicks, ("American Pie?") scene, was ugh. And, as with all pies, you can have great ingredients, but if the cook messes it up, it leaves an awful taste in the mouth. My recording of this film actually cut off before it ended, and I didn't mind actually. Except that perhaps somewhere near the end you got the answer to " Why did they call it Love Actually? " O.K. marks. One for some funny situations. One for some clever touches, and one for Gregor, Bill and Emma. Go on then, one for Christmas. I'll give it four.

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As Bad as it Gets, 27 May 2006

Romantic Comedy is one of those Genres that will always have a wide spectrum of opinion. More love it or hate it variations, than other genres.

This film came 92nd in the IMDb category for Romantic Comedy. Seems about right to me. I found it quite tedious, and the humour, apart from a couple of good one liners, rather juvenile. Great cast, apart from the guy who played Zeta's Spanish lover, wait for it, called, Hector Gorganzolas. The movie needed this character, and the actor, Hank Azaria, to be real competition for Cusack, but he never was. Mind you, which top actor is going to play a character who, allegedly, has a tiny pee pee, one of the running jokes, along with a doggy licking Billy's Crystals (that's cockney rhyming slang). And that's the level of humour folks. Having said that we needed a better actor to play Hector, I don't think that even the great Boyer in his heyday, could have have saved this one. You'll love it or hate it

Psycho (1960)
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The less you know, the more you'll enjoy, 4 April 2006

If you are preparing to watch this film, and, If you are fortunate enough to have never seen the film, or only read a little about it, be prepared for a classic 60's film. It made number 23 in the ratings, but I rated it much higher, probably top 10.

Enjoy everything that this genre is about. Suspense, horror, fear, etc.etc. This is obviously a film of the 60's, but I reckon that, as a classic it stands the test of time. For me, the best scene isn't the famous shower scene, It is the scene where Arbogast sweats some answers out of Norman. The less you know about this film, the more you will enjoy it, so I've kept this comment to a minimum.

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Probably suit The Younger generation., 28 January 2006

Many of today's younger viewers probably won't know too much about the James Boys, and The Youngers. So they can enjoy this for what it is, "a funny, bullet dodging romp, through the wild west. ". However the older generation should probably steer clear of this one. The Goodies are Baddies, and the Baddies are Goodies. Some of the one liners could have been written by the writers of Joey or Friends, with additional material by Mel Brooks, who might have called it "Men in Strides" I notice that the stunt men and special effects (which seem mandatory in today's films,) got all the awards. Figures about right. Jesse's escape from the train is strictly Van Damme. So, if you've never heard of Bob Ford, watch this, you'll probably enjoy it. However, if you are old enough to remember Bob, and Tyrone Power, I have a feeling that you won't.

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Richard Winchester Genius. A.K.A. Gogol, 13 January 2006

Another TV midnight movie that I enjoyed. It had likable characters and horrible characters. On one level, it was every day stuff, about a mother trying to deal with the after effects of a poor marriage, and subsequent divorce. (She was well rid of George). As well as having a few bad hair days with her boss, at the psycho unit. Then it was about another family that was being destroyed, as a result of mental illness, suicide, and remarriage. Then it was about a lovely person, Gogol, a computer genius, and his involvement with the intelligence agencies. The intern and the cop give us the love interest, albeit from a distance. I just felt that some of the family scenes could have been dropped, to allow a bit more time for the ending, which seemed to be over too quickly. But with three story lines, and enough suspense to keep you interested, you should give it a watch. JoBeth Williams, the working man's Susan Sarandon, looks terrific as usual.

Following (1998)
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The ending justifies the means, 8 January 2006

This was one of the slowest films I've seen. I get the idea that this was intentional. It was? Oh. O.K. then. I'll take your word for it. Shot in Black and white. Yeh that was clever. Well not really. This was always a black and white flick. Suspense ! What suspense? I must have missed that, Was it when he was messing about with the time shift? The ending? Great. But does the ending justify the means. Almost. But not quite. Great for a first movie. This guy will get better. He does? Oh yeah. Memento. Really weird, but better. Insomnia? Yeah, now he's cooking. I await his next film. Batman Begins, is it? Wow, there'll be no " Holy haberdashery, Batman! "in that one.

Insomnia (2002)
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Good cops sleep, 31 December 2005

I hadn't read anything about this movie, and just decided to watch it because there was nothing else on T.V. and of course Pacino was in it. If you are reading this before any other reviews, then don't read any further. Get the Video or DVD and watch it late at night, with the phone switched off. If you are still reading, I would merely prompt you to really take in what is happening. This isn't a detective solves a murder film. This is much more. I thought that the title was a bit off-putting. But having watched it, I do understand why it is called Insomnia. Pacino, in my opinion has never been better. My only change would have been to swap roles for Swank and Tierney, but then again I'm a big big Tierney fan. I'm not a buff, so hadn't heard of Nolan, but I shall be looking out for his earlier stuff, and checking on what he is making.

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Best since No Surrender, 13 December 2005

I caught this on late night TV, and missed the beginning. After a few minutes I was sat up in bed. This had caught my attention. At the time I thought it was a TV production, similar to Cold Feet (one of my favourite series). Not as much 'warmth' as Cold Feet, but this was funny, sad, tragic, etc. All the ingredients needed for a black comedy. Comedy appeals to a wide spectrum, and this won't please everyone. But to me it is one of the funniest 'black comedies' since No Surrender (1985). I'm from the North East, and found the accents quite believable. In fact, I thought that the main actors were Geordies. Never heard of either of them, but I'll be looking out for them, especially Justine Waddell, who was a bit of a dish. I shall go out and buy the Video or DVD, and give a copy to those friends of mine, who are on a similar comedy wavelength to myself.

Jimmy Nail's Spender had already shown that the North East had some great locations, so I wasn't surprised at some of the great outdoor shots in this film. I have a feeling that there will be more to come from this area, and from Justine Waddell.

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Nobody does it better, 22 September 2005

Nobody does it better than Hollywood.

Just watched this Glitzy production for the first time. I shall watch it several times hereafter. Famous, yeah, very famous, faces, could have spoilt this for me. Just the opposite, I thought they were mostly excellent.

(Friel's voice got to me a bit) but Tucci fascinated me, Kline was marvellous, (great one liners) and Pfeifer was delightful, as ever.

I have read several reviews. Matthew Ignoffo got it right six years ago. "Charming Fairy Dust" I can't believe that this film got no Oscar Nominations

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Next time, one of us is going to the bone yard., 16 April 2005

You don't have to have a great Male lead, and a thousand extras to win the Oscar, but it helps. "It's a depressingly masculine world, Dolores". Vera Donovan (Judy Parfitt) had most of the best lines in this powerful Mother and Daughter film, which had a cast list in single figures, and was mostly shot on one location, unlike Oscar winner Braveheart. Not a coming of age film, but a story of a mother (Dolores / KathyBates) and daughter (Selina / Jennifer Jason Leigh) who should have been so together, but were so far apart. (I see too much of this in life.) Flashbacks are becoming so common in films nowadays that I'm beginning to think they are compulsory. However, in this film,they are very relevant to the story line, and are done extremely well. A film that I wasn't expecting much from, turned out to be a very good film. The last ten minutes, when Leigh is at her best, beats many of the great court room dramas that I have seen lately. Many of the one liners are brilliant, but I just have the feeling that this should'a been a contender.

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